My Must Have Pregnancy Items

Jun 10, 2019 | By New Darlings

Pregnancy Must Haves

Now that I’m almost through my third trimester (woah – where did the time go?!), I figured I would round up some of my favorite pregnancy must haves. I tried to keep things pretty minimal and intentional over the last few months, so here are a few things I would recommend to a friend to stay comfortable. Hope you guys enjoy!

pregnancy favorites

My Must Have Pregnancy Items

Gotta stay hydrated! This Swell one has been my favorite. This metal one keeps everything nice and cold and comes with me everywhere.

Burt’s Bees all the way for keeping my belly and legs moisturized. So far I don’t think I’ve gotten any stretch marks, but I guess I’ll be able to see better after the baby arrives. My skin is pretty fair, so I get blotchy easily and it’s hard to tell if its just my skin with some red marks and veins popping through or some stretch marks. We’ll see. Either way, I love how gentle Burt’s Bees belly cream is and went to bed shining every night with a ton of this cream and oil on!

I mentioned this before, but I really held out on getting one of these. Rob ordered this pregnancy pillow for me from Amazon and it saved me so many nights in the second trimester. Now that I’m into my third trimester, I’m all over the place. Some nights I love it and some nights I sleep almost sitting up…it’s a toss up. Ha!

4 – Comfortable PJs – Third trimester was when I really started popping out of my regular loungewear and PJs. I ordered a size up in this loungewear set and I think it’s going to come in super handy postpartum a well.

5 – Maternity Leggings – These were the only ones I was actually able to get OVER my belly, haha! They have a ton of stretch in the thighs too, which I really appreciated!

I went back to my trusted Biossance in the third trimester because my skin was SO dry! It’s natural and light and Rob loves it too. 😉

So I actually didn’t intend to buy one of these. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise, but when I ordered this waist trainer for postpartum, I realized it had all these extra pieces and one was a belly band. Thank goodness! It’s been so great in the third trimester and I’ve worn it on hikes and during long days standing. Such a game changer. It looks a little intense, but had amazing reviews and I thought it was a great price.

Not a necessity but definitely can be nice to look back on. The lovely ladies at Promptly Journals sent me a childhood history journal and it was one of the sweetest surprises. The journal chronicles your pregnancy up to your baby’s 18th birthday. I hope I can stick with this throughout the years and hand it off to my son on his birthday. I hope he thinks it’s cool and interesting to look back on all these memories and feelings…learn about who Rob and I were, how we were feeling over the years, and what he was like as a little boy.

Okay, this may be TMI but during your third trimester you may experience more discharge than normal. I probably should have bought panty liners sooner, because I definitely leaked through more than a dress or two.

My skin was all over the place during this pregnancy and sometimes it felt like nothing helped my hormonal acne. One week my skin would be smooth, the next week it was a disaster. I rounded up a lot of my favorite pregnancy safe skincare HERE. This honey mask/cleanser was also super helpful. It’s more of a cleanser, but I would use it as a spot treatment at night. This has been my favorite body wash as well.

I wore a lot of flowy dresses and alternated between this one and this one a lot the last few weeks. If you want to see more of my favorite clothing items for pregnancy, check out this post HERE. I shared all the clothes I felt the most comfortable in.

I think that’s it! I really didn’t want to buy too many “extra” things and held out a while before getting things like a pregnancy pillow or maternity leggings, but if it helps with your comfort level I say go for it! Your body is going through so many changes during pregnancy and anything to help make the process smoother, is worth it in my book.

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2 comments on “My Must Have Pregnancy Items”

  1. I love your blogs and recommendations, Christina! I find them extremely useful and easy to follow with the links that you add. I’m looking forward to a new one every time you post something! You are very beautiful and I wished I looked as glamorous and flawless (especially whilst being pregnant!). It was been so nice to go though my pregnancy at the same time as you. Many thanks for all your time and suggestions ❤️ .
    Karen xx

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