Oliver: 3 Months Old!

Sep 28, 2019 | By Christina

3 Month Old Update3 Month Baby UpdateOliver is 3 MONTHS OLD! The months are flying by! I mention this a lot on instagram, but it blows my mind how the days can feel so long, yet so fast at the time. Oliver is growing into such a sweet boy. I’m sure every parent says that and is in complete awe of their children, but I’m really surprised at how much he’s grown and how his personality is beginning to shine through. We have morning chats over breakfast while he’s in his infant highchair, next to Rob and me, while he plays with his little panda pal we named Pierre. 😉 He speaks (okay, he coos) so softly to us. I hope this demeanor continues as he grows.

New Darlings Baby Photos 3 Month Baby UpdateACID REFLUX

I think the last month has been the most challenging for us since he’s been born. Right before his two month check up, Oliver started experiencing some reflux symptoms that has made feeding feel like a real Olympic event. After a lot of tears (for the both of us) and squirming through feedings, we met with a GI doctor. She was the first doctor that didn’t make us feel crazy for how we were feeling when we explained his symptoms and she suggested some ways we can carefully thicken his bottles to make him more comfortable. We just started introducing some of the things she suggested, so no true updates to report yet, but we have high hopes it will help with his back arching and make him excited to eat again. It’s been so strange because once we work through the fussiness while eating and he calms down, he’s back to his happy self almost like nothing ever happened. I know typically with reflux babies it could last between feedings also, but thank goodness he seems to be content afterwards. He’s still a happy spitter during his awake time and will continue to play, so go figure.

Baby Photo Ideas

We postponed our trip to Portland in the midst of all this reflux stuff. We just want to make sure he’s comfortable and not put him through any unneeded stress with travel and such until we have things a bit more nailed down for him. Thankfully the weather is cooling down here in Phoenix, so we’ve been able to go for walks outside and be in the yard a lot more, which he loves!


Ironically he’s sleeping really well through this reflux nonsense. Thankfully he’s gaining weight just fine so our doctor said there’s no reason to wake him up if he’s not waking up on his own. Some nights he sleeps through till the morning (he just started doing this) and other nights he’ll wake up around 5am for a small feed. We kind of just go based off of him. I feel like that is the best advice I’ve been given throughout this transition into motherhood: let him lead you. Of course we have a schedule that we stick with, he definitely is a prompt baby, but we don’t let the schedule get the best of us. Sometimes if we’re out and about his schedule could fluctuate anywhere from 15-30 minutes. He usually rolls with it and we adjust his naps accordingly. For now we’re enjoying these long stretches of sleep and are hoping somehow we miss the 4 month sleep regression, but we know that’s probably unlikely. Ha! I’m going to share more about his daily schedule soon, so keep an eye out for that post!

New Darlings 3 Month Baby UpdateMom and Baby Photo IdeasOLIVER LOVES…

It’s funny how things change so quickly. Remember this post? Well Oliver now loves baths, and even doesn’t mind getting into jammies after. Ha! Woo! No more post bath time crying. Somehow this kid loves diaper changes and the little hanging plant above his changing table. Car rides, dancing to Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift, and blowing kisses are some things he enjoys. He’s been so fun to be around these days and loves sitting in our arms looking out. He’s such a social butterfly. He also just started laughing the day after he turned 3 months! We were waiting so long for this! Up until this point he only laughed in his sleep, so we knew he had it in him. Rob was playing with him on the couch and moving the blanket up and down and he just started giggling, It’s now our new favorite thing. Could you blame us?

New Darlings Baby Photos 3 Month Baby Update


We’re getting a little better at tummy time, but it’s still not his fav. I can’t wait for him to hold up his head and just hang out on his belly without getting upset. I keep trying to tell him how much he’s going to love it, but I don’t think he believes me just yet. He’s also not a fan of burping during feeding. He prefers to eat all the way through until he can’t anymore, which we all know isn’t the best. Once he finally lets it out, he’s a happy camper, but I guess we have a stubborn (maybe “strong willed”?) little peanut on our hands. 😉

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  1. Hello! you have such an amazing family! I love seeing your monthly updates as it reminds me of my little one when he was three months. Now he is moving onto 7!

    Also was wondering what Font you use for your “New Darlings” Logo? I am loving it!

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