December 4, 2016 |

Brands I Love: Sézane

New Darlings - Minimal Classic FashionSézane sweater and shoes | Madewell denim | Coach bag | Esteé Lauder lipstick in “Defiant Coral”
New Darlings - Minimal Classic Fashion

A few months back I came across the French fashion brand, Sézane. I guess I was in a bit of style rut, and their clean, classic pieces really spoke to me. I say this often, but I feel like we’re always going through our closets and donating items we no longer use, sharing with family and friends, and minimizing what we actually hold on to. When moving into this house, we knew we weren’t going to have a lot of closet space. Most (if not all) homes from the 30’s didn’t have big closets, it was just a different way of living, so were really selective about what items we packed up to bring to the new place.

Sézane’s pieces are some of my favorite because of their versatility.  They feel timeless, and it’s really refreshing to see classic, modest pieces that are cut so well and so flattering.

Here are a few of my currents favorites below. I’ve been wearing the Valentina strapped pumps every chance I get lately. 🙂

What are some of your favorite fashion brands?

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November 30, 2016 |

What’s Your Casual?

New Darlings - Fall style with Hush PuppiesNew Darlings - Fall style with Hush PuppiesNew Darlings - Fall style with Hush PuppiesNew Darlings - Fall style with Hush PuppiesNew Darlings - Fall style with Hush Puppies

How’s everyone’s week going? We are still buried in boxes over here, but are excited to share some photos we snapped last weekend along with another one of our favorite local spots: Desoto Central Market. We don’t visit as often as we may like, but stopped in recently and now we can’t get enough of their avocado toast and warm drinks on the chilly mornings we’ve been having. We were so excited to see the market decked out with all their holiday decor, lights strung everywhere, a twinkling tree by the window and the cutest wreath above the coffee bar.

New Darlings - Fall style with Hush Puppies

His: Levi’s jacket | Urban Outfitters shirt | ASOS jeans | Hush Puppies boots
Hers: Yellow 108 hat | COH jeans | Hush Puppies boots | Coach bag | Sezané sweater

New Darlings - Fall style with Hush Puppies

We kept things casual in denim and matching boots from Hush Puppies. It feels like we always indulge in adding a few new things to our wardrobes during the colder months.  Not sure about you guys, but we’re definitely more partial to fall/winter style. Hush Puppies is a company that has been very familiar to me growing up. My mom would always surprise me and my sisters with a new pair of Mary-Janes for the holidays (paired with tights and matching dresses of course), so it’s fun to rediscover a brand later in life and see how styles have evolved. Our casual style is a mix of classic and comfort.  Jeans with a bit of stretch, cozy knits, and a classic denim jacket have been our autumn favorites these days. It’s always nice to complete a look with a pair of quality boots. The Roland Jester for him and Melodi Langdon for her, were so comfy for running errands afterwards and making a dent in some of our holiday shopping.

New Darlings - Fall style with Hush PuppiesNew Darlings - Fall style with Hush PuppiesNew Darlings - Fall style with Hush PuppiesNew Darlings - Fall style with Hush Puppies

What’s your casual or go-to uniform for running around town? Share them with us below!

November 28, 2016 |

12 Years Together

New Darlings - Fall Florals and Anniversary MemoriesThis post has been sponsored by State Farm®.

The other night I found myself taking a trip down memory lane. I couldn’t fall asleep, still nursing this cold that is lingering from Grand Rapids, just laying in bed staring up at the ceiling, trying not to wake Rob up with multiple sneezes and tissue tantrums. I found my way to the corner of the bedroom, with a pile of books and photo albums that lingered in an open box, still sitting there from our housing debacle. (We’re so happy it all worked out! Read more about it here.) Anyway, I found my way to a box of old photos and cards from our dating days. It’s really hard to believe that this month marks twelve years since we started dating and began calling each other “boyfriend and girlfriend”. I still remember how giddy I felt when saying, “My boyfriend…” and then “My husband…” to people. It’s hard to believe we have spent over a decade together. There are so many little changes that happen every day…the obvious ones, like random gray hairs that pop up and the little lines around our eyes that appear. Then there’s the not so noticeable ones that you don’t even realize, until you stop and think about them…like how you get used to how one whistles through the house after a nice long shower, and you immediately smile, or maybe the whistling annoys the heck out of you that day and you shoot a frustrated look across the room without even thinking. There’s the deep breaths and body language you can quickly identify when the other is frustrated or just had enough with the day and needs to be done with it all, and the cliché yet very real way you know what the other is thinking, just by looking at their face. Life moves so quickly, especially around this time of year with the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I’m guilty of forgetting to stop and appreciate those moments sometimes…the good and the bad…the beautiful whistling and the just slightly annoying whistling too. 😉 The other morning I woke up after a stressful few days, stumbled my way into the bathroom and was greeted by a hug from Rob. I was sleepy-eyed and still half asleep, when he said “Happy dating anniversary. You’re still my girlfriend.” I couldn’t help but smile.

New Darlings - Fall Florals and Anniversary MemoriesNew Darlings - Fall Florals and Anniversary Memories

On our two-year dating anniversary Rob surprised me with a vintage-inspired ring. He was so nervous and asked me to turn around and close my eyes. I wasn’t expecting anything that grand, especially so early-on dating and young in college. We usually exchanged hand-made cards, drawings, and songs. It was a special gift and the look on his face when he saw how surprised I was, is one I’ll never forget. I have worn it every day since, on my right hand, and it’s a sweet reminder of how young and eager we were…how big, simple moments and date nights at home watching The Truman Show could be. (It was and still is an anniversary tradition.) Years pass, priorities change, and new things take precedence over others…it’s inevitable, it’s life, but going through these photos just reminded me how glad I am that we have all these years to look back on together and some pretty great memories linked to the very first ring Rob ever gave me.

New Darlings - Fall Florals and Anniversary Memoriessweater via Sezané

What about you guys? Any special gifts from a loved one that stand out a little more than the rest? From little gifts to a big proposal, everyone has that special piece of jewelry and State Farm is here to help you feel confident that yours is protected and safe. If you share your lost ring stories with #ProtectTheBling and #sweepstakes on Twitter during the month of November you’ll be entered to win a flyaway trip to New York City! Click here for all the details.

Thank you to State Farm® for sponsoring this post and thank you for supporting the brands that help support this blog. As always all thoughts & opinions are our own.

November 27, 2016 |

We’re Home!

New Darlings - We Bought A HouseHoney, we’re home!  After what feels like forever, we bought a house!  The night before Thanksgiving, we were handed the keys to our very own 1930’s Tudor home here in Phoenix.  We have some really big things planned for this old beauty, but it’s home, and we are beyond excited to share this experience with you guys.

Since we started our house hunt back in March, we saw more houses than we can remember.  From the modern cookie-cutter to the completely gutted, mid-century homes and even a few 1940s WWII brick bungalows and Craftsman style houses.  We knew we wanted a charmer, but didn’t know how to describe exactly what we were looking for until we found our Tudor.

New Darlings - We Bought A House!It’s hard to put into words exactly what we were feeling when we first opened the door to our house on move-in day.  Our hearts were pounding, our eyes were teary from the entire drive over, and we stood in the living room of our empty house with huge, giddy smiles on our faces.  We are overwhelmed at the wall of boxes that now line the walls over here, the work that is ahead of us, and the new routine that awaits, but we have never felt so good to be home.  Whatever ends up happening here is ours.  For better or worse, we will go through it together and create memories (good and bad) within these walls, and as we spend our first holidays here, we can’t help but feel incredibly grateful for the journey that led us here.  Here’s to new beginnings, a crazy new journey to embark on, and our first HOUSE! WHAT?! THIS IS CRAZY!!!

Thanks so much for all your support and encouraging emails throughout this whole process. We loved hearing about your personal experiences with buying a home. Also, big thanks to our realtor and friend, Michelle Renteria. We couldn’t have done this without you! You knew exactly what our vision was from the start and we couldn’t be happier. 🙂

November 26, 2016 |

North Italia

New Darlings - North Italia RestuarantNew Darlings - North Italia Restuarant

One of our favorite things to do when we travel is highlight our favorite restaurants and coffee shops, so we figured why not do it in our own city? North Italia has been one of our go-to spots when we’re in the mood for some modern-Italian cuisine in Phoenix. They have everything from various pasta dishes (the strozzapreti is our fav!), crispy calamari, and garlic truffle bread for a nice dinner together to grilled cauliflower, the chef’s board, and seasonal pizzas for an afternoon brunch. We visited the restaurant earlier this week and snapped some photos with all the goodies we’ve been loving.

New Darlings - North Italia RestuarantNew Darlings - North Italia RestuarantNew Darlings - North Italia Restuarant

They just launched their Secret Cocktail Menu and boy is it good! Plus, what’s a mid-week brunch without a cocktail or two, especially during the holiday season, am I right?  😉  Ask about the Little Hot, Little Dirty Martini. It has a modern edge to the timeless classic with vodka, simple syrup, lime juice, calabrian chile paste, Castelvetrano Olive Juice.

New Darlings - North Italia RestuarantNew Darlings - North Italia RestuarantNew Darlings - North Italia Restuarant

The decor in this place is just so perfect. With a mix of Italian farmhouse and modern Scandinavian vibes, we’ve been taking notes for our future kitchen. Of course the greenery everywhere was just the icing on the cake. But speaking of cake…

New Darlings - North Italia RestuarantNew Darlings - North Italia RestuarantNew Darlings - North Italia Restuarant

His: Urban Outfitters shirt | ASOS jeans | Timex watch | Nisolo boots
Hers: H&M shirt (similar) | Urban Outfitters jeans | Moreea Seal necklace
Madewell flats & bag

New Darlings - North Italia RestuarantNew Darlings - North Italia RestuarantNew Darlings - North Italia Restuarant

It’s impossible not to go home with left overs, because you’re going to want to try a bit of everything. We’re a bit partial to the tiramisu. If you need any convincing it has chocolate espresso beans on top, enough said. 😉

Can’t wait to share some more of our favorite spots around town with you guys!

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Photos by: Willow Greene

November 22, 2016 |

Iris Van Herpen in Grand Rapids

New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016

Not too long ago we packed up our sweaters and jackets and spent a four day weekend in Grand Rapids. We hadn’t been there since last fall for ArtPrize, so we were excited to visit again this time of year and see what was making the city buzz.  We found it at the Grand Rapids’ Art Museum (GRAM) with Iris van Herpen’s Transforming Fashion exhibit, which was our first stop while we were in town.

New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016

If you follow along with us on snapchat, you might have seen a bit of our museum tour, featuring Iris van Herpen’s work. It was the first fashion exhibit for the museum, which was really exciting because the pieces have such an incredible range with architectural elements.  The collections range from 2008 to 2015, made up metal gauze, faux leather, foil, cotton, and various 3-D printed materials. The museum highlighted 18 pieces from van Herpen’s most recent lines, along with some of her shoe designs, and 27 pieces from a solo exhibition she did in the Netherlands. Each piece was truly remarkable to see in person. The amount of detail that went into each look blew us away. The way she pulls inspiration from her surrounding environment and plays with soft vs hard elements really drew us in. New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016-04Urban Outfitters sweater | Yellow 108 hatNew Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016

Can you believe the piece above was made from the ribs of children’s umbrellas and industrial boat yarns?! The museum has a hands-on “touch material” section where visitors are able explore to some of the more untraditional materials she used in her work. We really loved this addition of the exhibit because we felt like kids in a candy shop while walking through each collection.  Every piece is so visually appealing, intricate, and pleasantly unusual that you can’t help but want to get up close and touch each dress, to further experience her craft. During our visit we learned that the exhibit would be making it’s way to Phoenix pretty soon. We can’t wait!

New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016 New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016Urban Outfitters shirt | Bridge and Burn jacket | ONA bagNew Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016J.Crew trenchcoat | Madewell bag | Everlane scarf | Shwood sunglassesNew Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016Urban Outfitters jacket and shirt | ASOS jeans | Nisolo boots | Timex watchNew Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016 New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016 New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016Zara coat (similar) | Free People overalls | Forever 21 turtleneck | Sézane bag (similar)
New Darlings-Grand Rapids 2016

We of course made some time to stop into some favorite coffee shops: Madcap and Rowster Coffee. We spent a few good hours at Rowster one afternoon, catching up some work and people watching out the window.  It was the perfect cozy afternoon, with leaves swirling around outside the coffeeshop, warm drinks, and a few sweet treats. We were befriended by a sweet old man who shared with us how he only uses Facebook to spred positivity, and does so by sharing pictures of burgers and Russian roses on his feed. He happily showed us a few. 😉

We were so glad we were able to grab a bite with Tieka from Selective Potential, and her husband Eric one night at Donkey Taqueria.  It was so nice meeting in person after following each other on social media for quite some time and what better way to get to know each other than over guacamole and quesadillas?! 😉 They were both so sweet and we’re always down for hanging with another married couple! We can’t wait to show them around Phoenix one of these days!

Dinner at Sovengard our last night in town was simply incredible! If you ever find yourself in Grand Rapids definitely check it out. It is such a beautiful place with as equally well-crafted food. We spent the whole dinner “oohing and ahhing” over the decor and flatware, in between declaring our love for their tempura fried squash and apple butter. So good! We caught a movie after dinner and then headed back to the hotel for a quiet evening. It was nice taking it easy for a few days, just the two of us. Now we’re back home and ready for the holidays! Well, sort of. 😉

…`till next time!

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November 20, 2016 |

Channeling Autumn in Teva Boots

New Darlings - Teva Boots - Fall StyleNew Darlings - Teva Boots - Fall Style

We keep saying, “It definitely was chillier this time last year”. In all honesty, we’re not sure about that, but it really would be great if autumn made an appearance around these parts. We do get lucky with the evenings, being able to embrace boots and long sleeves for a casual dinner date together or late night stroll with Henry before bedtime.

New Darlings - Teva Boots - Fall StyleNew Darlings - Teva Boots - Fall StyleNew Darlings - Teva Boots - Fall StyleNew Darlings - Teva Boots - Fall StyleHis: Bridge and Burn overshirt and button down | Teva boots | Raen sunglasses
Hers: Sézane blouse and bag | Madewell jeans | Teva boots

We recently partnered with Teva to style a few looks featuring their boots for fall. We used to think Teva was only for sandals (see some of our favorite socks and sandals looks here), but they have so many other great styles too. We love the Foxy ankle boots and Durban Tall (both in black) for a date night out with skinnies, a feminine blouse for her, and collared shirt for him.

New Darlings - Teva Boots - Fall StyleNew Darlings - Teva Boots - Fall Style

These looks were perfect for our dinner date on Friday. We went to our favorite pizza place downtown, Pizzeria Bianco. We always enjoy ourselves so much there…they have a beautiful patio with little lights strung overhead and the best Margherita pie, which always hits the spot after a long week.

New Darlings - Teva Boots - Fall StyleNew Darlings - Teva Boots - Fall Camping Style

We’ve also had camping on our minds as of late. Maybe it’s our love for the outdoors and brisk weather, but we can’t stop talking about it. Our friends found this awesome new app Turo, which is like Airbnb but for cars. We’ve been eyeing a vintage VW van that would be perfect to pack up with blankets, backpacks, and our cameras, have everyone pile in and hit the road in.

New Darlings - Teva Boots - Fall Camping StyleNew Darlings - Teva Boots - Fall Camping StyleThe Arrowood Lux Sneakers (his and hers) are great paired with a flannel, and jacket or vest, with a backpack full of your camping essentials. They are so comfy and we have a feeling we’ll be lacing these up for our next hike up North.

New Darlings - Teva Boots - Fall Camping StyleNew Darlings - Teva Boots - Fall Camping Style

Photos by Willow Greene.
This post was made in partnership with Teva. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support this blog.

November 18, 2016 |

Portland Travel Video

New Darlings - Portland in the Fall - Fashion Inspiration and Travel VlogNew Darlings - Portland in the Fall - Fashion Inspiration and Travel Vlog

On our last day in Portland we woke up early, grabbed breakfast at the beautiful and delicious Maurice café, and strolled through the colorful leaf lined streets before heading to the airport. We really wish we had more time there with all the amazing  people we met, but it just gives us another reason to visit again real soon. Take a peek below at the video we made from our time there with all the awesome makers. We also managed to snag a few clips of our friend Vincent, who is usually behind the camera. 😉 We love creating these videos to look back on and to share with you all — let us know what you’d like to see more of in the comments and be sure to subscribe to see what’s next!

New Darlings - Portland in the Fall - Fashion Inspiration and Travel VlogBridge and Burn button down and overshirt | ASOS jeans | Tretorn boots | Timex watch
New Darlings - Portland in the Fall - Fashion Inspiration and Travel Vlognewdarlings-lastdayinportland2016-8New Darlings - Portland in the Fall - Fashion Inspiration and Travel VlogNew Darlings - Portland in the Fall - Fashion Inspiration and Travel VlogNew Darlings - Portland in the Fall - Fashion Inspiration and Travel VlogNew Darlings - Portland in the Fall - Fashion Inspiration and Travel VlogBridge and Burn jacket | Madewell sweater and flats | UO jeans | Yellow 108 hat | Wood&Faulk bag
New Darlings - Portland in the Fall - Fashion Inspiration and Travel VlogNew Darlings - Portland in the Fall - Fashion Inspiration and Travel VlogNew Darlings - Portland in the Fall - Fashion Inspiration and Travel Vlog

Don’t forget to enter a huge PDX giveaway with all the local makers featured in the video, here.

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November 16, 2016 |

Portland, OR with Bridge & Burn + a PDX Giveaway

New Darlings - Portland, OR A few years ago, when we were moving from our first apartment here in Phoenix to our second, we put on our matching “Burn” tees and moved our life from one place to another. Shortly after that move, we decided to make our blog a full time commitment and left our traditional jobs for full time photography and marketing. “Burning bridges” is about moving forward, taking chances, and doing something on your own. We made that decision together and now in 2016, we had the opportunity to visit Portland, OR with the brand that celebrates “bridge burners” and inspires us to make bold moves. Bridge & Burn have been friends and partners of ours for years. They make beautifully designed, detailed, and fitted apparel for men and woman. Erik Prowell started the brand in 2010, opened up the Bridge & Burn Flagship store in 2013, and is a great friend and inspiring human being. If you are lucky enough to live in Portland, you definitely need to stop in and say hello to the team at B&B. We were extremely grateful to have the opportunity to visit the store a few weeks ago, tour the city with some of Portland’s finest and get a chance to see the amazing work that these people are doing. Portland_NewDarlingsNew Darlings - Portland, ORPortland_NewDarlings Our trip started at the ACE Hotel where we stayed for a few nights. It’s in a great location with access to some of the best shopping and eating in town. We were definitely spotted walking across the street to have brunch at Maurice’s a couple times in our short stay there. It’s that good! New Darlings - Portland, ORNew Darlings - Portland, OR The Bridge & Burn team surprised us with the sweetest gift basket upon arrival with some other great local brands, such as Wood&FaulkJacobsen SaltMinoux Jewelry, and Shwood Eyewear. Everything is locally made, plus the teams behind these brands are equally as kind as they are talented, which made us fall in love with their work and craftsmanship even more. We’ll be giving away a similar gift basket at the end of the post, so don’t forget to enter below. 🙂 Portland_NewDarlingsNew Darlings - Portland, ORNew Darlings - Portland, ORNew Darlings - Portland, ORNew Darlings - Portland, OR Welcome to one of the prettiest workshops and design spaces in Portland: the home of Wood&Faulk and Minoux Jewelry. Matt and Kristen share the bright and open place in PDX, where they create beautiful leather goods and handcrafted jewelry.  We loved learning about their stories and how each of them got started in the industry: Matt being a DIY blogger turned designer and manufacture, and Kristen who has a passion for using recycled metals to create environmentally friendly jewelry. It was crazy to see so much creativity under one roof. New Darlings - Portland, ORNew Darlings - Portland, ORPortland_NewDarlingsPortland_NewDarlingsWe stopped at the Shwood workshop and got a peek at what happens behind the scenes there with Eric, the founder and designer of the company. He started Shwood Eyewear with a single pair of sunglasses he hand-carved out of a piece of wood, along with lenses he found from a second-hand shop in town. It was really incredible getting a look at the various natural materials they now use in their designs, while still managing to keep a hint of the original design elements. We also had the pleasure of working on a fun little project together: a hatchet, which came in handy for chopping wood for the fire pit at the coast later that night. Portland_NewDarlingsPortland_NewDarlingsPortland_NewDarlingsPortland_NewDarlings Thinking we’ll definitely be stealing a few design tips from Prince Coffee Shop. We loved the rustic style with brass accents. Portland_NewDarlingsPortland_NewDarlingsPortland_NewDarlings Dinner on the coast with everyone was truly magical. We couldn’t have thought of a better way to end off the night. Big thanks to Jacobsen Salt and Karl Holl from Let Um Eat for the delicious spread. Tuna tacos and the tastiest toast with pickled onions and hazelnuts definitely hit the spot. Portland_NewDarlingsPortland_NewDarlingsPortland_NewDarlingsPortland_NewDarlingsPortland_NewDarlingsPortland_NewDarlings Portland_NewDarlingsnew-darlings-box-insta-03

GIVEAWAY time! So, what’s in the box?
Lovingly Gift Wrapped by Parcel Portland

A new wardrobe from Bridge & Burn
$300 Gift card to use on
Limited edition Outsider Wool 5-panel Cap – ($48)
Wool Watch Cap (handcrafted in Nepal for Bridge & Burn) – ($58)
Ragg Wool Fingerless gloves – ($22)

His and her leather handbags from Wood & Faulk
His Carpenter Bag ($250) Hers Leather Slouch Tote ($180)

One of a kind handcrafted jewelry from Minoux
Turquoise Dot Gold Ring  – ($178) Special Edition Gold Bracelet

Sunglasses crafted from nature from Shwood Eyewear
Classic Canby Wooden Sunglasses – ($149)

 A taste of the Pacific Northwest from Jacobsen Salt
A little bit of everything! Infused Salt, Local Bee Honey, Salty Sweets, Seasoning- ($75)
To enter the giveaway, submit your email address into the form below and check out some ways to get addition entries.  The winner will be announced on 11/23.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Portland_NewDarlingsPortland_NewDarlingsBig thanks to our friend Vincent Carabeo for capturing all these moments on our trip. You’re one talented son of a gun. 🙂

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November 15, 2016 |

The new Domino book!

New Darlings - Domino Book - Giveaway

Camp Collection romper | UO blanket and socks | Eye Buy Direct glasses | Domino book

Nursing a nasty cold this morning with some tea and puppy cuddles (Henry will take any excuse to nap on the bed), while going through the new domino book. Last fall we had the pleasure of shooting with Michael Wiltbank for domino magazine. We posted about it a while back when the feature on their website came out. (You can view it here.) At the time we were completely unaware of the new book they had been working on, but were pleasantly surprised when we received an email from the team in June asking if we would like to be involved. Of course we said yes!

Our passion for interior design is something that we didn’t really discover until the last several years or so, which is pretty funny when we stop to think about it because it’s such a big part of our every day lives, as well as our blog. Maybe it’s because over the last few years we’ve actually had a place of our own to express our style in and experiment with various patterns and textures. We’ve always been obsessed with interior design shows and we love a good before & after photo, but it wasn’t until we moved into our last apartment that we really felt the creative juices flowing and found ourselves reading more about mid-century design along with various architects.  Our style has recently taken a turn and we’re slowing gravitating toward something a bit different. We have so many ideas floating around for a future home, but until then we’re gaining a lot of inspiration from this pretty pink book below.


Divided into various topics such as seating, artwork, shelving and entertaining, the book has a little of everything to help you identify you own style and then fully execute it. We have definitely spent many hours hunting down a light fixture or textile that we’ve admired from a photo, so the mood boards complete with product sources are a nice touch!  We are so honored to have been able to contribute to the book, sharing our love for filling our home with plants and how we use them as a design element.


There are so many incredible features in this book including fun flooring with Elsie from A Beautiful Mess, lighting solutions with Stephanie and Robert from Workstead, and DIY shelving with Claire Zinnecker.

We’re giving away a copy of the book on our instagram, so head over there and tag a friend who you’d love to share it with or gift it to for the holidays! Good luck!

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