Pregnancy Safe Skincare Favorites


Not too long ago I shared how I’ve been trying to make the change to natural makeup products. Since getting pregnant, we’ve both been so much more conscious of what cleaning products we use in our home as well as what we put on our bodies. Skincare was one of the first things I switched up when becoming pregnant. Keep reading to to check out all of my pregnancy safe skincare favorites!


Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks Growing Pains


Well it’s been a while since I’ve checked in. We had a ton of travel over the last several weeks, between family celebrations, work events, and conferences, it’s been pretty busy around here. We bounced back and forth from Arizona to New York a bit over the last month all while experiencing some growing pains during my second trimester….


Oliver’s 2nd Birthday: A Bruce Springsteen Themed Party


Oliver’s 2nd Tour: A Bruce Themed Birthday Party Oliver is 2! It was so fun celebrating our little guy.  If you’ve been following along on Instagram with us, you know how much of a Bruce Springsteen fan Oliver is. I still laugh about it – a 2 year old, a Springsteen fan? A few days before Oliver’s birthday, I went … Continue reading “Oliver’s 2nd Birthday: A Bruce Springsteen Themed Party”


Our Family Fall Bucket List


This year I’m putting together a fall bucket list for our family, marking the dates on the calendar and committing to it. I’m not setting the bar too high and we won’t be going on any crazy trips (or probably any trips for that matter), but there are plenty of fun things to do in our own state and in our own home to be excited about. Read on to see what’s on our family fall bucket list.


6 Favorite Family Parks in Arizona


Most of our mornings are spent at the park these days. With a one year old who has grown to have quite a swift stride and yearns for wide open grassy fields to run and explore, packing a lunch and heading to a playground has become one our favorite daily activities.