July 24, 2017 |

Our Living Room: The Reveal

Blue Velvet Sofa Schoolhouse Plaid Chairs

Excited isn’t even the word to describe the feeling we have to finally share this room.  It was the first room we tackled back when we first moved into this house in November ’16.  Why did it take us eight months to finally reveal it properly?  Well…let us tell you. READ MORE

July 17, 2017 |

Our Home: Update

Lifestyle Photography Classic American Home Decor

To say we’ve been living in this house for eight months really blows our minds. It felt like the home buying process took foreverrr, and then shortly after we moved in we quickly celebrated the holidays and then had a bunch of travel lined up. Just recently this house has begun to feel more like our home. From Sunday morning plant watering rituals and weekday dinners at home to the basket filled corner with Henry’s toys and shelves covered in books, we have our space and our routine and nothing has felt sweeter. It’s been quite a bit since we’ve done a formal update on our house. We’ve shared our renovation process for our kitchen and both bathrooms (master | hallway), as well as the plan for our soon-to-be casita, but as each room begins to take shape, we thought we’d share a little about the rest of the house and where we’re at right now. READ MORE

July 10, 2017 |

Roman Shades with Q Design Centre

When you’re renting you overlook a lot of things…countertops, windows, bathroom finishes, etc. The list goes on. It’s something we didn’t realize until we were in our home. When we were renting we thought, okay how can we make this place feel more like us and do it in an affordable and simple way? Window treatments are definitely something that can get expensive when designing a room. In our previous three apartments, we had vertical blinds. We didn’t love them, but we just tried to make it work….we put long curtains in front of them, plants in front of them…I’m sure you’re starting to see a pattern here. We basically just tried to hide them. 😉 READ MORE

July 3, 2017 |

Our Guesthouse: The Plan

photo via

So you may be thinking…”What? Another project? Didn’t you just finish the kitchen and bathrooms? Are you slightly losing your minds?” And the answer is yes, yes, yes and quite possibly! 😉 Haha As we wrap up some decor projects at the house and after a lot of back and forth we decided to go for probably the biggest project of all: our guesthouse/casita. READ MORE

June 26, 2017 |

Our Kitchen: Get the Look Wash & Prep

Happy Monday guys! We’re kicking off the week with another home decor post and sharing all the sources from our kitchen remodel. We shared them in the initial reveal here, but incase you missed it we thought it would be fun to break it down in several different categories, like countertop & open shelving decor favorites and now everything you need to wash and prep. READ MORE

June 5, 2017 |

Our Kitchen: Get the Look Open Shelving & Countertop Decor

The biggest question we got about our kitchen reveal was about the open shelving…do we like it, where did we get them, how to keep them neat, etc. Well, if you were curious about open shelving and how to keep your counter tops tidy, plus links to all of our kitchen decor pieces, keep reading.


May 30, 2017 |

Our Master Bathroom: The Reveal

Minimal black and white subway tile bathroom with brass accentsWell here she is! Our brass and marble accented lady of a master bathroom.

Our two goals for this room were to modernize it while keeping the vintage feel, and maximize on space/storage. For us the layout was perfect and just needed some tweaking. Some pieces were bulky, there were half walls, extra trim around the tub, and old light fixtures. With the help of Wayfair’s Home Improvement section, a speedy contractor, and a bit of patience, we were able to create our dream bathroom without changing the footprint of the room.


May 15, 2017 |

Our Backyard Lounge Area: The Plan

photo via

Let me preface this post with saying we got supperrrrr lucky with our backyard, especially in Arizona. It was a major selling point of the house and the previous owners did an incredible job with carving out little gathering areas and the landscape design. When we first saw the house and stepped in the backyard, we walked under a pergola with vines and flowers wrapped around it and butterflies flew around our heads. I kid you not. We really felt (and still do) like we found a little New England garden in the middle of the desert.


May 1, 2017 |

Our Hallway Bathroom: The Reveal

Today we are sharing our guest/hallway bathroom makeover. We didn’t share a before or progress post on this space, but you may have caught a peek or two on IG stories. This little bathroom is a charmer and we were so happy to partner with Wayfair to freshen it up a bit. Our style direction for this room was vintage with a modern twist.  READ MORE

April 24, 2017 |

Our Kitchen: The Reveal

We are so happy to be sharing our kitchen makeover with you guys today! We made some small changes that we feel like created a big impact and feels a lot more like us. When we originally toured this house with our real estate agent back in October, we fell in love with the space. It was charming and we immediately envisioned ourselves cooking and entertaining friends in this kitchen that has separate entries to the dining room and living room.

I feel like smaller kitchens get a bad wrap and my former “open concept” loving self, would probably be on my soap box cursing kitchens that are closed off to the dining room, but once we walked in, there was a warmth and sense of family that consumed this place. The house felt like a home and one where we could make many memories together…and of course that begins over a good meal. 😉 READ MORE

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