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Hello! We are Robert and Christina, the husband and wife behind New Darlings.  For more than twenty years, we called New York home.  We were raised just a few miles apart, met as teenagers, and were married in 2013.  That same year, we moved across the country to our new home in Phoenix, Arizona where we started this blog.  New Darlings started as a creative outlet to document our newly-wed lives here in Phoenix and quickly became a lifestyle journal of our home, travels, and fashion.

It’s been an incredible experience to work side by side, full-time on this blog since 2015.  Our home buying process, the adoption of our rescue pup, Henry, and the places we love to visit have been just a few of the highlights we’ve shared here.

We have always loved taking photos…everywhere and anywhere. One of our favorite memories from back in our dating days, was a weekend we spent driving around Long Island with a little handheld camcorder. Breakfast at the bagel shop, our afternoon at the local park, bundled up BBQing in 20 degree weather just because! Documenting our lives together has always been important to us. It’s given us an excuse to be silly, has inspired us to create, and encouraged us to find beautiful moments in the day to day. Whether it be a vintage inspired shoot we’ve been dreaming up or snapshots from our week, we are grateful for a platform that continuously serves as a source of inspiration for ourselves as well as others.

Thank you for being here, for growing with us, and for following along on our journey.







7 comments on “About Us”

  1. Been following you guys from the very beginning, you guys have inspired me in so many ways! Love your travels adventures, your home, your fashion styles; and all the things you guys have shared on your blog! You guys are amazing! I can’t forget to mention Henry, his so cute!

  2. Just made several attempts to enter POST HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY, no dice. Are you having site issues? Upon hitting post comment it took me to page not found.

  3. Hi,

    Really love reading your blog! I read in one of your posts that your hair is super curly, so I have to ask, how you maintain your bangs? Do you trim them yourself? Do you make frequent trips to the salon to keep up with them? I really want a different look and I’m leaning toward getting bangs myself. Any tips?


  4. Love everything you guys post! Been following your blog since day one! You guys give so many great ideas on home decor, beauty products, places to go, clothing and accessories.
    You guys are so adorable and sweet! Love all your photos! By the way Henry is a cutie!

  5. Hi,

    Where can I purchase the round glass dining table pictured with the cow hide rug? I love the table!

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