De-stressing in the Desert

Apr 02, 2018 | By Christina

Quite often lately, I feel like I’m running. Not that kind of get in a good sweat type of run, more like I’m having trouble finding those calm, settled moments. I find myself up at night with my mind racing in a million directions, where it feels like those NYC maps that they have at each subway showing you which line to take. There’s the “normal” things…did I set the alarm, start the dishwasher, reply to that email. Then there’s everything else…
We’re gearing up for some home renovations, which will keep us out of our place for six months…yes, you read that right, six months. I know its a small price to pay for having things more personalized which is a huge blessing and something we’re extremely thankful for, but its giving me a bit of anxiety to tell ya the truth. I’m a planner…always have been, always will be, and even though we’re planning all of this it still feels a little crazy…exciting, but crazy. Ha! We also have some trips coming up which are really special, but after back to back trips with our families, I’m really enjoying being home surrounded by the things we love here in Phoenix.

To get me out of my funk and out of my head, Rob suggested we take a drive and catch the sunset over South Mountain. We used to always hang out there when we first moved to Arizona, so it was a nice way to unwind listen to some tunes on the drive over and just be silly. It’s been a while since we hung out there and at that moment nothing made me happier than throwing on some athletic wear, (I mean who doesn’t love leggings and comfy tops?!) and roaming around the desert. I’ve been into those pink hues lately and this zip up layering piece from REI’s Co-Op line is great for those desert evenings with a light jacket. Of course, we had to twin so Rob opted for a long sleeve tee and vest. Soft clothes that you can move in are always a win around here, which made me realize I should probably share more of my favorite casual pieces for outdoors.

His: Top | Vest | Watch | Jeans
Hers: Top | Jacket | Leggings | Sneakers | Sunglasses

Anyway, an evening outdoors was just what the doctor ordered and allowed me to clear my mind for a bit. It’s so funny the pressures we put on ourselves. How do you guys deal with stress and feeling overwhelmed? Does being outdoors help you or are sweets more your thing? I wouldn’t be opposed to a few cookies right now, myself. 😉

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