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Desert Home Build: Outdoor Patio Lounge Area

Jun 15, 2023 | By New Darlings

One of the biggest reasons we fell in love with this property in Tucson, was the natural landscape. We’re surrounded by towering saguaros on a hillside which just creates the most peaceful environment. Our mornings outdoors have been one of the sweetest ways to start the day. It’s not too hot yet and we bring our morning tea or coffee out with us while our son plays. It’s been really grounding and sets a calming tone for each day. So, after the long home construction process, we found ourselves yearning to create a serene space that felt like the ultimate getaway without leaving the comfort of our own backyard. That’s when we teamed up with Rejuvenation to embark on a captivating outdoor living room, which embodied the essence of a tranquil oasis amidst the desert landscape.

desert home - southwest architecture - new darlings tucson home

rejuvenation outdoor furniture - summer patio ideas - desert backyardsummer patio ideas - outdoor living - desert backyardIf you’re looking for some patio decorating ideas this summer, keep reading to learn how to achieve the loo with our go-to picks from Rejuvenationoutdoor furniture ideas - summer patio - rejuvenation outdoor furniture

Living in the desert comes with its own unique charm, and we wanted our outdoor oasis to reflect that. We decided to embrace earthy tones and natural textures that effortlessly blend with the surrounding landscape. Opting for warm, neutral colors like sand, terracotta, and golden ochre for our furniture, cushions, and accessories, we found ourselves transported to a place of calmness and serenity.

outdoor sofa - summer patio ideas - natural outdoor furnitureoutdoor sofa - outdoor living space - summer patio ideas - desert patio

Comfortable Seating for Lounging:

Our main goal was to create a space that offered both style and comfort, and Rejuvenation’s outdoor furniture perfectly fit the bill. We fell in love with the Arnold outdoor sofa (currently on sale) that features plush cushions, inviting us to unwind and soak up the summer sun. Although the design is simple and classic in shape, I love the rounded back which gives it a bit of softness and something extra without leaning too trendy. Paired with the coordinating Arnold coffee table adorned with books and rattan coasters ready for beverages, our outdoor patio became the perfect spot for lazy afternoons and sweet conversations together. 

outdoor side table - desert backyard design ideas

Backyard Textiles and Dressing Up an Outdoor Space:

We grounded the whole outdoor living space with a neutral printed rug, which offered a fun pattern without being too loud to keep with the calming vibes. I love the Garnet Flatweave Rug for this space. We kept pillows simple with solids and some tassel details. No outdoor living room is complete without a side table for plants, candles or a beverage. Again, sticking with the soft teak design, we opted for the Mesa Indoor/Outdoor side table next to the sofa and then the Arnold side table opposite which has a square shape. Playing with shapes and sizes within the same material (in this case teak) keeps things interesting and your eye wandering. 

teak outdoor furniture - newdarlings backyard - desert backyard ideasoutdoor planters - terracotta planters

Bringing Life to the Desert:

Contrary to popular belief, deserts can be brimming with greenery and life. Our property is full of cholla cactus, saguaros, brittle bush, creosote, you name it. The list goes on. We decided to embrace this by incorporating native plants that thrive in our region’s unique climate in some beautiful terracotta pottery. The Brice planters are some of my go-tos. We’ve had a mix of the terracotta and white ceramic ones in our old home, so we mix the old ones in with a few new. I also love how the Antique Terracotta Planters look mixed alongside the more modern ones. It’s a nice balance. we have a few floating around other areas of our backyard. Succulents, cacti, and ornamental grasses became our companions, requiring minimal maintenance while adding a touch of natural beauty to our patio.

desert backyard oasis - rejuvenation outdoor furniture - outdoor sofa new darlings tucson home - outdoor patio ideas - summer patio furnituresummer patio ideas - desert home design - outdoor patio

This property is truly such a special place and now this patio has become the go-to spot for special moments. Each morning I step out onto the patio, coffee in hand, barefoot, and just feel a wave of gratitude. Our journey to creating this home and more specifically, creating a little summer oasis in our own backyard has been a fulfilling and inspiring one. There are so many other areas of the property we want to work on and I’m just exploding with ideas as to how we can enjoy this space more as a family and with friends. I hope this offers you some ideas on how to create your own little slice of paradise in your own backyard. 

Get the look below: 



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