Easy Makeup Routine for Everyday

Jan 16, 2020 | By New Darlings

Simple Everyday MakeupSince having Oliver I have definitely cut back on my morning routine. Thankfully he sleeps pretty well and I have a good chunk of time during his morning nap to get things done, but I’ve noticed a shift in my everyday makeup routine. I have found myself leaning towards a more simple and natural look these days. My makeup routine has become more simple and I have added a few more clean products to my arsenal that leave me feeling good.

Oliver is obsessed with touching my face these days so I also want to make sure that the makeup I use won’t irritate his skin, because I am not about to move those cute little hands away from me. 😉

Easy Everyday Makeup

Primer + Foundation

The older I get the more I’m realizing how important it is to let your skin look like skin! Let it breath! I feel like we all chug water and work hard to keep our skin plump and moisturized, so why are we mattifying it with heavy foundations? Again, let your skin look like skin. We all have pores…it’s okay. After my moisturizer I apply this primer. It is super moisturizing and has aloe. I just rub it in with my fingertips making it super easy! My go-to foundation has been Ilia’s Serum Foundation. I use it with a moist Beauty Blender; it goes on like silk and is super light. I still have some hyperpigmentation marks from acne during my pregnancy, and it covers pretty well, but you don’t feel like you’re wearing a mask.

Easy Natural Makeup Routine

Blush, Contour and Highlight the Natural Way

Contouring and highlighting is overwhelming to me. It can sometimes look like you’re drawing a road map on your face and can be so extreme. No thanks! As much as I like strong cheekbones or an awesome highlight, I still want to keep it natural and easy.

The best Natural Makeup

You might remember this RMS Beauty palette from my pregnancy safe makeup post. It’s still going strong and I love how it has everything all in one — I can just dab a bit of the highlighter on the top of my cheekbones and nose.  It also has blush and bronzer options. Another great highlighter option is Ilia’s Liquid Light. Love the dewy finish and it doesn’t slide off your face. Looking for a powder blush? Burt’s Bees “Shy Pink” is a rosy shade with clean ingredients. To keep things simple I add the same bronzer/contour shade to eyelids with some highlighter dabbed in the inner corners with my fingertips.

Natural Looking Makeup Routine

Setting Powder

I’m usually not a fan of powder, but Ilia’s Blur Powder has been a game changer…are you sensing a pattern here? 😉 It’s a light formula, the ingredients are clean, and it keeps everything in place without looking like you’re a wax figure. Swoop some over your face with a big fan brush and call it a day!

Natural Makeup Brushes

Speaking of brushes, I rounded up some favorites that are made of vegan and/or sustainable materials.

Natural Lipcolors

Natural Lip Colors

I haven’t really experimented with a new lip shade in a long time. I used to be a big fan of the reds and I’ll still rock a bold lip here and there, but for everyday I’ve been leaning towards soft pinks and natural mauve colors.  The two I have been alternating between are: Beauty Counter’s “Brunch” and Ilia’s Little Sister”. Both are safe makeup options. Another natural lipstick option is “Cassia” by 100% Pure. It is made from cocoa and shea butter. It’s considered a matte shade, but I use some lip balm underneath for a more moisturizing look and feel. Again, the RMS Beauty Palette mentioned above has some great multi-functional pigments for lips and cheeks. I think that’s the key to an easy makeup routine for everyday: multi-functional products that you can just throw in your bag.

Easy Makeup for Everyday

Shop all my favorites below:

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  1. I am newly pregnant and have been making the switch to more natural products, so this post is super helpful! Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully review your favorite products. Can you give more info about what looks like a trio face palette in the fourth photo of this post? You mentioned the RMS palette, but the fourth photo is showing a different product altogether and the tones look very versatile, so I’d love more information on that product that is shown. Thank you!

    1. I was hoping for the same answer on the RMS palette! The one shown I can’t seem to find and the link is not the same. Thanks for asking!

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