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Creating a Desert Home with Sustainability in Mind: Stuga Hardwood Flooring

Jul 10, 2023 | By New Darlings

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Finding the Perfect Flooring for your Home 

If you could believe it we started planning the finishes for our desert home build way before we even were scheduled to break ground. We knew we wanted a mix of materials for the flooring throughout our home to keep things interesting, but nothing too wild that would compete with the beautiful surrounding landscape of the Southwest. We sought out to create an inviting, warm interior while still keeping the design minimal and fresh. Of course whatever material we chose had to stand up to family life. Throughout our interior design planning we discovered Stuga Flooring. Stuga is a Scandinavian hardwood flooring company that harmoniously blends environmentally friendly materials, versatility, and a touch of modern charm, making it the perfect choice for families seeking solace and sustainability.

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Scandinavian Wood Flooring & Sustainable Materials: Walking Hand in Hand with Nature

When we set out on our quest to find the ideal flooring for our new build, Stuga checked all the boxes. Their commitment to sustainability resonated deeply with our core values. Crafted with environmentally friendly materials, Stuga flooring ensures that my family and I can take confident steps towards reducing our carbon footprint. The Swedish factory where Fika is produced is carbon-negative, and their wood waste is used as biofuel (for the factory & town). How cool is that? Knowing that the floor beneath our feet is made from responsibly sourced, renewable materials gives us peace of mind and a sense of connection with the desert that surrounds us.

White Oak Wood Floors

One of the reasons Stuga captured our hearts is the array of finish options they offer. As we embarked on our home renovation project, we yearned for a flooring solution that would seamlessly embrace the beauty of our modern Southwest style. Stuga’s diverse finishes allowed us to conjure visions of both rustic charm and contemporary elegance. With choices ranging from rich, earthy tones reminiscent of the iconic sunset hues, to sleek, cool grays that pay tribute to the serenity of the moonlit desert. We found ourselves debating between a few options.

How to Choose the Right Tone and Finish for Your Wood Flooring

We ended up choosing their Fika flooring and I’m so happy we did. Fika has wide-planks and a soft blonde tone that brightens up the oak’s natural color. It feels warm and rustic, but still fresh and modern. I love the even grain dotted with occasional knots, without being “too knotty”. 😉 Something pretty cool about Stuga flooring is if you ever change your mind, the floors can be refinished twice. So anyone can change the color down the line if they want. If you have kiddos or pets: fear not, they are so easy to maintain with vacuuming and the occasional dry mop. 

Every Step Can be Beautiful: How does Engineered Hardwood Flooring Feel? 

We’re a shoes off kind of house and walking barefoot on the Fika flooring feels like a dance between luxury and nature, a reminder of the simple joys found in the present moment. If you’re working on a home project you have probably googled “what is engineered hardwood?” Basically engineered hardwood floors are layered pieces of wood verses one plank of solid wood. Stuga floors have perfected the engineered construction. As mentioned earlier they don’t use any toxic chemicals or solvents, with only three layers of wood. The floor looks and smells and feels good. It also has a minimal finish which allows you to actually feel the wood underfoot. 

Choosing flooring your home can be one of the biggest design choices and one of the most expensive items in your budget. I’m so happy with the Fika floors and I can’t wait to see how they age over time. I think we definitely got it right! 

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