Kitchen Drawer & Cabinet Tour

Aug 16, 2023 | By New Darlings

Kitchen Organization - Aesthetic Neutral Kitchen

Kitchen Drawer & Cabinet Tour

After renovating a historic home and now building a house from the ground up, I can confidently say that planning your kitchen cabinets and drawer design is very much worth it. I love cooking for my family and baking with my son, so having everything is the right place is key. I love seeing how people organize their home, and the kitchen gets so much action. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to organize your kitchen, look no further. Here’s how we organized every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen. 


Kitchen Organization - Aesthetic Neutral Kitchen

Kitchen Drawer Organization 

We worked closely with the kitchen designers at Affinity Kitchen (a Scottsdale and Tucson, AZ company) to plan out every drawer organization. So these inserts were built into our kitchen design. However, if you’re not starting from scratch, no worries, you can purchase many of these organizers individually. I found some super similar ones below. One of my favorites is the three-tier spice rack organizer. We have this in a drawer next to the stove. One of my favorite organized spaces, is this narrow area we had at the end of the counter – perfect for storing baking items, pans, cutting boards, etc. Here are some great options for your existing kitchen. 

Click below for drawer organizers & more….

Kitchen Drawer Organization

spice drawer - Kitchen Organization - Aesthetic Neutral Kitchen

Kitchen Drawers vs Cabinets

Whenever possible I would choose kitchen drawers over cabinets. I feel like you can utilize the space better and things don’t get loose deep in the back, like they do with cabinets. You can actually see everything! We use these for pots and pans, glasses, and food storage containers. One of the things I love most with drawers is the option to layer them with a more shallow one on top for utensils and then a deeper one for cups or tea towels and oven mitts, as shown above. 

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double drawers in kitchen - Kitchen Organization - Aesthetic Neutral Kitchen

Having a Separate Pantry 

We were fortunate enough to be able to create a walk in pantry/coffee book off the kitchen. This is where our refrigerator is and prep area, along with tall cabinets for food storage and most of our dinnerware. If you have the space and are starting a kitchen design from the very beginning, I definitely think this is something worth considering. It frees up so much space in the kitchen and keeps things looking tidy, especially if you have an open concept living area, like we do. More on that later though! 

Kitchen Cooking Tools & More Favorites

Click below for a roundup of some of my favorite kitchen items featured in the video tour. Aesthetic Kitchen Tools

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  1. Love your kitchen, everything is so organized. Is so true how drawers are so much better than cabinets. Things get hidden in the back; and you have to move or take things out to get to the item you want.

  2. After doing cabinets for 15 years you don’t think I would be shocked on the detail of this kitchen. Very well done all the way around. Storage in kitchen cabinets is the biggest topic when discussing with homeowners on their new kitchen. That pull out spice drawer I can say is my favorite way to organize spices and try to incorporate it in my kitchen designs. this is a well written post to reference, would you mind if I mention this in our post? Please let me know

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