6 Weeks Postpartum + 6 Weeks Old

Aug 06, 2019 | By Christina

New Darlings - Baby Nursery Rattan Mirrors

6 Weeks Postpartum

I had my 6 week postpartum appointment today. Boy, did that creep up on me. I remember making this appointment the day after getting home from the hospital and thinking, “wow…that’s so far out from now.” Somehow the appointment came in the blink of an eye, which also means we have a 6 week old.

Baby Nursery Rattan MirrorsOur Baby Boy is 6 Weeks Old

A little over a month with our baby boy and it feels like he’s always been here with us. It is true what they say, you won’t be able to imagine life before. I used to think that was a little sad, “I want to remember life before…I don’t want it to change”, but now I know it is the very best thing. Rob and I went out for coffee yesterday and after feeding Oliver, he completely showed off and gave us some of the most incredible smiles. I don’t think my heart has ever felt like it did in that moment. His happiness (which might very well just have been gas, ha!) made Rob and I look at each other in a way I didn’t think was possible. We both gasped and couldn’t help but laugh. On the way home we spoke about how mind blowing it is that this little guy could bring us so much joy! He is so sweet and happy (with the occasional gas and poopy diaper, of course), but wow is he fun to be around. If you told me a few years ago that we’d have a little baby boy and his smile would make us want to melt, I’d tell ya to take your cliché elsewhere. 😉

New Darlings Oliver

(^^ I can’t believe how much he has grown since these photos. He was only a little over 3 weeks old here and I feel like he has gotten so plump since then. 😉 )

The 2 Week Storm

Oliver seems to be going through his “2 week storm” as they call it, with increased gassiness and irritability. We’ve been following the Wonder Weeks app, which has been amazing to track all of his developmental leaps. We’ve also been reading the book, 12 Hours Sleep by 12 Weeks, which mentions this time as the 2 week storm. Basically it’s a period of time all babies go through (anywhere from 5-8 weeks old) where they have more trouble sleeping at night and are just super gassy and uncomfortable. He has given us some longer stretches of sleep, which has been amazing, but as we get closer to his wake up time in the morning, he is just so uneasy and cries a bit more than usual. We’ve been trying to keep him as comfortable as possible, and are just pushing through it, knowing he’ll be out of this crazy phase soon.

New Darlings - Baby NurseryMy Postpartum Check up

I was a little nervous for my postpartum check up and didn’t really know what to expect. I really only started feeling physically more comfortable over the last week or so. For the first few weeks at home, I was still recovering, being cautious in the bathroom, and felt a lot of pressure down low. I was able to go out and get through my day to day just fine, but sometimes things were a little uncomfortable, so I really wondered how everything was healing. I had a second degree tear, meaning the skin and muscle needed repair, but thankfully my OB cleared me today at my appointment and said everything looked good! I was so relieved.

Rob congratulated me on 6 weeks and I thought it was kind of funny and strange at first, but then I was really grateful for his encouragement. He reminded me that bringing a life into this world, going through 9 months of pregnancy and my body changing, and then going through the newborn phase, and taking care of myself and healing on top of it all is no easy feat. He told me it’s a milestone and I guess he’s right, it is worth celebrating.

New Darlings -Baby Oliver is 6 Weeks Old

Happy 6 Weeks!

Look at this little guy! I cannot believe how much he has grown and how his little personality is already beginning to shine through. He has definitely found his voice and is coo-ing a ton and grabbing onto my hair during feedings. He’s instantly calmed when Rob plays guitar and sings to him and I think it might just be the cutest thing ever.

I can’t wait to snap some more photos as he grows, with these Cuddle + Kind dolls. I can’t believe he was smaller than them when we brought him home. Time really is a thief!


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3 comments on “6 Weeks Postpartum + 6 Weeks Old”

  1. Oh my, he is just the CUTEST! I love babies with a head full of hair!
    Good to hear you are doing well, and DO keep celebrating those moments. You’re doin’ great mama!

  2. YES please realize you are human and you have just completed an AMAZING task by bringing little Oliver into this world. Take it easy and soak it all in. Time will definitely go by quicker than you want it to! Thank you for sharing your vulnerability ♥️

  3. Cory & I were cracking up at that photo of the three of you (your faces in the mirrors). Oliver is just the sweetest little nugget!

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