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Apr 13, 2019 | By Christina

Woah, this week went fast! We have some family coming to town next week, plus a few appointments in the queue so we’ve been a couple of busy bees. It’s been so nice being home, even if we were a little under the weather for a full week after we got back from our travels. Oh well, at least we were able to recover from the comfort of our own bed.

We’ve been doing some spring cleaning around here and prepping the baby’s room little by little. I made a moodboard so long ago, and it’s so fun to see it all begin to come to life. We can’t wait to meet him! Although, I would be lying if I said I don’t get a little freaked out when my pregnancy apps say “Just 12 weeks until you meet baby boy!” I’m like woah…slow down, I need more time to prep! But there never really is enough time, right?

Thanks for all the love on IG throughout this pregnancy by the way. It’s been so special getting to connect with you all and share pregnancy stories through DMs and even emails. You guys are really the best, and I’m so grateful for this community!

Alright, enough of the sappy stuff…onto weekend links! Here’s a round up of some things we’ve been loving lately. Happy weekend guys!

1 – Did you catch my latest pregnancy update post? The growing pains have set in. Read about it here.

2 – We were so excited to catch Garance Dore’s talk at Alt Summit in Palm Springs recently. Have you seem her home tour on Domino? It’s pretty special.

3 – We’ve been listening to this album every morning in its entirety for about a month now. This song is our jam.

4 – Crushing on this leather chair and stool combo hard. Thinking it might be pretty in our bedroom.

5 – Recently added this flowy dress to my wardrobe for spring.

6 – Rob’s favorite tees are available in even more colors now, just in time for the warm weather. If you or your guy are interested. 😉

7 – This post definitely helped us feel justified in our love for decorating our home.

8 – We’ve been spending so much time in the yard these days, planting away! These planters have been filling up with succulents in every corner of our yard. (And they’re on sale!)

9 – As you can imagine we’ve been stocking up on baby items around here. If you’re looking for cute baby clothes, toys and gear, check out Bitte. We found so many adorable outfits!  (Use code NEWDARLINGS20 for 20% off!)

10 – Rejuvenation is having a sale!

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