Oliver: 2 Months Old!

Aug 28, 2019 | By Christina

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Somehow it’s the end of August and we have a 2 month old. 2 months of being parents to this sweet baby boy has been the craziest, messiest, sweetest, most stressful and incredibly loving two months of our lives.

Baby Boy One Month Old Photo

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Looking back just on his one month old photo it’s insane how much he’s grown and developed. Rob and I were just talking the other day about how much “sturdier” he is now vs the delicate little newborn we brought home from the hospital. Baby boy loves to eat and is developing the cutest little arm and leg rolls. I can’t handle it. We had his 2 month check up yesterday, and he now weighs a little over 10lbs, which feels like a long way from his 6lb birth weight. He’s officially out of newborn clothes (I can’t bring myself to pack away those itty bitty onesies) and is filling out 0-3 pretty nicely. Ha! He has such a round little belly and I can’t believe there was a time he didn’t fit into newborn items.

He’s such a happy baby! Smiling and cooing up a storm with us. It feels like he’s just going to burst out a full sentence before we know it. Ha! We did have a few rough patches while he was going through a growth spurt/developmental leap around 6-7 weeks. It felt like nothing we did was right…there were a lot of tears (both baby and mama). Remembering there are so many phases, and this is just one of the more difficult ones was helpful. Then he suddenly started stretching his nights and it felt like we were getting a hold on this all.

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He’s now getting up once in the night to feed, usually giving us a 7-8 hour stretch after he goes down around 8pm. Some nights he doesn’t fall right back to sleep after his 4am feeding and will just sit there and smile at me. I know all the baby books and sleep books say, don’t interact with them in the middle of the night so they can stay in that sleepy state but he’s becoming such a character…it’s hard to ignore that face. 🙂


We’re still feeding every three hours during the day so our outings are usually lunch or running errands while he naps. Sometimes we’ll bring a bottle as back-up and feed at a coffee shop or restaurant if we stay out longer. He loves being out and about! It’s so funny to see him be so social. Hopefully we’re all still frequenting these places together as he gets older and he grows up remembering everyone.

New Darlings 2 Month Baby PhotosWHAT’S HE LOVING AT 2 MONTHS

He’s finally loving his baths, not loving the whole getting out part and getting into pjs too much, but hey you can’t have it all, right? He’s a fan of dancing to Kevin Morby, Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift. Did you see this video over on our IG? My heart was bursting! He loves his play gym and we get a lot of smiles out of him during diaper changes. This kid hates being wet (could you blame him?), so once a dry diaper goes on that bum, he’s instantly calm. Another thing that makes him instantly calm? Rob playing guitar — this kid sure does love music.

New Darlings 2 Month Baby Photos

Oh Ollie boy, you’re showing us more and more each day what life is going to be like together. We can’t wait for all of our adventures! Next month we’ll all be in Portland and I’m already dreaming of him in cute little long sleeve shirts and Rob and I strolling through the streets with him, coffees in hand.

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  1. Hello Newdarlings !
    I was wondering how is Henry coping with the situation. I’m pregnant myself and a little bit stressed my dog would feel rejected or depressed because of the baby’s arrival.
    Do you have advice to give or have you scheduled any litlle rituals to help him feel included ?
    Thanks ! Xx

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