Third Trimester Updates

May 05, 2019 | By Christina

New Darlings Third Trimester UpdateI’m sure its easy to forget each stage of pregnancy as you move onto the next. Hey, I’m guessing its easy to forget the pain of delivery and that’s why people do it over and over again, but I feel like the third trimester has been the real turning point in how I feel physically and emotionally while being pregnant. Before hitting 30 weeks I didn’t notice a huge difference in my day to day, but now I’m feeling everything!


Tuesday I’ll officially be 32 weeks pregnant and that much closer to meeting our baby boy. I will also become a bit larger as I pack on the weight to make sure our little guy is nice and plump and nourished. The weight has been difficult for me lately. I get tired more easily and sleeping is really not working out these days. I’ve been sleeping kind of propped up on several pillows each night because the weight of my belly by the end of the day just hurts. Rob tells me I let out a glorious snore each night too. Lucky him. 😉 My center of gravity is changing rapidly and some days I think I’m just going to tip forward from this torpedo like belly, that is equally as cute as it is a source of aches and pains. It’s funny how looking at it can bring me so much joy, yet make me feel so pooped at the time.

Also, I don’t want to jinx this but I think the worst of my pregnancy acne is gone. I have a ton of hyperpigmentation marks left over from pimples and such, but my skin is actually looking smooth again. The last two weeks I had some major flare ups, but sticking to this natural routine has helped a ton.


I’ve been determined to keep up with our normal routine throughout the week as much as possible. Keep on top of work tasks, see friends, and even just make sure Rob and I get out of the house for a coffee and treat break at some point, but my body definitely fights me at times and some days I wonder how it will be able to stretch and grow for another eight weeks. It truly baffles me. We’ve been incorporating some fun date nights or afternoons rather. Squeezing in some random fun days just the two of us before the baby is born. The other day we went to an arcade and played skee ball, which I haven’t done in years! I’m so glad we did that! Mini golf is next on the list!

New Darlings Third Trimester UpdateSEEING BABY BOY MOVE!

Baby boy’s movements have been wilddddd! We literally sit and watch my stomach in awe some nights. He’s moving and grooving, and it’s the craziest sensation to feel him roll around in there. Rob caught some of his crazy movements last night and couldn’t believe how much the baby pushed out on my skin. We fell asleep with Rob’s hand on my tummy only to be startled a few minutes later by a strong movement from this little guy that woke us up. We both laughed and fell back to sleep.


Emotionally the last two weeks have been interesting as well. I never understood it when women talk about crying at commercials and such, well I’ve reached that point ladies and gentleman and it’s kind of funny. Any song that I have even the slightest emotional connection to, makes my eyes welt up like the Great Lakes. Rob and I usually end up laughing it off, but man oh man, it’s weird to not be in control of your emotions like that. Oh, also, the heartburn came back like crazy around week 30! I really hope that old wive’s tale is true and it means he is going to have a full head of hair! 🙂 Anyone else? I love getting DMs from you guys on instagram. It seems a few of us are due around the same time and it’s been so fun swapping stories!

Can’t wait to see him again!

In two weeks we’ll have our next ultrasound! It feels like it has been forever since we’ve seen him on the big screen and we can’t wait to see that little face. The last 4D or really any ultrasound we did was around 20 weeks, so we can’t wait to see more of his features developed and him all plump! Before we know it, he’ll be here which is completely wild and exciting and nerve wracking all rolled into one, but every time we talk about “the three of us” my heart becomes so full and any fears we have just melt away.

Well, until next time!

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