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Oct 30, 2019 | By New Darlings

Neutral Leather CouchThe Citizenry Rug and Chair | AllModern Leather Ottoman and Rattan Ottoman (similar) | West Elm Sofa, Curtain Rod and Stump

As you’ve probably been seeing on our Instagram, we’ve been slowly making changes to our living room to make it feel a bit cozier, warmer, and more us. We wrote this post about how we’ve been reenergized by our time at home here in Phoenix since having Oliver. The desert has been our home for six years now and it continues to inspire us. From the desert landscape, to the growth of the downtown area, we’ve never been more excited to call Phoenix our home.

Desert Living Room Decor

Tradlands Sweater | West Perro Hat (similar) | Esby Pants (similar)

Neutral Living Room Ideas

We’ve designed the room around our old, trusty Hamilton sofa from West Elm. This sofa first appeared in our apartment back in 2015, and while we’ve experimented with a few different styles over the years, we came back to this classic piece. We love how the leather has broken in over the years and the color just continues to change as it’s used and exposed to the sun. It’s been a staple piece for years and one we definitely recommend. Another item from West Elm we’ve used a lot over the years is their Mid-Century Show Wood Chair. We chose the twill/wheat combo and love the wooden curved arms.

Desert Inspired Living RoomWest Elm Sofa and Chair | Rejuvenation Lamp | Samsung Frame TV | The Citizenry Rug, Planter, and Sheepskin | Coffee Table

The great thing about this living room is that there are so many ways to rearrange the furniture and play around with the room. We haven’t had a television in over three years, but recently we caved and purchased the Samsung Frame TV. We avoided a TV for years for a few reasons. One: we never loved how they looked in a room, and two: we just never wanted to be something that was on all the time, which tends to happen when TVs are the center of the living room. We used to just watch a show or two on our laptop before bed, but now when we put Oliver to sleep each night, we cuddle up together and catch up on our shows. I hope we can fool Oliver for a few years before he realizes this is an actual TV and not just a pretty picture framed above the fireplace.

Round Coffee Table Rattan OttomanNeutral Outfit IdeasSouthwest Rug

It was important for us to have a coffee table that we could move aside to make room for Oliver to hangout and play with us. Our living room isn’t huge, so having the option to move things around was crucial. We loved the idea of creating a modular situation with the coffee table and stackable rattan ottomans (similar) from AllModern.

Family Lifestyle Photos

When we wake up in the morning and come into the front of the house, the warmth of our living room radiates through the rest of our home. It is so comforting to see each morning as the sun shines through our linen curtains. We’ve added a ton of plants into the room that have been thriving from that morning light, and we just love bringing Oliver near each one and telling him all about how we care for them. We hope he grows up loving plants and helping us water them every Sunday. It’s our little ritual that he seems to have enjoyed being a part of each week.

Southwest Inspired Living Room

The Citizenry is another brand that we feel does neutral design so right. They have some beautiful hand made pieces that we’ve added to our living room. The Lombok Rattan Lounge Chair was high on our list of items to add to our home. We love the detailed weaving and went with the leather cushion option for extra comfort. It may be the prettiest chair of all time. One piece that completely took us by surprise was their Tejal Area Rug. We were actually all set to order a different rug from a different vendor, when The Citizenry launched their Autumn Collection and made us completely rethink the room. The Tejal Rug was EXACTLY the vibe we wanted for the room with its warm, desert tones. It’s stunning and we’re so happy with it.

Dad and Baby Photo Ideas

This little living room of ours has seen so many changes over the three years we’ve lived here, but truly this latest switcharoo really makes it feel like home and we’re so happy with how it turned out. It feels like a perfect nod to the desert and we can’t wait to watch Oliver grow into the space and interact with it. I’m sure we’ll make little tweaks along the way, but until then, we’ll all enjoy it as it is.

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7 comments on “Neutral Living Room Update”

  1. Seriously… the prettiest and most “you” livingroom I’ve seen! I love how you brought back your bohemian stylea little more (still LOVE the glam of the brass accents !😍) you guys TOTALLY knocked it out of the park! 👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Oki
    October 31, 2019 at7:30am

    Your living room is gorgeous!!! Love everything about it!!! The neutral colors! That rug is beautiful! The sofa the pillows. Wow so beautiful and cozy! You guys are amazing!!!!

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