Oliver: 4 Months Old!

Nov 12, 2019 | By New Darlings

Oliver is almost 4.5 months old so it was about time I did his four month update, because before I know it, month 5 will be here.

4 Months Old and Wanting to Stand

I feel like he’s grown so much during the last month and I think it’s easily been my favorite month so far. He has so much more personality these days: always giggling, trying to chat with everyone when we’re out and constantly trying to stand on his own. When we hold him up and he balances on my belly or really any surface he gets the most proud look on his face. I think it’s safe to say that’s his new favorite thing. We bought a walker a week or so ago because our arms were getting pretty sore holding him up, trying to stand all the time. He seems to really like it so far and that has become his new morning spot. While Rob and I have coffee he plays with his squish toy and pushes himself forwards and backwards a few steps. Little by little he’s getting the hang of the walker. It’s going to be wild when he gains some speed in that thing, ha!

New Darlings 4 Months Old Baby Update


Oliver is still loving diaper changes. He gets a kick out of us telling him “Oliver’s going to get a clean bum bum”, right before we change him. We’ll keep saying it as long as we get those smiles out of him, no matter how ridiculous we sound. Like I said, he’s been loving trying to stand and really anything that makes him feel independent. It’s kind of wild. At the same time, he loves our attention and being around us…”part of the group” as I like to say. It feels like he’s always trying to be part of the conversation when we’re out with people. I think his new favorite way to be held is up high on my shoulder. He’s become such a little cuddle bug, even more than usual these days and I’m all about it.


I think we might be in the clear with the reflux stage. Or at least we hope so. He takes his bottles like a champ these days and we get a kick out of everyone who says “it doesn’t look like he’s missed a meal”, when we’re out. Little do they know this kid is still in the 9th percentile (but has always been on the smaller end and our doc isn’t worried), and there was time he was refusing to eat. He downs his bottles in about ten minutes these days and spit up is down to a minimum. I think eating issues, whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding can be some of the toughest when becoming a new parent. It’s so hard to see them in pain and unhappy. I’ve gotten a lot of DMs from you guys talking about how your baby is going through something similar. You’re not alone. Join a FB group, chat with friends, continue to DM and comment…I will share the best I can because there is nothing more defeating than this feeling. It will pass and you will find a solution that works for you. Thickening Oliver’s formula and changing bottles seemed to have done the trick for us. We’re looking forward to introducing solids in the next month.

4 Month Old Baby Update

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The 4 Month Sleep Regression

Not much has changed in Oliver’s sleep schedule since three months. We’re still going strong with the SNOO (you could read about our experience with it HERE) and we were planning to transition him into the crib after the holidays, but I think the 4 month sleep regression is officially here. We figured we’d make it past all of the craziness before starting the transition, but this little guy has ditched his long sleep stretches the last week and is up chatting and blowing raspberries at all hours, until he gets frustrated and then looks for the pacifier. Rob and I have been chatting about going cold turkey and going straight to the crib. We’re thinking we’re up with him anyway, so we might as well just go with it. We’ll see. Anyone have anything to share about the crib transition? We’re all ears!!


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10 comments on “Oliver: 4 Months Old!”

  1. So fun! Would love to know which walker you guys got him. My little guy also loves to stand! Also, which formula is he taking? He is to cute!!!

  2. Hi! Your little babe is so cute. We also had the SNOO and loved it! I would say don’t rush the transition. We had our little man in there until about 6.5 months. I’m sure you know about how the SNOO has functions that ease the transition. We got our boy to sleep in it without the rocking before we felt comfortable putting him in the crib. Good luck! 🙂

  3. My husband and I decided to transition our baby girl in the crib when she was about 5 months and she did great! Hopefully it’ll be the same outcome with your litto baby boy!

  4. Our little guy is 4.5 months as well ! He actually always hated his bassinet and preferred the crib! With the regression they want to wake and feel comforted and have familiar surroundings so mimicking their surroundings as much as you can with white noise, any lights or fans in your bedroom so when he wakes he feels like he’s in the same safe place!

  5. Hi!

    How did you cope with the sleep regression in the 4th month? I remember you mentioned in your I.G story that you cut his naps short. Any other tips? My girl turns 4 months next month, I’m trying to be as prepared as I can! Appreciate any tips 🙂


  6. Curious to know which GI specialist you guys took Oliver to? We live in Phx and our little guy (also named Oliver!) is having some issues with reflux too.

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