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Tucson Home Build: Lighting

Mar 23, 2022 | By New Darlings


southwest minimal lighting

Our Lighting Selects for the Tucson House

Next week we should be doing our electrical walk through for the Tucson build! We’re almost done with framing and I can’t wait to walk the house with our contractor and go over lighting. Many of our selects have been trickling in this week and I wanted to share what we chose for the main living areas and bathrooms. Time to get to the fun stuff with this home build and share with you all finally! For lighting we wanted to keep things interesting but in the same family, meaning lots of texture, neutral tones and a mix of metals and finishes to marry some of the traditional southwest elements in the home with some modern touches. We rounded up a selection of lights that I’m really happy with, all in natural cream tones and white, with hints of blush and brass. Our bathroom and kitchen finishes will be in brass so I wanted everything to flow seamlessly but still keep your eye interested as you scanned a room. We sourced our interior lighting through three different online shops. Let’s dive in more below. 

southwest lighting Tumwater cedar and mosshallway lighting options cedar and moss sconces

Mixing and Matching Lighting and Finishes While Keeping it Cohesive

Ceramic and textured finishes gave us that natural and earthy vibe we were going for which reminded us of traditional southwest homes in Arizona and Santa Fe, with a lot of lighting made out of clay. We also incorporated some more simple metal lighting and sconces in brass with smaller bulbs for a more modern feel, in spaces that will have a lot of natural tile and/or the tinted concrete floors we’ve previously mentioned. 

cedar and moss mixing lighting finishes

I really wanted to avoid repeating the same lighting in multiple spaces in the home, as I am already repeating some tile and brass finishes in a few rooms. It can be so tempting to use the same thing everywhere, especially when you fall in love with a specific design element but I think these small changes keep things fun and interesting especially when designing a neutral space without a lot of color, which shocker: that’s exactly what we’re doing. However you’ll find a lot of similar shapes being repeated to keep that flow: half moon, up and down sconces, cylinder/circular shapes, etc. Almost every room in the house will have light wood, tinted concrete, natural tile, and brass, but used and reimagined in different ways and places. 

velux sky light home build process

Can’t wait to dive into more details and share more specific room plans. I think this gives you a pretty good idea of where we’re headed though with the design of the home. 

Lighting Sources

Cedar and Moss Tumwater Ada Sconce | Cedar and Moss Terra Surface Light | Cedar and Moss Venus Sconce | In Common With Ceramic Up and Down Sconce | Schoolhouse Cylinder Brass Sconce | Schoolhouse Ray Sconce


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