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Jun 29, 2014 | By New Darlings






After months of planning, designing and collaborating, we are happy to share and welcome you to!  When we moved to Arizona last July, we turned to Instagram to share our new adventure with our family and friends. We were overwhelmed with the love and support we received in such a short time.  Many of you have become our new friends and partners and for that we couldn’t be more grateful.

We’re so happy to share our blog with you and give you a peek into our daily lives. Take a look around, follow along, and share your thoughts.  There are so many good things to come!

We are extremely excited to kick things off with our recent collaboration with Minnetonka.  We had a blast styling these beautiful, handmade moccasins with our picnic in the desert.  Minnetonka has generously offered to gift two lucky winners their choice of any pair of moccasins from the Minnetonka Moccasin website.

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: To enter you must be a resident of the U.S.  Leave a comment below with your email and which pair of moccasins you would choose. Additional entries will go to those who share on other social media outlets.  Voting officially ends on Saturday, July 5th and the winner will be announced on Sunday, July 6th. Good luck!

His: Banana Republic button-down, Levi’s jeans, shoes c/o Minnetonka Moccasins, Ray-Ban sunglasses
Hers: Free People tank, Gap jeans, shoes c/o Minnetonka Moccasins, Free People sunglasses

Photographs taken by: Jaci Marie Smith


138 comments on “Welcome + Minnetonka Giveaway”

    1. Christina- love seeing you and your hubby collaborating on this with Minnetonka! So exciting!!! I love me some Minnetonka ankle booties- so I gotta go with the classic fringe bootie with a hard sole!

      Forget next stop home office- more like next stop, the world!!

  1. Congratulations of this gorgeous site you two! I’m looking forward to reading about all of your adventures with the love of your life! (And in Phoenix too! Where I’m born,raised and currently living myself) 🙂 I’ve loved following you guys on Instagram and think you are both telling such beautiful story of love.
    As far as moccasins go (such a fun giveaway!) I have had my eyes on the “deerskin soft-t” moccs in white 🙂 style #64 (size 7.5)

    Best wishes- Julianne Marie

  2. Lovely site!! I would go with the “Calf Hi 3-Layer Fringe Boot” in dusty bown!

    Kristin (

  3. I love the black kilty unbeaded mocs!!! They look like they would probably never leave my feet!

  4. Congrats on your website! I’ve loved following you on instagram and seeing you two enjoying life together- as marriage should be. I’d love to win the pair that Christina is wearing! Best!

  5. I love your instagram and am so excited for you new website! 🙂

    I really like the thunderbird 2 mocs!

  6. Yaaaaay congratulations!!!! I was the first to follow on bloglovin because I absolutely adore everything you guys do!!!! I’m always fangirling!!! I adore the shoes you have on in the picture! Size 7!!! Praying for you guys success!!!!

  7. Congrats on your site! So excited for you two!! I’ve been enjoying all your Instagram posts + am looking forward to your blog posts!

    My favorite mocs are the Thunderbird II in Taupe!

  8. I’m so excited about your new website! It looks great already. I’ve always wanted a pair of the suede ankle boots in brown. Congrats on your new adventure!

  9. You two have got to be the cutest couple out there. Seriously, I cannot get over how perfect you two are. If I ever come out west to AZ (which is more than likely), I would love to meet up and create some images with you two! You two are truly darling. Congratulations on the gorgeous new site! Excited to see what the future holds in store for you two.

    Now, as for those moccasins, I’m in love with the hi top back zip boot in dusty brown. { christina… i actually have the mocs that you’re wearing in this shoot. i like your taste 🙂 }
    My email is

    much, much love to you both xx

  10. Hello! LOVE the new site! I can’t wait to see all your photos – I love following you on Instagram! I am always so inspired by you both.
    I would choose the Thunderbird 2 Mocs in White.

    Best wishes!
    Elle (elleirene)

  11. So awesome, congratulations on the new site! Looking forward to following you two on here. And thanks for the giveaway – I’ve actually been eyeing Minnetonka’s “Moosehide Fringed Kilty” mocs in Natural (style #390). Love!

  12. Congrats on the new site, guys! I cannot wait to see what new + exciting things happen here! 🙂

    Awe, the thunderbirds are so cute! I have been looking to invest in a good quality pair of moccasins for some time now.

  13. Love the new site, will definitely be following along! I would have to choose the calf hi 3-layer fringe boot.

  14. New Darlings great Blog, great photos. Also, Robert, great ink. 🙂 To add to my collection, I would choose the Thunderbird II, color taupe.

  15. Hello! My name is Candice 🙂 My email address is and I would choose the Moosehide Fringed Kilty mocs! A friend of mine has had that exact pair for years and loves them. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  16. Gorgeous photos! I love my Thunderbird II mocs, easily one of my most comfortable and loved pairs of shoes! If I won I think I would go with the fringed mocs in brown for a little different style.

  17. First of all – I really like your website.

    Second – I would totally get the Calf Hi 3-Layer Fringe Boot in Dusty Brown. I love Minnetonka!

    Email: andralauren [at] gmail [dot] com

  18. Oh, how does one choose?! I think I love the fabulous THUNDERBIRD II Moccs~ in Taupe, Nectarine OR Lime Green! Can’t decide which. 🙂 I love that I stumbled across ‘newdarlings’ on Instagram. I’m a new fan, for sure! Beautiful couple, beautiful vision. What a neat-o Giveaway! Thank you for sharing. *fingers and toes crossed*

  19. Page bookmarked! I can’t wait to see what is next.

    THUNDERBIRD II just like yours! Super cute.

  20. Thanks for sharing your blog with us! I love it! I hope you two are enjoying Arizona too! (:


    If possible, the moosehide fringed kilty in natural (#390)

  21. I adore you guys! I love the el paso ankle bootie in taupe. I would love to frolic around and adventure in them!

  22. My cat literally ate my last pair of Minnetonkas so I’ve been needing a new pair (that I will keep out if his reach).

    I love the women’s brown suede summer skimmer moc. (Size 8)

  23. I’m so glad to have found y’all on instagram and I’m in love with the site! I would choose the fringe boots! Love it!

  24. Congratulations on the blog and on the collaboration with Minnetonka Moccasins. They truly are a good company. I also want to say that your photos are stunning and I love looking at them. I wish the best for you two in the future.

    Mark W

    Classic Fringe Boot Softsole (men’s) size 10

  25. I would definitely choose the El Paso Ankle Boots in taupe.

    I am in love with the styling of this shoot. So wonderful.

  26. KILTY DRIVING MOC in White or the KILTY SUEDE MOC HARDSOLE in Dusty Brown! so perfect for wearing with anything!
    i LOVE your blog and insta, it makes my heart melt 🙂

  27. I was planning on picking up some brown feather mocs from them! I have had a pair of their moc slippers for 6 years and absolutely love their styles. You two are the sweetest, most darling individuals with so much love it’s contagious! Fantastic site, by the way!

  28. I have a pair of their soft sole mocs, which are the best. It would be great to have the Chrissy bootie! I know they are a slipper but nobody said they’re for house wearing only!

  29. Yay for the new site! Totally loving it! I’ve been following you two cuties on instagram, I hope to find a love that sweet one day 😉
    Bandera boot in dusty brown

  30. You two are too cute to handle, oh my goodness. I can’t tell you how excited I am about! I’ve been keeping up with your super great adventures through Instagram. This is just one more place to enjoy you! Looking forward to more of your posts. :*)

    Oh, I should probably say which pair of moccasins I would choose, because, who doesn’t love a great pair of moccasins and a great giveaway? I would probably choose the classic fringe hard sole boot! It’s so simple and can be paired with almost anything, and they are so dang comfortable.

  31. Hello u guys! This is so fun! I’d pic the El Paso mocks or the laced knee high boots. Xo, Jamie @miss_jamiemarie

  32. Hi! I’m an editor and photographer at Popular Science. In the process of covering global health, environmental policy, and international relations, I’ve traveled to odd corners of the world, from the Russian church in Bellingshausen Station, Antarctica to a circus school for orphans in the Cambodian mountains. My most recent project involved covering the social uprisings in Venezuela … so I’m always looking for comfortable shoes that are both stylish and practical enough to take me from city streets to conflict zones. I’d love a pair of Minnetonka El Paso Ankle booties to take on my travels!

  33. Cute site! As a city-dweller with a country heart, it’s inspiring and fun to see your photos!

    And mocs? Yes please! I’d choose the classic fringe boot hardsole.

  34. I just came across your Instagram today and your pictures are beautiful. Now I can’t wait to read your blog! I have never owned a pair of Minnetonka’s, but I love the classic fringe boot. The ones you are wearing in the picture as you dance with your husband is just darling!!

    All the best,

    Leticia Joy

  35. I would love the BEADED KILTY MOC in the sand color, I’m in love with the beading on this moccasin ❤️

  36. you two are adorable & I am so excited to be following your new site! so much love & inspiration. I absolutely love the canvas mocs in natural. they look comfy & cute! perfect for long walks in Chicago. 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!!

  37. I can’t stand the cuteness of your Instagram. I love keeping up with your adventures in Phoenix!
    Thank you for always posting fabulous pictures of the beautiful Christina, and adorable pictures of handsome Robert always admiring her. Your love story is a pleasure to see.
    I hope the best for you in the years to come.

    My favorite are the classic fringed boots!!

  38. I love the fringe ankle booties with the hard sole! Minnetonkas are a favorite! Adorable photos too!! <3

  39. I would love the Thunderbird 2 in either black or brown!
    Good luck everyone!

    P.s. Loving the new blog!

  40. The Bandera boot would be the absolute PERFECT sidekick on all my adventures shooting looks for my blog, Restless Nomads! (

    My email is sarakohler@ymail and Instagram is @aftrhours. Thank you for this amazing giveaway, love Minnetonka so much!

  41. This Minnesota girl would love some Minnetonka suede ankle boots. Loving your website, New Darlings! (

  42. I would’ve live the mens classicmoc in taupe:) LOVE the new website, been itching for one to come out!

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