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Mar 16, 2019 | By Christina

Gender Reveal….BOY!
We cannot wait to welcome a little baby boy into our family this summer! We’ve been keeping the news to ourselves for sometime now…not for any particular reason really. It just felt special to share with some close friends and family at first and then came the build up of “how will you share the news?”.

We never really thought about it. We’ve never been ones for big celebrations like gender reveal parties and although we’ve attended a few and have shared in the joy with friends and family about if they’re having a little boy or girl, in the end it wasn’t for us. I think all children are worth celebrating…birth is worth celebrating…love is worth celebrating. We have nothing against anyone who would want to do a gender reveal. Everyone has the right to share their news in their own way…it’s always coming from a good place. For us, when it came to a “big reveal”, we felt pretty conflicted. We don’t believe in “blue being for boys” and “pink being for girls”, so sharing the gender in a traditional way like that (balloons, cake filling, etc.) was tough for us. We strongly believe that gender doesn’t define someone, and we want our baby to enter into this family and world knowing that and feeling that love.

New Darlings Gender RevealWe found out we were having a little boy quite a while ago actually, during an ultrasound around 12 weeks…so crazy! The ultrasound tech turned to us and said…”Do you know what you’re having yet?” To which we replied, “No…do you know? Can you tell?” and she said…”Do you want to know?” And we both immediately said yes! When she told us she was pretty sure it was little boy even though it was early, we could hardly believe it. It was then confirmed a few weeks ago and we went out to celebrate at one of our favorite local restaurants, just the two of us…dreaming up what this little one may look like over big bowls of pasta.

Everyone kept asking me what I thought this little babe might be, and honestly I had no idea. I’ve just been hoping for a healthy baby and good news with each doctor appointment. When we got in the car after that appointment, I just stared at the ultrasound and cried…tears of joy. I know it sounds so corny, but oh my gosh…we’re so happy. I keep saying “I wonder what he’s going to look like” and Rob just laughs…he says we have such similar features, it’s probably easy to tell. Between Rob and me, I’d be shocked if this kid doesn’t come out with a full head of dark hair. 😉

17 to 24 Weeks Baby Bump[17 weeks pregnant vs now at 24 weeks pregnant]

I come from a very traditional family that is full of girls, so the idea of having a little boy is so special to me. It felt refreshing to think this little one may not have to face all the stereotypical pressures that come along with being a girl, but we know there’s a whole slew of silly things that boys are “supposed to” be interested in or how they are “supposed to” act. We hope we can break that expectation with him. Our only wish for him is to be happy and healthy and always lead with love. It will be a nice change of pace and the idea of seeing Rob with his mini-me makes my heart melt. (I have to find some old baby pictures of us to share!) We can’t wait to see how our baby will reveal their identity and personality to us over the next few years. Come July we will become a family of three and each time we talk about it, it feels impossible not to become giddy.

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Although there have been moments over the last several months that have not been easy, this has been such a special season of life over here…one I never thought I’d experience and a time that I know Rob and I will look back on and cherish forever together.

Thanks for sharing in this with us and following along. Until next time!

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  1. Congratulations~ your best days are ahead! Enjoy each stage of pregnancy and so happy you’re expecting a boy! What a blessing from a momma with two girls and two boys!! 🙏🏻 Praying you’ll have a safe and smooth delivery and welcome your son in 4 months!! 💙

    1. AWWWW! Congratulation! Christina you are beautiful & Sweet also your hair is gorgeous too!! How do you do it like this?xx

  2. Congrats!! Little man on the way! So everything you just wrote is exactly what my wife and I feel and are going through. I’m 18 weeks and we are having a boy too. What a feeling. I come from a strong line of women so to hear about having a boy is a mix of beautiful, excited and wondrous feelings. I did not expect to create a this little being but here he is and it’s truly a blessing. I feel one of the frustrating things is finding the right decor and wardrobe for baby boy. Everything out there is trucks, robots (which I love), blue, or some masculine theme or print. We arent about that. Friends and family dont understand that we dont want a theme for our son. Just a calm, crisp modern nursery to escape to as we learn our new role with our son. Thank you for sharing. It’s nice to know there are other similars out there during this time of pregnancy. Love to you and yours.

  3. I didn’t really do a gender reveal. All my friends knew. I feel the same about gender. But I did celebrate finding out the sex of the baby with a cake that said “It has balls.” Telling the cake decorator on the phone what I wanted was something else.
    Y’all are doing great. I’m beyond happy for y’all.

  4. Where is the Stars onesie from please? I can’t find it anywhere and it’s a must for our baby due in August! Congratulations on your beautiful baby!

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