Weekend Links: 41

| By New Darlings

Hey guys! Welcome to the last weekend of the year before things get insaaaane.  Yes, …

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A Picnic in November

| By New Darlings

I’ll take any excuse to be outside these days. With the holiday craze just around the corner, well let’s be honest: it really has already begun, I feel my mind getting a little wonky and find myself craving the fresh air and outdoors…

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Finding Balance While Traveling

| By New Darlings

Oh L.A., we love ya, but you make us want to lay in a big bed, order room service, and zone out while watching TV.  I don’t know what it is about Los Angeles that leaves us feeling so drained.  It’s quite possibly the fact that it takes us an hour to get anywhere we’re going (hello traffic!), but we find ourselves at the end of each day just wanting to…

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To Beret or Not to Beret

| By Christina

I finally gave into the whole beret trend. I was never against it...quite the opposite actually, but I just had a hard time busting it out of my closet after so many fond years of the beret and my American Girl doll. Yes, my American Girl doll. The beret is such an ironic (and iconic) …

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Caravan Outpost with Aether

| By New Darlings

The longer we live out west the more beauty we seem to find in it. Last week we took a trip out to Ojai, California and were mesmerized by the beauty of the city. We were invited out to the Caravan Outpost by the Aether Apparel team and we are so happy we went! We …

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