Oliver’s 8 + 9 Month Update!

Apr 17, 2020 | By Christina

9 Month Baby MilestonesThe days are flying by and now that we’ve been in quarantine for more than a month, it really feels like the days are gone in the blink of an eye. I feel like as Oliver gets older these monthly updates are really going to get more spread out, because I can’t keep track of the days anymore. Oliver will be 10 months old in less than ten days – I can’t think about it too long or I get upset. I finally put together Oliver’s 8 and 9 month update. Over the weeks I jot down little notes on my phone about what he’s enjoying, funny little things he’s been doing, or even tough moments.

8 Month Baby MilestonesI’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve always wondered what this season of life was like for my mom with me and my two sisters, so maybe one day Oliver will be curious about this time too and these little updates will be fun for him to look back on. His first birthday is just around the corner…do I start planning something? A themed zoom party perhaps? Hm…Anyway, here’s a little update on Oliver at 8 and 9 months old.

Baby Bonnet Outfit9 Month Baby Milestones

Independent Play at 8 and 9 Months Old

If you missed my morning routine post, click here for a look into our mornings. Oliver is really getting the independent play down these days. The stints aren’t long, but we have a little shelf system in his bedroom with a few toys we rotate every other week, and that is his favorite thing to do in the morning after his bottle. I guide him with certain activities, but for the most part, he enjoys exploring what’s on his shelf. We’re still loving Monti Kids for different curriculum based materials for various skill levels. I shared about it a little on instagram a while back. It’s really exciting to see him challenge himself and try different activities over and over until he masters a skill.

Mama and Baby Desert Photos

Going Out at 8 + 9 Months

Oliver used to be super social but now with social distancing in place (we haven’t gone out since March 11th), it’s hard to tell how this will affect his personality when we’re able to go out again. I feel like he was just reaching his baby prime with restaurant going and meals out, so hopefully he’s still okay with it all when we’re in the clear again. It seems like he misses some human interaction and chatting up a storm with people (other than us) because if anyone passes the house, he bangs on the window and starts to babble very loudly. Sometimes I’m afraid he’s going to hit his head because he gets his face so close to the glass to see who’s out there.

Mama and Baby Desert Photos

Around this age is when some babies start to get shy out in public. It makes us so sad sometimes thinking about how this will affect him (and other kids) in the long run…how not seeing other people will affect their growth and development.

Teething at 9 Months

Oliver still just has his bottom two teeth, but the two top ones are going to pop down any minute. I’m going to crack up when he has all four front teeth. Oh my gosh, he’ll look like a big kid soon. I feel like it hasn’t been as bad as when his bottom teeth came in. He’s definitely not as fussy which is a win for sure!

9 Month Baby Milestones


Oliver just started crawling this week! I think he still prefers to pull himself up on the chair or coffee table to stand, but it’s been so exciting to watch him reach this milestone. He’s been shimmying all over and wiggling for a while, but seeing him begin to crawl has been more than I ever thought it would be. My heart just felt like it was going to burst. You could see on his face how proud he was and well.. I might have shed a few tears.

9 Month Baby Milestones

Other Fun Stuff + Skills at 9 Months Old

He has started pointing…at everything! His little index finger is the cutest thing and he loves having E.T. moments while we’re at the dinner table, where we join our pointer fingers together. Hah! He still loves clapping and has starting waving “hi” when we see each other from across the room. It’s not very consistent though. Every now and then he loves grabbing his feet while on his back and smacking them together — he thinks its funny and we do too. One of my favorite things that he’s started doing is “feeding his baby”. He has a knit lion doll that he feeds with a toy bottle and my heart just melts. It’s wild that he understands when I say “how do you feed your baby?”. That also means when he’s done with his bottle, he tries to feed me his bottle. We all get a good laugh out of it and it’s really heartwarming seeing his personality develop with a little sense of humor. Apparently ears are a thing too! Loves to move my hair and point to my ear. Which brings me to vocabulary…

Dad and Baby Photos

Vocabulary at 9 Months Old

Over the last few months Oliver’s vocabulary has definitely grown and he is able to identify things when we ask about them. He isn’t saying any of these words, but he can identify things when we ask him where they are, like: trees, the fan, swing, his doll we call “mouse”, his baby book, ear, nose, tongue (he loves to show us his tongue), water cup, his books, blocks, beans (kid loves to eat beans)…the list goes on but those are his favorites lately. He’s still babbling mama and dada and I think now says mama with intention. He also says “stttt sttt” for the star above his crib.

Overall he’s the happiest little guy and even when we’re so exhausted he brings us so much joy! Every night after dinner we have a little dance party in the living room. I lift up my hand and say, “do you want to dance?” and he takes my hand with the biggest smile. He’s definitely going to be one fun kid to hang out with as he grows.

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3 comments on “Oliver’s 8 + 9 Month Update!”

  1. My son is 8 months old and I’ve also been wondering how all this social isolation is going to affect his development. Like Oliver, he was starting to be so much more social just before this all happened. We try to zoom with some of his little friends and he definitely reacts to seeing them on the screen but it just isn’t the same as hanging out in real life. Thanks for sharing these updates!

    1. Ah you’re not alone Marisa. Thank you so much for sharing. Completely agree the zoom and FaceTime chats aren’t the same. My sister will actually come visit sometimes and we’ll just wave through the window. Oliver gets a kick out of it. 🙂

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