Refocusing and What’s Next

Jun 21, 2019 | By New Darlings

New Darlings Neutral Living RoomPart of being a blogger is sharing. This could mean anything from sharing personal things like our pregnancy and our home renovation process to our favorite items of the week and beauty round ups. There’s so much information being fed to us all daily. We’re all scrolling. We’re all clicking. Liking. Purchasing. So on and so forth.

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There’s been a ton of soul searching that has gone on for Robert and myself over the last few months. Being home while pregnant has really put a lot into perspective. Slowing down and refocusing on our home, where we live, and what is really important to us has been truly eye opening. I’ve never been a fan of people who “blog about blogging”, but I want to share a little of the flip side for a minute. The other day I received an email, well multiple emails, about sales going on over the weekend with how-tos on how to share these sales with our readers. This is pretty typical and probably not too surprising. We all know the sale round-up posts, and we’ve done them ourselves in the past. Heck! I just shared a round up of my favorite pregnancy items, and want to continue to share my genuine favorites with you all, but as I stared at that email, I couldn’t do it in the moment. I couldn’t sit here and put together a round up of items that seemed “cool” from a site to share with you all just for the sake of promoting a sale.



So where am I going with all of this? Well, for starters I’ve been thinking about why we began blogging. It was definitely to share and to connect…find a commonalty within a community. I remember way before we started blogging, I was (and still am) and avid reader of blogs. Before instagram I would check my favorite bloggers sites each morning just to see if there was a new post. Does anyone do this anymore? I’m really not sure…but I do! I’m noticing my bookmark list is becoming shorter, but the people I keep checking back in on are the ones who are sharing their personal lives more…sharing what they’re passionate about…what they’re reading, eating, etc.


Since becoming pregnant, Rob and I have both focused on more natural products. This is everything from skincare and makeup for me, to what cleaning products and body/bath products we’ve been researching. We’ve turned our focus to more sustainable practices and have been reading about how we could raise our little guy surrounded by beautiful yet purposeful things, that are ethical and have the least impact on our environment. Sometimes I think about what I should share on this blog of ours and come up blank. I recently realized it’s because I’ve been leaving out such a huge part of what we’re passionate about.


We have a long way to go, and this doesn’t mean we have it all figured out and are living in the greenest way possible, but we are making it more of a focus these days. We’re excited to share our finds with you along the way. As we gear up to welcome our baby boy home and become a family of three, we hope to share a greater focus on clean living and sustainable brands that we are passionate about supporting. This has been weighing heavy on our hearts lately and has the been topic of many conversations with friends near and far. I think we’ve held back a bit because it somehow seemed like it wouldn’t be as thrilling to share. We’re just at a point in our lives where this makes the most sense and we’re excited to share all the ins and outs. If I’m up at midnight reading about the safest cleaning solution to use on hardwood floors or more earth friendly goods for the home, I’m just going to share it from now on.

If you made it this far, thank you. We’re excited to share this next chapter with you all.

19 comments on “Refocusing and What’s Next”

  1. This is one of my favorite posts! I love taking my lunch break and checking in with my favorite bloggers. The bloggers I follow are because they seem real and honest about the goings on in their lives. Keep it up!

  2. hi! not usually a commenter but always feel i should when i see bloggers questioning whether or not people are still here! so hi! i’m still here! & i’d be sad if you weren’t! i catch up on blogs every morning, monday-friday and look forward to it still!

    i know that for me, it’s not boring if it’s genuine. a post could be FILLED with information and helpful products but if it comes off as a post that’s written because of a deadline, and not because of passion, it will never be as interesting. so follow what you’re passionate about and people will follow!

    1. Everything Jana said x2!
      I’m not a commenter either, but I wanted to let you guys know that I am here too! I’m reading your posts, learning and filling my head with new ideas and I’ll love reading about living in the greenest way possible. Yay for more passionate posts!

  3. this sounds like a really good way to develop your blog, much more interesting than reading about the latest sales! I look forward to continuing to follow your beautiful blog x

  4. Can’t wait for what is next. Always love what you two do, and will support you both with whatever you decide to do.

  5. This is one of my favorite posts you’ve written! I’ve been a long-time reader of blogs and I always will be. Social Media gives me anxiety to a certain degree, but reading blogs never do. It’s my favorite way to wake up each morning with my cup of coffee before my sweet kids are up for the day. I enjoy reading about people’s lives and interesting things they may share (and not the latest sale round-up they may have). Sending positive thoughts your way in these final weeks for a safe delivery and those beautiful joyous moments of meeting your sweet baby for the first time.

  6. I was super excited to read this post and it did not disappoint. I’m excited for the direction of your blog. I love your home and style posts, I’ve been an avid reader of all your renos from multiple apartments back, but it’s true, finding out how people are living their lives is kind of fascinating content (for whatever reason). With such a saturated market of “green” products now a days (with very little proof of sustainable production, materials, etc), I look forward to seeing recommendations from two people who seem to do a ton of research about the things they’re purchasing and sharing with their readers. Good luck on the new direction!

  7. I’m so ready for all of this, gal! I think ultimately we all just want people to be themselves and share what they’re truly passionate about. You can tell when there’s genuine passion behind a post! Sending love and ready for whatever you share next!

  8. Yes! Yes! Yes! To bringing more focus, awareness, and the “coolness factor” to sustainable and non-toxic living and hopefully brining it for all—working to making it accessible for all socioeconomic statuses. Thanks for taking up this cause!

  9. I love love loved reading this!!! I think, especially as someone with a large following like you guys, it’s a beautiful thing to hear that you’re moving in this direction. Sustainable and ethical living is something we should all be promoting!!! I an excited to be here for the continuation of this conversation and see where it leads your blog! I’ll be sticking around to find out! <3

  10. I love the mention about clean and sustainable products. I’ve been making small to big changes whenever I possibly can. Trying to have less plastic, less stuff and more of what I need, thoughtful ways of living and enjoying what we have before adding anything new. I think more and more, people want this and want to know more. I look forward to what you share on this in the future 🙂

  11. I’m expecting my first in November (also a boy!) and green sustainable products and home goods are things I’ve been thinking about more as well! I’ve been doing my own research but it’s so helpful to hear what other people find. I don’t read blogs nearly as much as I used to, but the ones I do read are ones that include more about personal lives that I can relate to on a day to day basis. Following y’all’s pregnancy journey has been helpful during my own. 🙂

  12. I was an avid blog reader until they all seemed to become subversive machines of capitalism. I love the idea of a focus on more sustainable lifestyles, but find that often they are still focused on what to buy to be sustainable, when really reducing consumption, buying secondhand, etc are the most sustainable options. I look forward to seeing how you approach this.

  13. Just wanted to jump on here and say I love reading your blog (and others)! I would definitely keep coming back to read about clean living too. Xo, Kezia

  14. Love this! I’ve been getting into more natural/greener products as well so I’m excited to see you guys talk more about it! You might like this blog: She also talks about natural health and wellness! Wishing you a safe and healthy end to your pregnancy!!

  15. As you have built your brand & audience, you are in a position now more than ever before where you can take a chance and redefine what you want to share. I’d even say it’s your responsibility to do so!! Your hearts have gotten you this far so keep on following it!

  16. I LOVE this! I’m currently going greener as well from home to makeup and just trying to put thatbat the forefront! I’m excited to feel really connected to what content you’re putting out and be inspired by what you have to say! I’ve even used your blog for reference for skincare and makeup products!!
    I’ve been following for a couple years, but I’m excited to have real content still fill your blog! I’ll be a follower for life!

  17. I’m still here and still reading blogs! It’s funny the ways becoming a parent will change you. I’ve noticed a similar shift in my interests, so I can’t wait to see what you post next. Enjoy the next few months soaking in all the newness of being a family of three!

  18. Loved this post and absolutely wanted to reiterate what so many above (and yourself) have said. My bookmarks list has gotten shorter over the years and I’m equally as obsessed with watching Instagram Stories as the next person, but I have always been an avid and obsessive blog reader. I like getting my blog novel on. Instagram captions just don’t satisfy my need for storytelling and for personal connection. I would also agree with you that the bloggers that are still kicking around are sharing the things that continue to drive them. And I think there’s a lot of beauty in loving and supporting the passions of people you genuinely like and want to learn more about. I love blogs for what they teach me not just about that person’s latest recommendations but also their lives.

    Here’s to you continuing this space with your little guy now in this world!

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