My Morning Routine as a Mom

Apr 03, 2020 | By Christina

Loungewear Set Morning Routine

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this very crazy and uncertain time. Just like many of you, my mood fluctuates with each day. With some meditation and a constant gentle reminder from my husband, I am continuing to tell myself “I can only concentrate on today”.

I figured with everyone staying home more these days given the current situation and extended social distancing order, which we fully support, I would share what a morning over here looks like. To be honest, not much has changed since we started social distancing back on March 12th, aside from the fact that we aren’t leaving the house. The mornings around here are pretty tame and I try to squeeze in some self-care before the day really gets started, because in my mind the day doesn’t really start until after Oliver’s first nap. Anyway, I’ll just take you through my morning, instead of rambling on…

My Morning Routine as a Mom

6:30/7am Wakeup

Oliver has been waking up earlier these days. Not sure if it’s just a phase, but he’s usually rolling around and babbling in his crib at around 6:30. If he’s pleasant and happy, we give him a few minutes before going in to get him, which also gives us a few minutes to “wake up”. I wish I could say I get up before him and start my day, but I’m just not there yet. Maybe in a year…ha! I do try to take a few minutes for some stretching (even if it’s just in bed) and a moment of gratitude….look out the window into the yard…the sun always makes me smile. It gives me hope for the day ahead. All shit could hit the fan, but in that moment I’m happy and thankful for the two guys under this roof I get to start the day with. I take a  few deep breaths and go get that smiley baby…

My Morning Routine as a Mom
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7am-7:30am Time with Oliver

While I feed Oliver and get him dressed for the day, Rob gets coffee and breakfast going in the kitchen. Thank goodness! Oliver and I read a lot of books, play with blocks, and practice walking while exploring his room before we mosey into the kitchen for breakfast. Its our mama and baby time and although a lot of my morning (well daily) schedule may be devoted to him, I know it’s going to be bittersweet when he begins to get more independent.

7:30am Breakfast

We all sit at the table together with some music playing in the background. These days it’s a lot of Beatles, Dylan, The Band and some George Harrison solo records. All Things Must Pass has been very appropriate lately and it puts us in a good mood. A typical breakfast for me is granola with fresh fruit and oat milk. It’s a simple breakfast but keeps me full for the morning. I’ve been hitting the green tea hard these days or ginger turmeric tea each morning for their immune boosting qualities. Sometimes I’ll have a glass of orange too…again, doubling up on all the vitamins!

Morning Routine at Home
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8:30am-9:00am Tend to the House

While Oliver has some independent play time in the living room, I do my “chores” around the main living area where I could see him, sometimes he joins in on my hip. We water the plants, dust the bookcase, plan dinner, do laundry…ya know, all those super exciting things. 😉 If I didn’t do them during this time though, I would be a mess the rest of the day and feel like I’m playing catch up. I like to have a plan and be in control. When I’m not, something just feels off. Having a game plan helps me stay sane. Sometimes we go into the yard and check on the vegetable garden and water the plants. The weather has been so beautiful each morning, so I’m soaking these cooler mornings in before things heat up in the desert. It’s been very calming having the garden. Nothing has sprouted just yet, but we’re so hopeful. It’s nice having something to care for like that…something that will nourish my family and get us outdoors. It gives me a feeling of peace that I can’t quite describe.

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New Darlings Morning Routine as a mom

9:00am Oliver’s Nap time/My workout time

Okay, this is my true “me-time”. When Oliver goes down for his morning nap, I usually take a few moments to check emails on my phone, spruce up the bedroom with Rob and then change into some workout clothes. I’ve been loving this set from Girlfriend. (They have way more colors on their site.) These Everlane leggings are great too – nice high waist. I have them in the olive color. (I think they run on the smaller side, if you’re interested in purchasing.)

Girlfriend Workout Outfit

Recently I started doing workouts from the Sweat app again and it feels so good! I used to do these BBG workouts by Kayla Itsines religiously before I got pregnant. I even got Rob hooked on it too and I don’t think we were ever in better shape than we were when doing the workouts from the Sweat app. They’re quick (around 20-40mins) and super effective. I like how they mix up the routine and it keeps my interest, along with using minimal equipment, so it’s been an easy work out to do at home while being quarantined.

Essential Oils My Morning Routine

10:00am Shower and Get Ready

After I get my sweat on — it seriously feels so good when I can get that in, I feel refreshed and thankful that I did something for myself…for my mind and for my body. If the rest of the day goes down hill, at least I know I am treating my body right and that puts me in a good mental space. I do some stretches, then start the shower. Sometimes I like to rub some essential oils in my hands and take a deep breath before getting in the shower. Eucalyptus and Frankincense are a few favorites for in the morning. Vitruvi has some amazing essential oils that are worth checking out. I always have their diffuser going throughout the day as well. I’ve gone back to Aesop shampoo and conditioner. It just makes my hair feel squeaky clean and I like the earthy scent. After the shower I douse myself in Everyday Oil, do my hair and makeup and get dressed. By this point, it’s usually 10:30ish or so and Oliver wakes up from his nap. Now it’s mom-duty!

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11:00 Enjoy time Outdoors as a Family

After Oliver wakes up and he eats, it’s our time to enjoy the outdoors together. Before the virus hit and everyone was advised to stay home, we typically would run our errands and go out and visit some of our favorite neighborhood shops during this time. Now we enjoy time together as a family in our backyard for hours on end. It took a little while to get used to, but then before we knew it five days turned into 10 days and then 15 days and it all became so normal. Time together outside has become extremely comforting and very enriching for all of us. We slow down, look at the trees, listen to the birds, get a kick out of Oliver to be honest. We throw down our Gathre mat (love how this round one can fit all of us so comfortably), we bring out an activity for Oliver, make a green juice and bring out some fruit. If anything positive has come out of this all, it given us an appreciation for the slow and all those special in between moments.

My Morning Routine as a Mom
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So there’s a quick look at my morning routine. A small part of it is spent solo and when I first wrote this out, I felt a little silly. Rob read it back and once again, kindly reminded me, it’s a phase of life I’m currently in and the simplicity is beautiful and something to sink into and feel fully. Not every day is perfect. Not every schedule works out so seamlessly, but having some sort of structure, while being forgiving of the shifts and twists and turns, is extremely helpful and there’s something beautiful in it all.

I’d love to hear from you guys. What does your morning routine look like? Any other moms out there? New working from home routines? I want to hear it all. Hopefully we can all adapt a little something from eachother and inspire one another.

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12 comments on “My Morning Routine as a Mom”

  1. I enjoyed reading another mom’s morning routine! I have a 7.5 month old (named Olive, oddly close to Oliver!) and we also have a little routine each morning. Our baby usually wakes around 7am and after nursing, she plays on the floor with her toys for about half and hour. She isn’t crawling, but loves to roll from one end of the room to other. We then eat breakfast, which my husband can now join us for since he is now working from home. Breakfast takes a solid hour bc our baby LOVES to eat ha! After that we go upstairs to her nursery and she practices sitting- we usually prop a mirror against the wall and sing in the mirror and make funny faces while she practices. After that it’s nap time and I usually read a book on our front porch during that time while drinking another cup of coffee. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Christina, thanks for sharing. It gave me some ideas for improving my self-care which is SO important and especially in this time.
    I got around a daily scedule too and it helps me so much to get off the internet, social media and the news, which seems to have become a frightening place all of the sudden. It reminds me to do better things with my time and get out of my own head. I take daily walks with the kids, listen to music more than ever and writing stories has become the ultimate escape and form of relaxation. I lose my rational thoughts too sometimes and luckily I have my own ‘Rob’ who is the greatest guy and even more now since he calms me whenever I need it.

    I am from the Netherlands and although we have are own battles to fight still, my heart goes out to all of you out there in the U.S. We hear about your situation every day and it breaks my heart to see what you are going through. Stay safe!

  3. This is beautiful and simple. It’s as you said, appreciating the slowness as a season. My little guy takes up much of my day, which helps to keep my mind from dwelling too much on the madness. He’s so happy in his little world, so we are happy to share that with him. One day he will be independent too and then I’ll miss those moments of snuggles, and coos, and his full on entertainment in the littlest things.

    This was perfect. Thank you for sharing friend.

  4. What a sweet reminder that we’re all going through it and to just simply give ourselves grace during this time. My almost 6 month old son keeps me very busy all day and he still loves to nurse around the clock so we’re settling into a new routine with all three of us home all day, much similar to yours. All my love to your precious family. Thank you for sharing your little slice of heaven, hopefully we can all appreciate ours a little more as well.

  5. Hi Christina ! All I would like to say is I love every post .At this time it is so essential to try and keep a clear mind and be happy for the little things we have .Thats why enjoy ur posts it’s about everything ! Thank You Thank You ! Hugs to you and your lovely family !

  6. I always get so inspired when I read other mom’s routines. My daughter is 2 and needs a lot of attention so we’re always trying to find ways to keep her occupied.

    Also, I love your hair like this!

    Stephanie | SPV Living

  7. Your family is so lovely and Oliver is just adorable! I have followed you guys I believe since 2015 and it’s just so nice to see how much you guys have grown and changed over the years. I’m a full time mom to my 8 year old Julian and recent addition 13 month old Oliver Jack. Routines quiet have changed since baby Oliver came into our lives but we all love him and enjoy every second. Hope you guys keep safe!! ❤️ P.S . I love the all the natural colors your home has, so earthy and peaceful 😊

    1. Julie – thank you so much for this message. It really means a lot that you stuck around with us this long. Love that we share a love for the name Oliver. 😉 I have a sister eight years younger than me anss we’re so close – I’m sure your boys will be the same way. xo

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