Neighborhood Favorites

| By New Darlings
Best Lunch in Phoenix

The first thing we set out to do when we moved to Phoenix in 2013, was find our favorite, local spots. We knew that our long-term location in Arizona would be based on where we enjoyed spending the majority of our time. So, we spent much of our first six months here scoping out the …

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We’re having a…

| By Christina
Gender Reveal

We’ve been keeping the news to ourselves for sometime now…not for any particular reason really. It just felt special to share with some close friends and family at first and then came the build up of “how will you share the news?”. We cannot wait to welcome a little baby…

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Current Favorites

3 Baby Books To Read While Pregnant

| By Christina

Free People Dress

When I first found out I was pregnant I made the conscious decision to try (keyword) to not overwhelm myself. If you're a mom or currently pregnant, you're probably laughing out loud right now, but I was trying to do damage control before it even started. I'm a over-thinker...maybe a bit …

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Thoughts On Becoming A Father

| By Robert
Baby Prep - Becoming Parents

Where do I even begin? I guess we'll start with the moment Christina told me she was pregnant. If you've read this post, you might've read how she told me and how I obliviously looked over the pregnancy test she beautifully set right in front of my face. Oh boy! Anyway, when I finally …

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