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Family Desert Photoshoot

Family Desert Photoshoot


Hello! We are Robert and Christina, the husband and wife behind New Darlings. We live in Phoenix, Arizona with our baby boy Oliver, where we share family moments, a look into our home, and our favorite items from shops and makers we love. When we’re not home, we spend much of our time outdoors, exploring all that the Southwest has to offer, living the slow life, and appreciating everyday as a family of three.

How it all started: Our Journey through Life in the Sonoran Desert and Beyond

New Darlings started in 2013 as a place to document our move from New York to Arizona as newlyweds. We didn’t know what our lives would look like when we got here, but we quickly fell in love with the Southwest, the beautiful cotton candy sunsets, and slower paced lifestyle. Although we have traveled near and far, our home became a reflection of the desert, filled with earth tones and displays of local makers. The desert has always been a source of peace and tranquillity for us and we’re grateful this is the place we get to rest our heads each night.

Our Travels

Over the years we have traveled the world hand in hand, discovering new places and partnering with some amazing companies along the way. We fell in love with the magic of Paris, the busy streets of London, the coffee shops in Copenhagen, and the beautiful scenery of Scotland. To read more about our travels, click HERE.

Thank you for being here, for growing with us, and for following along on our journey.








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  1. Been following you guys from the very beginning, you guys have inspired me in so many ways! Love your travels adventures, your home, your fashion styles; and all the things you guys have shared on your blog! You guys are amazing! I can’t forget to mention Henry, his so cute!

  2. Hi,

    Really love reading your blog! I read in one of your posts that your hair is super curly, so I have to ask, how you maintain your bangs? Do you trim them yourself? Do you make frequent trips to the salon to keep up with them? I really want a different look and I’m leaning toward getting bangs myself. Any tips?


  3. Hi,

    Where can I purchase the round glass dining table pictured with the cow hide rug? I love the table!

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