5 Things I Always Keep In My Pantry

Jan 29, 2022 | By New Darlings

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5 Healthy Pantry Items

Wellness for the New Year

With a new year comes a new focus on wellness. I think we all start off each year with the best intentions of being our “best self”, but really what does that mean? I personally don’t enjoy setting all these crazy standards for myself with big commitments that don’t feel like me. Something I can get behind is making sure I am taking care of myself and my family, and that can mean something different for everyone. For me, it’s making sure my body is nourished and that I am doing my best to stay healthy. Small daily habits that have a big impact on my mind and body, and that all begins in the kitchen, with a stocked pantry of nourishing and nutrient dense ingredients, along with simple daily vitamins. Below I rounded up 5 healthy pantry items: things I always on hand, which make me feel good and energized, and they are way simpler than you may think. 

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5 Things I Always Keep In My Pantry

Seeds and Nuts

Anytime we go to the grocery store, we stock up on a few seeds and nuts that are filled with healthy fats. They are filling and nutritious and make perfect toppings or snacks on their own. A few I always have on hand are: pepitas (amazing on salads, mixed with side veggies, etc), pine nuts (we add these to pastas and salads often), assorted cashews and almonds (love snacking on these with some cheese and crackers), chia seeds (high in fiber and omega-3, perfect for adding to baked goods, smoothies and even adding to breading for chicken dinners).

Vitamin C + E

I think everyone is paying closer attention to their vitamin intake these days. I always like to incorporate elderberry, zinc and vitamin C into my morning routine through a daily vitamin to support healthy immune function. I added a few of my favorites below, with gummy and regular supplement options, so there’s something for everyone. 


Honey has so many healing powers, especially Manuka Honey and the uses for it are pretty endless. You can spread some on toast, add a bit to your tea, or even take a spoonful at a higher MGO for immune support. I recently bought these pocket size honey packets for on the go. If I ever feel a cold coming on, I up my dosage and its helps combat any cold-like symptoms. When I was pregnant, I had horrible hormonal acne, and I used Manuka honey as a spot treatment to target the bacteria under my skin as well. 

Best Teas for your immune system


Having my own tea closet would be a dream. I’m such a tea person and truly believe in the healing power of plants and herbs. One of my favorite tea brands, which is also available at Walmart is Rishi. Their tea and botanicals are certified organic, made without pesticides and fertilizers. The company works directly with their farmers and you can trace each tea back to the farm. I enjoy drinking tea several times a day for different reasons. In the morning I usually enjoy their Masala Chai tea, which has a warm spicy aroma and taste with a bit of caffeine for that morning push. In the afternoon, when I get some computer work done, I always make a cup of their Turmeric Ginger tea. Ginger and turmeric are great for immune function. In the evening, if I had a stressful day, I find myself reaching for a caffeine-free tea, like their lavender and mint tea blend. The lavender scent from this tea is immediately calming and fills the house with such a pretty aroma and sense of calm. Mint has so many benefits, especially for your digestive system, which I find when I’m stressed is extremely helpful in relaxing my body. 

Apple Cider Vinegar 

I really found myself getting into apple cider vinegar last year, mixing it into salads with unique olive oils for simple dressings, but there are so many uses for it and I make sure to always have my pantry stocked with it. I love finding ways to add this to baked goods and sauces as well, as it an amazing anti-inflammatory and has heart benefits. Additionally its an easy and natural all-purpose cleaner. Definitely one to add to your list if you’re looking to stock up your pantry with healthy items. 

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