Oliver’s Nursery Closet


I never thought we would be doing a closet reveal for our baby boy, but I feel like it’s a good example of how to maximize use of a small space. You guys are always asking about small space solutions, so let’s dive in.


6 Weeks Postpartum + 6 Weeks Old


I had my 6 week postpartum appointment today. Boy, did that creep up on me. I remember making this appointment the day after getting home from the hospital and thinking, “wow…that’s so far out from now.” Somehow the appointment came in the blink of an eye, which also means we have a 6 week old.


Weekend Links: 62


Count down is on! Less than 20 days until our due date and we are freaaaaaking out! Not in a bad way, but in a really excited, anxious, overjoyed kinda way. It feels like we just found out and shared the news, but here we are…just weeks, days, or hours away from meeting our baby boy. We’re definitely…


Maternity Style: What I Have Felt the Most Comfortable in While Pregnant


We’re just a few weeks away from meeting our little babe and my belly is officially starting to feel heavy! Over the last several months, navigating my way through maternity clothing and looking on the internet for some items I’d feel comfortable in, but still like myself felt daunting at times. We all want to … Continue reading “Maternity Style: What I Have Felt the Most Comfortable in While Pregnant”