Oliver’s Nursery Closet

Aug 18, 2019 | By Christina

Children's Nursery ClosetI never thought we would be doing a closet reveal for our baby boy, but I feel like it’s a good example of how to maximize use of a small space. You guys are always asking about small space solutions, so let’s dive in.

Here’s a look at the closet before hand…

As you may already know, our house was built in 1930, so the rooms have small closets. Oliver’s nursery layout didn’t really leave us with options to expand and honestly we didn’t think it was really necessary. We just wanted to figure out how to make the best use of his reach-in closet. After going through a few options, we decided to design the space with California Closets. Everything they do is custom, so not an inch of the closet went unused, which was perfect for this funny sized closet. At first I thought of just putting in a pre-made cubby or shelving unit on the bottom and adding organizers, but the dimensions of the closet were not standard (its very narrow) so I’d end up with weird unusable space on each side.

Here are the plans from California Closets…

New Darlings Kids Closet Plan

Who knew I could love an itty bitty closet for an itty bitty baby so much? It makes me so happy. All of his miniature clothes and blankets organized are adorable and makes my mama heart sing. We decided to go with the design above: drawers and shelves in the center with hanging space on each side. The space for hanging clothes is adjustable, so as he grows and his clothes grow, we can move the shelves and clothing rods down.

New Darlings Baby Nursery Closet

New Darlings Baby Nursery Organization

I found these cute clothing dividers on etsy and couldn’t resist. They make organizing his clothes by age so fun and keep everything tidy. I love etsy for things like this. It’s so easy to find independent makers and artists. (See more Etsy favorites: here)

One of the baby companies I have become obsessed with since having Oliver is Olli Ella. They have the most beautiful baskets and children’s accessories. I’m currently using the little picnic basket above for all of his little socks but I’m sure he’ll be using it for his toys before we know it. They also make a cute luggy basket that we have some of his stuffed animals in.

The Bee and the Fox Baby Bird Onesie via Etsy

See that mini suitcase up top? I couldn’t resist. I just imagine him pulling that around an airport (which could be both problematic and extremely cute all at the same time — ha!) with his tiny clothes and toys stuffed inside.

I loved how we were able to customize everything in the closet from the clothing rods down to the drawer hardware. We went with brass accents to match the light fixture and other finishes in his room. We organized the drawers with pants, bibs, and baby wraps. We rolled all of his swaddles (versus folding them) and stacked them on the top shelf to save space.

Baby Closet Organization

It’s been so fun dressing this little guy every morning. It’s really going to blow our minds when he’s big enough to pick out his clothes on his own. Hopefully he thinks matching his mom and dad is cool. Ha!

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  1. Love Oliver’s nursery and closet. Everything is so tidy and organized. Love all his little clothes and accessories.

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