Editing On the Go: 6 Photo Apps We Can’t Live Without

Sep 24, 2018 | By New Darlings

His: Denim Jacket | T-shirt | Pants | Sneakers
Hers: Blouse (similar) | Pants | Sneakers (similar and similar) | Bag (similar)

With always being on the go, we have grown to rely on a few photo editing apps to get the job done when we’re away from our computers.  We don’t use all of these on a daily basis (or all together), but they definitely come in handy while traveling and each have some pretty great tools for DSLR and iPhone images.

Check out our top 6 photo apps we can’t live without, below…

You’re probably like, duh…who doesn’t use VSCO? This is the app we typically edit with the most and the one we started with back in the day. Some favorite presets are M5, A6, and C5 and then we’ll adjust exposure, saturation, tone and temperature from there. It’s the most familiar and simple to use, while still making a big impact to images.

I love this app for so many reasons, but mostly for being able to edit video (woot woot!) and highlights/shadows so precisely on there. Being able to layer presets is also another game changer. We make our own “recipe” and then apply it to new images and tweak from there. There are also so many whimsical filters and light leaks you could add to your photos for a magical feel.

We edit most of our blog photos on the Lightroom Desktop program with the VSCO desktop preset packs, but the Lightroom app is great for applying custom presets, editing each color in an image and syncing everything up with your desktop settings so you don’t skip a beat while on the go. It’s nice to have a bit more control with this app and get a little more detailed with removing unwanted parts of an image, adjusting colors, etc.

We use this daily to schedule posts and plan some imagery for our feed. I go through phases where I just want to post on the fly and in the moment. Then other times I love planning things out and putting together an aesthetically pleasing feed, so this is a good app to organize all the images I want to share and have some fun creatively.

Snapseed has a lot of the same photo editing capabilities as the other apps mentioned above all rolled into one. I like how neatly the app is laid out too, very user friendly. The app reminds me a bit of Photoshop (desktop version, we’re not fans of the Photoshop app) which was the first photo editing program I learned to use, so I definitely gravitate towards this one. I love their portrait mode capabilities as well, sometimes one click is all it takes. 🙂

This app is the easiest we’ve found for creating engaging IG stories on the go. When planning blog content or specific posts we want to share on IG stories ahead of time, we create multiple frames on our computers via Photoshop with the same fonts and color ways from our blog theme, but that’s not always possible. So when we’re on the go or want to create something quickly, Unfold is our go-to. You’re a bit limited with text options, but everything always looks a more professional and neat after being put through the app.

Do you guys have any favorite apps?
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