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Mar 22, 2019 | By New Darlings

Best Lunch in PhoenixThe first thing we set out to do when we moved to Phoenix in 2013, was find our favorite, local spots. We knew that our long-term location in Arizona would be based on where we enjoyed spending the majority of our time. So, we spent much of our first six months here scoping out the best local restaurants and shops in Phoenix to get to know the different neighborhoods and pockets of the city.

What we wish we had access to when we first moved to Phoenix in 2013 was Nextdoor’s Neighborhood Favorites. We use the Nextdoor app to stay connected to our neighbors and community. It’s a super helpful tool to keep us in-the-know with what is happening locally, and for us that usually means: Where are we going to eat? Ha! Neighborhood Favorites is an annual awards program that allows neighbors to recommend and recognize the most-loved businesses in and around their neighborhood. The winners are chosen by verified neighbors who live in the community, so you know it’s coming from a trusted source. It’s been a fun way for us to try out places from the list that we may have missed throughout the previous year. Who doesn’t love a check list of tasty restaurants?!

NextDoor Phoenix Favorites

[^^ Welcome Diner fries and in-house aioli sauce.]

What opened the doors to so many opportunities for us from the get-go was eating locally. When we started our Instagram and blog back in 2013, a big focus was to show our families and friends back on the east coast what we were up to over here. We took them along on our shopping trips, our drives up north, and all the meals in between. Some of the first people we met when we moved here were restaurant and shop owners and employees. They would explain their restaurant concept, where they sourced their ingredients, and we quickly realized that the culinary scene in Phoenix was no joke and a huge part of the growth the city was going through.

Best Lunch in Phoenix

This quickly became more than just a city we lived in, it became our community and many of these people became our friends.

New Darlings Pane Bianco

NextDoor Phoenix Favorites

[^^ Pro tip: Welcome Diner serves brunch from 10am-3pm on weekends.]

We take a lot of pride in the city we call home. We make a huge point to support local businesses in any way we can to ensure that the city and communities within continue to thrive. If you’re a local business owner, make sure you claim your business on Nextdoor for a chance to appear on Neighborhood Favorites. Here are a few from the list that we visit weekly:

We can’t go a week without at least one breakfast sandwich from here!

SO good! Their tSoynami Cookies ‘n Cream vegan ice cream is our favorite, but you really can’t go wrong. They have so many awesome flavors to choose from and pastries too!

I don’t think anyone can deny their tasty biscuit indulgences! We go every weekend for their brunch menu!

Any they told us we wouldn’t find good Chinese food in Phoenix.

-URBAN COOKIES BAKESHOP (photographed below)
We actually order our birthday cakes from here every year and in between that we’re stopping in for cookies and cupcakes. Yum!

NextDoor Phoenix Favorites**Check out more of our Phoenix favorites, HERE.**

NextDoor Phoenix Favorites

We’d love to hear from you guys. If you’re a local to Phoenix, what is your favorite neighborhood spot? Or if you’ve visited… what was your favorite place to visit in town? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. PHX is our home away from home and we absolutely love St Francis, Lucy’s at the Orchard and North Italia 🤩

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