Getting Sick at 35 Weeks Pregnant

Jun 01, 2019 | By Christina

Getting Sick in the Third TrimesterFriday night was the first time I got sick this entire pregnancy. Guess that’s what being 35 weeks pregnant and eating a spicy burrito and pasta will do to you in 90-something degree weather. 😉 Ha! In all seriousness I don’t know what made me sick, especially this late in the game. Maybe it was just my body getting ready for this baby, or all my organs being smushed at this point, but I woke up sweating at like 2am the other morning and just knew something was off.

Sitting on the bathroom floor in your underwear

I went to the bathroom to wet my face, splashed some cold water on my neck and chest, but my body wasn’t really cooling down. I sat on the tile floor in a t-shirt and underwear because it was the only place cool enough to make me feel somewhat calm. Then I got really nervous because I knew I was about to be sick. After having a dairy allergy for many years and getting sick here and there, I kind of recognized the song and dance my body was doing and just gave into it. I called Rob from the bathroom and he ran in to sit with me. As I typed that I realized how interesting it is how some of us look for comfort from others during times like that, while some of us just prefer to be alone. Obviously there was nothing Rob could physically do to stop me from getting sick, but it felt comforting to have him there with me. Just knowing he was in the room made me feel better.

Getting Sick in the Third Trimester

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Anyway, after a bit I fell back asleep and was pretty queasy the next morning as well, but I’m finally on the mend. I know I’m pretty lucky for this to have been the first time I really felt ill, but it still was a little scary. For anyone who’s pregnant right now and going through the ups and downs, you’re not alone. I may have mentioned it in my last pregnancy update, but the heartburn is back in full swing guys! Ironically I decided to share some photos Rob snapped one evening while we were in the yard. The yard has been my happy place throughout this pregnancy and I was watering the plants on the patio when he called me over to the other side of the yard, because he loved how the light was shining through the trees. Even through the heartburn, nausea and aches, there’s been a lot magical moments throughout these last few months.

Are we ready for the hospital?

Rob told me how when I called him into the bathroom early that morning, he thought I was going to tell him my water broke. He’s like, “A million thoughts went through my head…are the bags packed? Did you pack the flip-flops for the shower at the hospital?” Ha ha! Earlier that day we were talking about what I was going to pack for the hospital…clearly it was all still on his mind, which I appreciated. It gave us a chuckle though…the baby couldn’t possibly be here yet – we didn’t have the shower flip flops! 😉

We still didn’t fully pack for the hospital yet, but I have started tossing things in bags as I remember them. I’m going to concentrate on that a bit more this week, just so we’re good to go. Everything in the nursery is washed and put away. There’s just a few more finishing touches and then I think we’re going to snap some photos to share. It’s been so fun creating a space for this little guy. Even though he’ll be sleeping in our room in the beginning, it’s been so nice creating a space for him and imagining him waking up in his crib and playing on the floor in there.

We’re getting close! Just a few more weeks!
Hope everyone has been having a nice weekend! `til next time!

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4 comments on “Getting Sick at 35 Weeks Pregnant”

  1. It’s crazy I think we have the same exact due date and I’m having a boy as well. I got sick the other night too after eating sushi (cooked of course) I thought I had food poisoning but it was different after all was said and done. Still trying to recover from that night since. I just thought I’d share how weird I thought it was haha. Glad your feeling better!

    1. Oh man, that really is such a crazy coincidence. I’m soo sorry you’re not feeling well. Man – I wonder what it was. Hope you’re starting to feel better and get to relax before your little guys arrives!:)

  2. Hope you are feeling better. You are almost there! Enjoy and rest these few weeks you have left!

  3. Just a month before my due date I got really sick too ! It was my birthday so we decided to celebrate with some very excellent Mexican food as a treat for lunch. Later that evening my stomach was so upset and I felt so ill I wanted to call my midwife. When your digestive system is worked up it might trigger strong contractions too ! I legitimately thought I was having a baby at 35 weeks pregnant !! Fortunately, despite the big scare, it was a simple indigestion but the wake up call was exactly what I needed to finish packing up my hospital bag and wash the last baby’s outfits. I’m so sorry you went through this 🙁 I’m glad to hear you’re relying on your supportive husband -never be afraid or shy to ask for help !
    It’s an amazing journey 🙂 I finally got to hug my baby boy exactly three weeks ago and it made seem everything else so small :3
    So good luck and hang in there ! The last month really seems like the longest !

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