Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks Growing Pains

Apr 06, 2019 | By Christina

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Well it’s been a while since I’ve checked in. We had a ton of travel over the last several weeks, between family celebrations, work events, and conferences, it’s been pretty busy around here. We bounced back and forth from Arizona to New York a bit over the last month, and then found ourselves in Palm Springs for Alt Summit with some friends, which was a nice way to end off the trip. 


We were away from home for 18 days in March, which felt like quite a lot. I was so happy to get back to Phoenix and once we did, my body just completely crashed. I was going off adrenaline for quite a while with work projects and such, and at 27 weeks pregnant, my body was finally like, “okay — you need to slow down now”.

So I spent the majority of this past week in bed, which is very unlike me. Headache, congestion, body aches, a cough…it all hit me at once. There’s not much you could take to nurse a cold or sinus infection when pregnant, so I’ve just been trying to ride it out. I did Amazon Prime this humidifier, which has been so nice to keep next to my bed at night! I don’t know why it took me this long. 

27 Weeks PregnantGROWING PAINS

I can’t believe we’ll be meeting our little boy in less than 90 days! How is time flying by so quickly? I really can’t believe it. With the exception of getting sick this week, it’s been a pretty enjoyable pregnancy so far. Once I hit around 23 weeks or so, I started to feel the physical strain on my body.  Earlier in March during one of our New York trips, I found myself bent over on the side of the street in Williamsburg while walking to breakfast. I started getting this intense pain on the right side of my abdomen and back, while sweating uncontrollably in 30 degree weather. I was so freaked out. The pain would come and go, and overall lasted for about a week or so. 

When we got back into town, I had an appointment with my OB, well actually it was my first appointment with one of the other doctors in the office, so I was feeling a little stressed about how to accurately communicate how I’d been feeling with someone I wasn’t familiar with. (My OB wanted me to meet with the other doctors in the practice just incase she isn’t the one who delivers our baby when I go into labor.)  Ultimately the doctor explained the pain was normal, and told me that my belly was (and still is) measuring a week ahead of schedule. So the baby isn’t measuring a week larger, it’s just how my body is carrying and changing for this little guy. She said that’s pretty typical because I’m short (my license says 5’1″, but I think that’s generous) and I have a short torso, so I may just feel the “growing pains” a bit more than someone who is taller with more room for the baby to stretch out. 

I have definitely felt my skin stretching a bit more these days, with my stomach feeling pretty tight some evenings. This little guy favors the right side. It’s kind of funny to see my lopsided stomach jutting out on the right like a little horn. 

27 Weeks PregnantHELLO, LITTLE GUY

Last week (week 26) was super exciting because we started to actually see him move, verses just feel him move. I love it and we just watch my belly in amazement. There’s this little human in there that we just can’t wait to meet. 

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3 comments on “Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks Growing Pains”

  1. 5’1”?! I don’t believe it – you look so tall and willowy! I’m 4’11” and by the time I hit 7 months with my son everyone was telling me I must be due any day. It drove me up the wall! I also have a cold at the moment and I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated cold medicine so much. Ha. Hope you feel better!

  2. I’m 27 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow so right behind you! I’m quite tall with a long torso so that sounds about right – I look about 5 months, not 7! Ligament pain has been a bugbear for me… but such a great pregnancy so far! Can’t complain too much 😉

  3. I had my boy last summer in June, I’m 5’1” and considered petite. This was my first pregnancy so it felt like a lot of work and would get growing pains as well. My Levi was born at 8.5lbs and 22 inches, he was considered a big baby for my body to deliver. I still had a normal delivery but did get hurt in the process. I made it almost to my due date so towards the last couple weeks it was hard to even walk or stand for a long period of time. Honestly take it slow and get plenty of rest, drink a lot of water, and whenever you feel like napping do it! I wished I napped more but couldn’t because of work. So take advantage and it’s okay to stay in bed some days especially as your baby continues to grow to get your rest. Towards the end it was a battle for me to go for a walk but I would force myself to do it even if my feet swelled up. Another thing I would highly recommend is swimming which was the best way to relieve back pain and help with those leg cramps, I enjoyed swimming in my third trimester. Hopefully this information helps and I’m wishing you a lifetime of happiness! It is so exciting to experience this new journey of parenthood and now that my Levi is 9 months, you have to enjoy every moment and everyday because time does fly. Can’t wait for you to meet your baby boy and your life will change forever. Blessings to you and your family.

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