What I Packed in My Hospital Bag

Aug 08, 2019 | By Christina

Postpartum Care^^Cannot believe Oliver was only four days old in these photos! ^^

Reading up on what my favorite mamas packed in their hospital bag was one of the posts I searched for the most when I was pregnant. I’ve gotten some DMs from you guys on IG sharing that you’re expecting and wondering what to pack as well, so I thought I’d share. Now that Oliver is here and I have gone through the birth and hospital stay, I figured I’d share what I packed in my hospital bag, along with some things for postpartum care. Here’s what I think is worth packing…

New Darlings Postpartum Essentials

^^Never thought I’d share a photo like this, but I think it’s an important reminder that your body may not bounce back after giving birth and you’re going to be tired and it’s all perfectly okay and part of this beautiful crazy process. I took this photo the day after we got home from the hospital. I still looked about 6 months pregnant and I wore those beautiful undies for about 2 weeks after giving birth. I remember feeling so tired, but so happy with our little guy in my arms. 

What I Packed in my Hospital Bag

-Water Bottle
My Swell water bottle comes everywhere with me and it definitely made its way to the hospital with me. After the epidural the nurse told me to only take little sips, but you’ll be guzzling water non-stop once you deliver your sweet babe and are recovering in the hospital.

I actually stayed in the hospital gown most of the time, but I did pack these soft pjs/loungewear set. I included them in my pregnancy favorites too.

-Flip Flops
I ordered these flip flops off Amazon for the shower and for walking around the hospital. The hospital gave me a few pairs of fuzzy socks, so I didn’t pack any.

-Going Home Outfit
Hatch has some of the most beautiful maternity clothing. It is a bit on the pricier side, but I like that you can easily wear their dresses and jumpsuits way after pregnancy. I wore this dress the day we left the hospital. Dwell and Slumber is a local Arizona company, that makes really comfortable dresses (photographed above), and it’s what I wore quite a bit when returning home from the hospital.

-Nursing Bra + Nursing Pads
I have loved these nursing bras so far. I kind of just ordered them blindly off Amazon, but they’ve proven to be a good pick: super comfortable and soft. I also ordered these nipple pads and packed a few for the hospital as well. Amazon was clearly my friend when packing my hospital bag. I basically just searched for everything with the Prime option checked. Gotta love it!

I packed travel size face wash, mouth wash, toothpaste, deodorant, my favorite moisturizer, etc. I also packed a small cosmetic pouch, with some light foundation and lipstick (this shade has been my current favorite), so that I could freshen up and feel pulled together. Dry shampoo was super helpful too!

-Camera + Phone Chargers
We brought along our camera for photos. My sister snapped some after Oliver was born for us and I’m so glad she did. We also purchased some long phone charger cords, so they would reach the hospital bed.

What I Used for Postpartum Care

So they give you most of these items in the hospital, but I brought a few of my own for postpartum care as well. Here’s what I reached for the most…

Witch Hazel Pads
These were great for using after the bathroom, seeing as toilet paper is a no-go for a while. The nurses in the recovery room were so amazing, and made healing panties by layering the witch hazel pads in a big maxi pad. The pads had a cooling effect and helped reduced inflammation. I used these pads for weeks at home along with a perineal balm too.

Earth Mama Organic Perineal Balm
Loved this natural balm on top of the witch hazel pads. It has a cooling effect and the ingredients are all natural which is a major plus! Earth Mama also has a healing spray that I used a lot later on while on home. The hospital provided Dermoplast numbing spray, but I preferred the Earth Mama one.

Adult Diapers
So they give you the massive pads and disposable undies in the hospital, but I found that these “discreet undies” were way more comfortable once I got home. I wore these for a few weeks longer than I thought I would, but didn’t mind because they really made me feel confident and comfortable going out.

Frida Baby Mom Peri Bottle
This little bottle was a life saver in the hospital and at home. They give you a peri bottle in the hospital and will give you one to go home with as well, but I thought the design of this bottle with the angled spray nozzle was a lot easier. It’s super gentle and was another item I used for quite a while at home. I purchased it as part of the whole Frida Baby kit, and we’ve already used a few of the baby items that are part of it.

Postpartum Compression Girdle
I mentioned this girdle/waist trainer in my pregnancy must-haves post, as it served as great support for my lower back when my belly was getting huge during my third trimester. I’ve used it a bit at home now postpartum and I think it has helped my stomach go down a bit.

New Darlings Hospital Bag What I Packed for Oliver

-Going Home Outfit
I packed several outfit options for Oliver and a cute swaddle for going home photos. We only ended up changing him into one outfit and that was the day we went home. We dressed him in this cute kimono top and matching hat from Quincy Mae. The rest of the time at the hospital we used the hats and undershirts the nurses provided during our stay.

-Car Seat
We went with the Nuna Pipa Lite LX, and have loved it so far! It’s super lightweight and I love all the attachments for the Nuna Mixx stroller as well. Oliver has stayed snug as a bug while going in and out of the car in it, so we’re fans!

Newborn Baby Essentials for the Hospital

^^I can’t believe how tiny Oliver was when we left the hospital. He has grown so much already! 

-Swaddle Blanket
There’s so many cute swaddle blankets out there. We have a few easy to zip ones for nap time and evening sleeping at home (because Oliver is already proving to be a little escape artist) but we packed a super soft one from Copper Pearl for coming home from the hospital and he loved being all cuddled up. We love to use these while cuddling around the house too. I always keep one in the diaper bag.

-Photo Props
We had this cute name sign made for Oliver while I was pregnant. I packed it for photos while in the hospital, but we ended up taking the photo when we got home. Things were way too hectic the day we left the hospital to take any cute photos, haha.

New Darlings - Newborn Hospital Photos

I hope this post was helpful! If you’re a mom, what were your hospital or postpartum must-haves?

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4 comments on “What I Packed in My Hospital Bag”

  1. Love your list!
    After my cesarean, everyone boasted about how wonderful my first shower would feel. Turns out, I am not a fan of hospital foamy soap or bathmat-sized, rough hospital towels. Bring your favorite hair and body soaps, personal loofa, AND a lush towel or two (buy yourself something fluffy and fancy, girl). My new mom brain was so off, I didn’t even think to ask someone to get any of the items for me whilst still in the hospital. Also, as many other moms have said, pack an empty suitcase, and take all the baby diapers, Mommy diapers, blankets, etc. They are yours to take, and your last day nurse will bring you more upon request. Also, the hospital baby nasal aspirator is the biggest and best – take that, too! This last one is silly and specific to breastfeeding Mommas, but I wish I had a baby spoon at the hospital. The lactation nurses wanted me to express (learned the word “express” in the hospital) in a spoon first to feed my son, but they used plastic disposable spoons with those slightly ragged edges… I am nitpicking tiny details, so, if you’re like me, bring a baby spoon, and you’re welcome.

    1. Just a quick FYI as an RN in L&D. Generally the blankets are not for taking. We pay for those and pay to have those laundered. Always check with your hospital of course, but linen costs add up fast and contribute to increasing costs of healthcare.

  2. I didn’t bother buying anything for postpartum care other than big knickers and sanitary towels. I think for future babies I will definitely look more into items to make the healing process a little more bearable!

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