October 25, 2014 |

These Days

New Darlings -Zuzii FootwearNew Darlings - Forever21

New Darlings -Zuzii FootwearNew Darlings - Zuzii FootwearNew Darlings - Top Knot - Aztec Sweater
Happy weekend! We’re heading out early today for a fall adventure up north!  We have our tea and coffee ready, iPhones updated with our favorite songs and some cozy sweaters to keep us warm.  We really can’t wait to take it all in and enjoy the autumn scenery.

Hers: Forever 21 sweater, Gap jeans, Madewell tee, bag c/o Savoir-Faire, shoes c/o Zuzii Footwear, necklace c/o Samantha Wills, Lip color c/o Colour Pop in “I Heart This”

October 22, 2014 |

Fall Spirit


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Fall has always been one of our favorite seasons; the leaves changing, cuddling up in some cozy layers, and the hint that the holidays are right around the corner!  We can’t help but snuggle up on the couch, light a festive candle (or two) and listen to some of our favorite tunes.  Here are some things we’re loving for fall right now.

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October 19, 2014 |

I’ll Be On The Water

New Darlings - Canoe - ArizonaNew Darlings - Canoe - ArizonaNew Darlings - Canoe - Free People - Urban OutifttersNew Darlings - Christina - Free People Matador HatNew Darlings - Arizona - CanoeNew Darlings - Canoe - ArizonaNew Darlings - Canoe - ArizonaNew Darlings - Canoe - ArizonaNew Darlings - Free People - Urban OutfittersNew Darlings - Canoe and Coffee

New Darlings - Canoe - LoveNew Darlings - Canoe - CameraNew Darlings - Canoe - ArizonaNew Darlings - Canoe - ArizonaNew Darlings - Free People New Darlings - Canoe - Vintage Cameras

Since moving to Arizona, we’ve gotten a little bit more adventurous–challenged ourselves and haven’t second guessed everything as much.  We’ve become more in touch with nature and all the beauty this place has to offer.  About a week ago, we went canoeing!  It may not be that crazy to some, but neither of us had ever been before and we were beyond excited to try it out.   It was a little scary at first, getting out onto the water–pushing the canoe in, paddling away from the land, and feeling the slight current take us.  It took a little while to get the hang of it, and find our balance, but once we did, we didn’t want to get out!  This state was the perfect backdrop for our first time canoeing–the mountains surrounding us, a little bit of a breeze coming off the water, and the ever so delicate peacefulness.  It truly was a dream of a morning!

His: Urban Outfitters button-down (similar), Levi’s jeans (similar), J.Crew boots, watch c/o Arvowear
Hers: Free People top (similar), AG jeans (similar), Urban Outfitters boots, Free People hat (similar), watch c/o Daniel Wellington, necklace c/o Samantha Wills, bracelet c/o Tiffany Kunz

Photos by: Kandis Marino

October 14, 2014 |

Weekends Are For Lovers

New Darlings Home Tour-57New Darlings Home Tour-9New Darlings Home Tour-8New Darlings Home Tour-17

New Darlings Home Tour-32New Darlings Home Tour-37New Darlings Home Tour-4New Darlings Home Tour-60New Darlings Home Tour-68New Darlings Home Tour-55New Darlings Home Tour-71  New Darlings Home Tour-66New Darlings Home Tour-74New Darlings Home Tour-111New Darlings Home Tour-105  New Darlings Home Tour-75New Darlings Home Tour-92New Darlings Home Tour-88New Darlings Home Tour-95New Darlings Home Tour-100

Weekends Are for Lovers is a project by our dear friend, Hannah.  She approached us a few months back, when she was in the process of rebranding her photography website.  Weekends Are for Lovers is a relaxed approach to lifestyle photography and we couldn’t be more excited to help her launch her new site.

When she came to us about taking some photos in our home, we were a bit hesitant.  We’ve been in our space for a little over year and although this place feels like the most true definition of home we have ever experienced, it can be a little scary to let someone in to your most intimate space.  Our home is ever-changing…moving things from room to room, finding new knick-knacks and, creating the perfect cozy corner to cuddle up in.

After seeing these photos, we couldn’t help but think how very telling these shots are…us on a weekend, in our very first home together, during our first year of marriage.  We immediately thought of how we’ve always been fascinated by going through our parents’ old photo albums; what filled their bookshelves, their coffee tables…Maybe years from now, our nephews or possibly even our own children, will look back at these photographs, the same way we did.  They will see what little treasures we’ve kept close and the little moments that mean so much.

Weekends have always been our favorite.  They are an opportunity to do everything and nothing at the same time.  It’s getting all the little things accomplished at your own pace.  It’s spending some extra time in bed together.  It’s heading out for a brunch date.  It’s feeling rejuvenated.  It’s spending two days falling in love all over again.  We couldnt be more grateful for this little home of ours, a special place we can truly call our own.

Head over to Hannah’s blog, to check out a fun Q+A we did with her.

His: Urban Outfitters button down, CPO chinos
Hers: Free People dress and bralette, Henschel hat, Rings c/o Tiffany Kunz, c/o Bella and Chloe
Furniture: Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Pillows: Urban Outfitters, vintage (some great kilim styles here)

Photos by: Hannah Minker

October 11, 2014 |

We’ve been tagged.

New Darlings - Black jumpsuit - Lack of Color FedoraNew Darlings - Black jumpsuit - Lack of Color FedoraNew Darlings - Black jumpsuit - Long hairNew Darlings - Black jumpsuit - Lack of Color Fedora - Daniel WellingtonNew Darlings - Black jumpsuit - Lack of Color Fedora
Recently we were “tagged” by a few amazing people, via instagram to share ten facts about us.  We figured it would be fun to do a “his and hers” take on it and share a few fun things many people may not know about us.

1. We met when we were teenagers. (Just 16 and 17 years old!)
2. He loves coffee. She prefers green tea.
3. We were both born and raised in New York.
4. When it comes to music and film, Bob Dylan and Woody Allen top our lists.
5. We both have degrees in Psychology.
6. He doesn’t like sweets.  She can eat a cupcake (or two) at any time of the day.
7. She has never dyed her hair.  He used to have hair down to his shoulders!
8. He makes the music.  She paints.
9. We love the sixties! The decor, The Beatles, The Graduate, the fashion.
10. We’ve taken pictures together weekly, since we started dating back in 2004!  We like to photograph everything and anything; places we go, things we eat, funny faces we make at each other. We have albums full of photos!

We’d love to learn more about you guys! Share your fun facts in the comments below!

Hers: jumpsuit c/o Savoir-Faire, hat c/o Lack of Color, bralette c/o Urban Outfitters, necklace c/o Samantha Wills, watch c/o Daniel Wellington

October 7, 2014 |

Singh Farms

New Darlings - Singh FarmsNew Darlings - Singh Farms - Gyspan sweaterNew Darlings - Singh Farms - J.Crew Button down
New Darlings - Singh Farms -RoosterNew Darlings - Singh Farms - Gypsan - J.CrewNew Darlings - Singh FarmsNew Darlings - Singh Farms - Gypsan - Cleobella - Free PeopleNew Darlings - Singh FarmsNew Darlings - Steve Madden - MinnetonkaNew Darlings - Singh FarmsNew Darlings - Singh FarmsNew Darlings - Singh FarmsNew Darlings - Singh FarmsNew Darlings - Singh Farms - Gypsan - J.Crew

Lately, our weekends have been pretty amazing.  Last Saturday, we woke up early, threw on some comfy clothes and headed to Singh Farms.  We had never been there before but heard amazing things and were pretty eager to check it out.  When you drive up to the farm, there’s a large dirt parking lot, with a little booth and an umbrella.  At first we looked around and said to each other, “Is this it?”, but this place is so deceiving.  The grounds are expansive and it truly is a secret garden.  Everywhere we turned there was something else to catch our eye, flower gardens with the most beautiful colors, banana trees with leaves bigger than our heads and, a full chicken coop with roosters and all!  It felt like we could have wandered around this place all day.  It was so refreshing to see such an oasis in the middle of the desert.

It seemed as though they were just getting ready for the new season, but had already had a great selection of fresh herbs, cauliflower and artichokes, as well as fresh jarred honey.  We had always dreamed of having our own garden and it’s something we still talk about quite frequently, but have always been unsure which fruits and veggies would be able to thrive in these Arizona temperatures.  There seems to be nothing better than walking out into your own yard and picking ripe tomatoes off the vine, or that perfect yellow squash to cook for dinner.  Everyone at the farm was so friendly and helpful.  They had baskets of different seeds, compost and various fertilizers.  We’re already planning our next visit, maybe with a recipe or two in mind.  And who knows…maybe we’ll start our very own, very small, patio garden!

His: J.Crew button-down (similar here and here), Levi’s jeans (similar), boots ℅ Minnetonka Moccasin, watch c/o Arvowear
Hers: Sweater c/o Gypsan, Gap jeans, Madden Girl boots (similar), Henschel hat, Cleobella bag, jewelry c/o Bella and Chloe, watch c/o Arvowear

Photos by: Kristine Morgan

October 1, 2014 |

A Chill in the Air

New Darlings - His & Her Style - Aztec Sweater - ChambrayNew Darlings - Aztec Sweater - ChambrayNew Darlings - Piggyback - Aztec Sweater - ChambrayNew Darlings - Aztec Sweater - ChambrayNew Darlings - Aztec Sweater - ChambrayNew Darlings - Aztec Sweater - Chambray - MinnetonkaNew Darlings - Aztec Sweater - ChambrayNew Darlings - Aztec Sweater - ChambrayNew Darlings - Aztec Sweater - ChambrayTemperatures are beginning to drop a bit here in Arizona.  The nights are getting a bit cooler and we are definitely not complaining!  Our friend, Kammie, brought us out to this beautiful woodsy spot with a gorgeous mountain view the other day.  It definitely got us in the fall spirit.  Arizona has been getting hit hard with many rain storms as of late.  We normally don’t see these sort of weather conditions around here, but we can’t help but embrace it.  We’ve been burning this amazing Mandarin candle from Urban Outfitters daily, cuddling up in cozy sweaters and, drinking lots of chai tea.  Fall, we’re definitely ready for ya!

His: Urban Outfitters button-down (similar), Levi’s jeans (similar), Boots c/o Minnetonka Moccasin
Hers: Anthropologie top (similar), Free People cardigan (similar), necklace, and jeans (similar), Urban Outfitters boots (similar), Target hat (similar), watch c/o Daniel Wellington, Kat Von D lipstick in “Love Craft”

Photos by: Kammie Maschue

September 28, 2014 |

Fall Vibes

NewDarlings-FP Cords-Lace Top-Leather HatHatsCactusNewDarlingsNewDarlings-CleoBella-1-3NewDarlingsCords&BootsNewDarlings-Sitting-Hat-Cords-4
Gearing up for fall in some high waisted corduroys and fringe details!

Hers: Free People top (similar here & here), Free People cords (similar here & here), Henschel hat, Cleobella bag, Steve Madden boots (similar), Twisted ring c/o Bella and Chloe

September 25, 2014 |

Slow It Down

New Darlings - Lack of Color - DesertNew Darlings - Lack of Color - DesertNew Darlings - Lack of Color - J.Crew - LoveNew Darlings - Christina - Lack of ColorNew Darlings - Lack of Color - J.Crew

New Darlings - Lack of Color - J.Crew GinghamChristina and Robert - New Darlings - Lack of Color - J.CrewNew Darlings - Tattoos - Lack of Color FedoraNew Darlings - Lack of Color - J. Crew - Holding Hands

We really can’t believe September is coming to an end. This month just flew by!  We wouldn’t mind it if things slowed down just a little bit.

We took these photos a while back with our friend Ally, who was in town visiting from Kansas City.  That same night, we met up with an amazing group of creatives at a local instagram meet-up that some of our friends had organized.  The meet-up was held at SoZo Coffehouse, which donates a percentage of all sales back to local and international charities.  It was a fantastic night filled with beautiful jazz music and such a great sense of community.

Since moving to Arizona, we have met so many people from all over the US; some who have been born & raised in Arizona, but most who have either been passing through or who have relocated here. It’s always fun to hear their stories and bond over old bands we would listen to, places to eat and, get some recommendations on local spots to check out. Growing up in Long Island, it seemed many people were from the same few, neighboring towns.  We really have been so inspired by everyone we have met and it has really given us the desire to explore all these amazing places we keep hearing about. Hopefully the fall will be filled with many new adventures.

His: J.Crew button down, Levi’s jeans (similar), Bed Stu shoes
Hers: Free People crop top (similar), Urban Outfitters jeans, Hat c/o Lack of Color, Jeffrey Campbell shoes (similar), bracelets c/o Tiffany Kunz

Photos by: Ally Seracki

September 21, 2014 |

The Summer Ends

New Darlings - Shabby Apple Black One Piece - Larmoni Fringe KimonoNewDarlings-ShabbyApple-One Piece Bathing SuitNewDarlings-ShabbyApple-LarmoniFall is approaching and we’re happy to say we made it through our second summer in Arizona.  The summer ending in Phoenix doesn’t really change much.  Our temperatures are still hovering around 100 degrees and it’s still totally okay to put on a bathing suit and enjoy the sunshine.  While we definitely do crave the cooler weather that is ahead of us, we really enjoyed a warm Sunday morning, walking along the river together.

Hers: Kimono c/o Larmoni, Swimsuit c/o Shabby Apple, Vintage sunglasses (similar here and here),  “Fancy Purple” lip color by Dior

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