Baby Sleep Essentials

| By Christina

Woah, it's kind of trippy looking back at these photos we took when I was pregnant. We were setting up Oliver's nursery and would dream of him sleeping and playing in this room. It felt so far away at the time. Now our little guy is almost three months old. Man, does time fly by!

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Hair by Harry’s

| By Robert
Mens Wavy Hairstyles - Styling long hair

When Oliver was born, I started to think about everything differently. I started to see myself the way I thought he saw me. It was (and still is) all new to him. How do I want him to look back at these early days on our family of three. How would I want to look in those memories? All of these weird, irrational thoughts started creeping into my mind. One day I looked into the mirror, and I said to Christina, “I’m going to stop cutting my hair.”

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