Our Blog Is 4 Years Old!

Jul 05, 2018 | By Robert

Woah, how’d that happen? Our little blog is a 4 year old. Ha! This online journal of ours has taught us a whole lot about ourselves, each other, and this amazing online community. We feel so lucky that we get to run this blog together, be partners, and share our story with you.

(photo from our first blog post back in 2014 ^^)

(^^we look like babies! love these photos from a shoot back in NYC)

This blog has clearly changed since our early days. It started with mostly fashion posts with our desert backdrop, and has blossomed into our very personal story from our first apartment, our home buying process, world travels, and most intimately, our marriage.

(^^ from our Mediterranean Cruise to Rome in 2016!)

(^^ celebrating our five year wedding anniversary in Paris!)

We often get asked where we see ourselves in five years as bloggers, and the answer is always… continuing to share our story that will inevitably twist and turn and change who we are as people, with our readers. If you told us 4 years ago when we launched this blog that we would be renovating our very own 1930s Tudor, we’d first cry tears of joy, but be completely shocked at the idea of that. Four years ago, we were still newlyweds just barely living in Phoenix and had no idea where things might end up, so we’re clearly so very excited with how things have turned out, and it makes us even more thrilled for the next four years for us and this blog.

(from weekends at home in our first apartment ^^)

(one of our first Flagstaff trips ^^ again, babies! this was 2014)

(another trip up North in 2016!)

(the week we moved into our first house! ^^)

In the upcoming months, after our home renovations are finally complete (does that ever happen?), we’re excited to get back into our home, and dive into our lives more personally on here. We’re creating a home that is truly our own and a special space to grow into and share with you. Thank you guys for following along and keeping this fun for us. Cheers!

9 comments on “Our Blog Is 4 Years Old!”

  1. I’ve been following along since early 2016 and it’s been such a joy to watch how far you’ve come since then! Thank you for continuing to share your lives with us, I really enjoy reading about your life experiences 🙂

  2. So, so, so happy for you guys! Crazy that it has been four years already! I’ve followed from the very beginning and it’s always so exciting to see fellow creatives building the life of their dreams. Can’t wait to continue following your journey. Maybe 2019 will be the year we finally get to meet! 😆

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