Editing On the Go: 6 Photo Apps We Can’t Live Without


With always being on the go, we have grown to rely on a few photo editing apps to get the job done when we’re away from our computers.  We don’t use all of these on a daily basis (or all together), but they definitely come in handy while traveling and each have some pretty great tools for DSLR and iPhone images.

Check out our top 6 photo apps we can’t live without, below…


Weekend Links: 55


His: Shirt (similar) | Jeans Hers: Vintage Shirt (similar) | Jeans | Glasses (similar) Hey weekend! Thought you’d never show up 😉 We’ve been working in double time over here as we’ll be heading out of town next weekend. We’re setting sail on our fourth Princess cruise with some of our favorite people. More on … Continue reading “Weekend Links: 55”


Our Blog Is 4 Years Old!


Woah, how’d that happen? Our little blog is a 4 year old. Ha! This online journal of ours has taught us a whole lot about ourselves, each other, and this amazing online community. We feel so lucky that we get to run this blog together, be partners, and share our story with you.


Gift Ideas for Him & Her Under $50


Sometimes it feels like it can be impossible for budget friendly gifts to have a big wow factor and feel special. I often think of Christmas with the Kranks when the holiday season rolls around and the talk about gift giving begins. If you’re not familiar with the movie, Tim Allen says they spent over $6,000 last year on Christmas and he’s going to boycott the holiday and go on a cruise. Ha! Well, you don’t need to go to such drastic measures to have a happy holiday season and still treat those you love.