Faux Plants that Look Real

Jan 23, 2020 | By Christina

The Best Faux PlantsThe Best Faux Plants for small pots

It’s no secret we love plants around here. They clean the air in our home, make us happy, and serve as a beautiful decor piece. Over the years we’ve developed a green thumb, but if you find yourself struggling to keep your plant babies alive, or just have a dark house, fear not! We rounded up a few of our favorite faux plants that look real. Everything from hanging pothos plants, to tiny table top succulents and air plants. We even included some beautiful faux fiddle leaf figs and birds of paradise that definitely had us fooled. (This one is a beauty + the pot comes with it!)

Check them out below!


1 – Areca 3 foot tall potted plant
2 – String of Pearls potted plant
3 – Birds of Paradise potted plant
4 – Dried palm leaves
5 – Pothos potted plant
6 – Faux cactus in terracotta pot
7 – Potted fern
8 – Faux potted fiddle leaf fig tree
9 – Faux air plant
10 – Pampas potted plant
11 – Hanging faux pothos plant
12 – Faux cactus in white pot

Where to Buy Faux Plants

More pretty faux plants below:

The Best Faux Pothos Plants

Looking for some cute pots too? Here’s a few favorites in all the best earthy tones and textures.

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