Thoughts on Journaling, Who Our Parents Were, and Daily Reflections…


Bag | Shoes (Similar) | Jeans | Blouse I’ve been thinking a lot lately about journaling. Blogging and sharing online is definitely journaling in a sense, but typically when we write blog posts its several days after an event or trip and lately I’ve been fearing some of those very real, in the moment feelings … Continue reading “Thoughts on Journaling, Who Our Parents Were, and Daily Reflections…”


Our Patio 2.0


Inspiration image via. Something we’ve talked about a lot over the past few months has been our home renovation. Yes, we are renovating big time over here! Our bedroom is getting an addition that includes more space in the actual bedroom and waaaaay more space for a walk-in closet. Our dining room is expanding too! … Continue reading “Our Patio 2.0”


Our Blog Is 4 Years Old!


Woah, how’d that happen? Our little blog is a 4 year old. Ha! This online journal of ours has taught us a whole lot about ourselves, each other, and this amazing online community. We feel so lucky that we get to run this blog together, be partners, and share our story with you.


Weekend Links: 49


Helloooo weekend! Hope you guys are having a good one so far. We’ve been chipping away at our long to-do list over here. With our home renovation set to begin next month, we have a lot of work to do. Something we will be doing this time around is re-finishing our floors which means…everything must … Continue reading “Weekend Links: 49”