Peace of Mind with the Ring Video Doorbell

Jun 23, 2019 | By New Darlings

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*This post was sponsored by Ring. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

We’ve definitely been prepping for baby these last few weeks. We’ve gone through drawers and cabinets of things we haven’t seen in years in order to make a neater home for the baby and create his nursery. Will he notice? Ha! We’ll see. We’ve also been making sure our home is safe for our growing family and increased our home security. What’s a tidy home if it isn’t safe?

Ring DoorbellThe Ring Video Doorbell

Well, we’ve recently added a few Ring video doorbells to the front and back of our home’s exterior, so we’ll know exactly what’s going on out there when we’re not home, and also when we’re with the baby and not able to make it to the door. Nothing makes us feel better than being out and about and being able to see and know exactly what’s going on back at home. It works for quick coffee runs, and also for long, European vacations too! It hooks up to our wi-fi so, we can be anywhere in the world and still be connected to our home. It was quick and simple to install and took only minutes to get it going. The video quality is amazing, and we love chatting with our mail carrier and delivery people though the doorbell when we’d like them to leave a package behind our gate when we’re not home. With a baby coming into our home, we’re definitely living life a little bit safer, and instead of being nervous wrecks, we can relax knowing that our home is in good hands.

We had so much fun putting together a little video to share how we use Ring in our home. Check it out below:

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Thank you for helping us prepare our home Ring! We still can’t believe we are less than a month away until our little babe is in our arms. How insanely fast was that? While this pregnancy has been pretty good for the most part, we are definitely ready to meet our little guy. His kicks and punches tell us that he may be ready too. Ha!

2 comments on “Peace of Mind with the Ring Video Doorbell”

  1. Great video you guys! I love my @ring . Is definitely a peace of mind when you are away from home; and when you are home and can’t answer the door. I always recommending it to friends and family. Is such a great thing to have, and anybody can install it. 👍🏻

  2. Ahhh. Love this! I need the Ring in my life. More importantly, my mom needs this. I’m always so worried about her. haha.

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