Styling Skirts with Sneakers

| By Christina
Adidas sneakers and skirts

When I was younger I was very against sneakers with any sort of dressy clothing. I distinctly remember being five years old, getting ready to go to a friend's birthday party and my mom had me in a frilly dress with matching socks and sneakers. I remember telling my mom, "you can't wear a dress …

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Couples Costume Ideas: Masquerade Ball

| By Christina
Couples Costumes Masquerade

This morning we were thinking about Halloween costume ideas, and I realized we never shared our masquerade ball costumes from last year. As always, we were super last minute about the whole thing and went to a vintage shop in town to see what we could come up with. We always like to find a …

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Circus Lane: The Colorful Sights of Edinburgh, Scotland

| By New Darlings
Must See Spots in Edinburgh Circus Lane

One of the very anticipated stops on our cruise through the British Isles, was to Edinburgh and the colorful sights of Circus Lane. It was tucked away in a charming little neighborhood and we were so happy to see it for ourselves after seeing so many photos on instagram.

So Circus Lane is really just …

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Weekend Links: 56

| By Robert
Coffee flatlay

Hey guys! It's been a while since we've done one of these. They used to be a Friday staple on here, but we've slacked on these quite a bit as of late. Let's see if we can shake off the dust and get back to it. Shall we?

As you may have seen on this …

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Interior Inspiration: 500 Days of Summer Apartment

| By Christina
Get the look of Summer's living room in 500 Days of Summer

photo via

We watch a lot of movies over here and the other day Rob and I were talking about how such a big part of our love for movies are the interiors and set designs. We get so much interior inspiration from movies and tv shows, so we decided to share a few of …

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