The List: Volume 1

Apr 10, 2020 | By New Darlings

We’re constantly sharing our favorite items over on Instagram and IG stories. Things like what records we’re playing while we have breakfast to what’s our go-to lip balm and everything in between. We thought it could be fun to do a weekly blog series highlighting all the things that make us feel fulfilled and inspired on a daily basis, as a couple. In our new series, The List, we’ll be sharing what we’re enjoying as a couple and bonding over, week by week.


George Harrison’s first solo album post-Beatles has been one of our most listened to as of late. This is the result of what happens when an artist is stifled, and over time feels weighed down by those around them. He eventually emerged with this masterful work that has felt like the perfect theme for this strange time in all our lives.

“Now the darkness only stays at nighttime
In the morning it will fade away
Daylight is good at arriving at the right time
It’s not always going to be this gray
All things must pass
All things must pass away.”

Wonder Valley

We’re slightly obsessed with olive oil over here and a recent favorite has been from husband and wife, Alison and Jay Carroll in Joshua Tree, CA. We’ve doused our salads, pastas, and breads a little extra these days, but who can blame us? We’ve even added their face oil to our repertoire and are feeling that all-around nourishment from our skin to our bellies.


Every day when Oliver goes down for his first nap, we burn some incense. It’s become our little morning ritual, and it’s one that really sets the mood in our home. It slows us down, makes us focus a bit more on our breathing, and gives our house a lovely, earthy scent. Lately we’ve been burning Norden’s Joshua Tree Incense and Yield Design’s Castillo Incense.


I don’t think either of us have journaled since high school…maybe our early college days, but recently it’s been a great release with the current state of the world…and well just being a parent. It’s been comforting to jot down a few lines when we have a quiet moment during the day, or before turning in for bed at night. Sometimes it’s just in the notes section of our phones, but I recently ordered this Moon Journal. It has some questions to help you set intentions for the week ahead. It’s been gratifying to find a new way to focus and go back and reflect on each day.


We’ve been reading about the benefits of Reishi and recently have introduced Moon Juice’s Cosmic Gold adaptogenic golden latte into our routine. It has a slightly sweet taste and feels like it really balances us out. I’m definitely a fan of the little burst of energy it gives me throughout the day as well. With stress relieving benefits, and keeping our immune systems strong, it’s quickly becoming a staple in our pantry.

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