Wellness Favorites I Incorporate into my Everyday

May 03, 2022 | By Christina

Wellness Favorites I Incorporate into my Everyday

Last summer (or was it two summers ago), in what felt like the height of the pandemic at the time, I became very focused on self care and wellness. I had all intentions of starting a Self-care Sunday ritual of sharing on the blog little ways I was taking care of myself, keeping myself focused and prioritizing my health as a “new-ish” mom. Well, these practices never really made it to the blog, however I adapted a few practices and found my way to several wellness favorites that became part of my everyday, if not, weekly routine. 

Prioritizing my Physical and Mental Health

Showing up for my self every day and keeping myself focused and nourished has helped me get out of bed on the roughest of days. Here are a few ways I prioritize my physical and mental health with daily natural supplements and organic wellness favorites, which keep me energized and balanced. 

Multi-vitamins and the Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms Tinctures

Adding medicinal mushrooms to your daily diet has become a bit of a fad, and after incorporating them into my morning routine, I can understand all the hype. Each morning I take Rainbo Mushrooms’ Daily Multi-Mushroom extract, as a multivitamin. I add a few drops to my morning tea, which I am very serious about. It’s become a little ritual that I’m fond of each morning. Knowing I’m nourishing my body and keeping myself strong for myself and my family is a small act that brings me joy. It’s a positive way to start off the morning. To me, it doesn’t alter the taste of my tea or have a strong smell. 

Juna Chlorophyll Drops 

Juna Chlorophyll drops are a new addition to my daily routine this year. I usually have this right after my morning tea. Its made from 100% plants and taste like a refreshing mix of mint and lemon. A few drops in my water aid in digestion and serve as a natural detox to your system. 

Honey + Manüka Elixir 

When Ollie goes down for his nap and I need to hit the computer to tackle some work, I love to make a relaxing cup of Turmeric and Ginger Tea. I add a spoonful of Activist Manüka’s Manüka 300+mg Honey, to give a boost to my immune system. For daily maintenance I’m a big believer in their Manüka Elixir. The whole family takes a drop each day for immune support. It’s packed with 850+ MGO Manuka Honey, Echinacea, Ginger, Turkey Tail Mushroom and more. I recently signed up for a monthly subscription, I love it that much. 

Water + Moon Juice Ting

If you want to skip the caffeine, but want a little pick me up, add a little flavor to your water with Moon Juice’s Ting. I’ve been adding this in my water bottle before I head out the door each day and it gives a little pep without the come down or wired feeling of caffeine. It’s packed with a bunch of B Vitamins and ginseng that benefit for your metabolism, boost your energy and mood. I recently purchased this insulated water bottle and having been loving it for on the go — plus its neutral palette makes my heart happy. 


There are days I’m completely overwhelmed. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks before I became pregnant. It’s something I never really spoke about before and something that hit me kind of out of the blue. Staying active and working out helped me a ton. I always say I was in the best shape of my life before I had Oliver. I was exercising daily and paying close attention to eating a balanced diet, as well as giving myself physical and mental rest, with regular meditation. I’m convinced this is what helped me have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Anyway, more on that another time.

Although I feel like I was able to get my anxiety under control naturally before having Oliver, there were many instances after he was born in which I suffered from postpartum anxiety. If I find myself not prioritizing myself and giving myself space for the quiet and calm a few hours a week, I hit a wall. Cue anxiety attack, migraines…you name it. Basically I have filled my cup too much. Incorporating magnesium into my weekly diet helps me find that calm. A glass of Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om in the evening or in the morning if I had a restless night, helps me focus. Magnesium has several health benefits including serving as an anti-inflammatory. 

I hope a few of these tinctures and immune elixirs help you prioritize self-care and find joy in everyday rituals. I put together a few clips below as to how I like to incorporate these items into my daily life.


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