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St. Francis Summer Cocktails

New Darlings - St.Francis Cocktails - Phoenix, AZNew Darlings - St.Francis Cocktails - Phoenix, AZNew Darlings - St.Francis CocktailsNew Darlings - St.Francis Cocktails - Phoenix, AZ

“You wanna go where everybody knows your name…” Anyone remember that song? Any Cheers fans out there? I used to watch that show on Nick-at-Nite a lot as a kid. Kind of strange now that I think of it…a show about a bar on Nick-at-Nite, but I guess that’s a whole other topic. Anywho, I always just loved how everyone was together on that show. How it was a place people gathered after work, after a bad day, or to share in good news and a smile. Many of the places around Phoenix are like that. It may sound cheesy, but over the last few years we found a few favorite spots we can count on for a good laugh, amazing food, and unique cocktails.

New Darlings

His: J.Crew shirt | Topman jeans | oxfords c/o Nisolo
Hers:  bag c/o LiveFashionable | Aritzia dress (similar here and here) | glasses c/o EyeBuyDirect | shoes c/o Bed Stü

New Darlings - St.Francis Cocktails - Phoenix, AZ

The other day we stopped into St. Francis for a late lunch/early dinner and had the pleasure of trying out their new market menu, which featured some summer cocktails by our friend and their head bartender, Titus Fauntleroy. We were lucky to stop in on a day where the owner, Chef Aaron was in the back cooking up some fresh dishes as well. We were really in for a treat with the both of them there.

New Darlings - St.Francis Cocktails - Phoenix, AZNew Darlings - St.Francis Cocktails-6New Darlings - St.Francis Cocktails - Phoenix, AZ

One by one colorful dishes of crispy okra, melon gazpacho, and wood fired flatbreads were brought out to us. Once we started to dive into everything Chef Aaron joined us, told us a bit about the dishes, and we caught up on life and business. It’s always a pleasure getting to chat with him, whether it is about his son starting school and our house hunting or diving into his restaurant plans and ideas for new menus. One thing we always find ourselves fascinated with is his home garden and gardening skills. We always chat his ear off about it, and he’s so generous to share his tips and tricks that he’s learned over the years. The amount of fruit trees and vegetable beds he has is impressive and the fact that he continues to keep it thriving in a desert climate is so admirable. A home garden has always been a dream of ours…one day we’ll get there. Not sure if we’ll be producing a watermelon a day, like someone we know, but baby steps. 😉

New Darlings - St.Francis Cocktails-10

We met Titus way back when we first moved to Phoenix, at an instameet. It’s kind of crazy how you can meet people nowadays, but technology and community are powerful things…it really blows our minds repeatedly. It can be hard to hard to find genuine people, especially as you get older and get exposed to more in life, but man, Phoenix truly is a special place.  We are so lucky to call Titus our friend, and it’s a major bonus that he is a wizard behind the bar at one of our favorite restaurants in town.  He wears a lot of hats, and wears them well, bartender being one of them. He’s always coming up with something new and exciting to complement a dish. Plus, he’s the guy to go to when you’re having a holiday party.  Not only will he show up in the snazziest, festive suit around, he knows exactly what a bar cart should be stocked with to keep the night going.

New Darlings - St.Francis Cocktails

This was the Simple Thymes cocktail: vodka, thyme simple syrup, and fresh squeezed grape juice. He suggested pairing it with the fried okra, which was from a local farm at South Mountain. It was so light and fresh for these hotter days.

New Darlings - St.Francis Cocktails-13New Darlings - St.Francis Cocktails - Phoenix, AZNew Darlings - St.Francis Cocktails - Phoenix, AZ

Many of you have asked for suggestions on places to check in AZ and we’re looking forward to sharing a more formal list of our favorites, but until then…if you’re looking for somewhere to start, grab yourself a cocktail at St. Francis.

Happy Friday!

August 23, 2016 |

HP Spectre

New Darlings - HP SpectreNew Darlings - HP Spectre

We live in such a visually driven world. Everything from clothes to home decor, creating beautiful presentations for meals… Heck! That’s what websites like Pinterest and Tumblr are all about, right? Finding beautiful, inspiring images for…well, just about everything. We’re probably not alone when we say that we have fallen down the rabbit hole numerous times on those sites, especially now that we’re house hunting, because who isn’t drawn to beauty?

New Darlings - HP SpectreNew Darlings - HP Spectre

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris

We always try to keep that quote in mind when designing a space in our home, so why not apply it to other aspects of life? Work, play, etc… We’re suckers for surrounding ourselves with beautiful things like handmade homewares to various textiles and art pieces, and technology is no exception.

New Darlings - HP SpectreNew Darlings - HP Spectre

We’re always geeking out about new products…cameras, apps, laptops, you name it, so we were pretty excited to parter together with HP for their new laptop, the Spectre. We’ve been traveling quite a bit these last few months and are always editing on the go, so we were in the market for a new laptop that was functional, yet still beautiful and sleek in design. First impressions? It’s super thin and light (only 2.45 lbs — major plus). Not to mention we’re loving the sophisticated color palette and stylish design. It has full HD display, which is perfect for photo editing and video. We’re looking forward to working on it more and sharing what we think about it’s performance, as well as a peek into our photo editing process, with you guys in the coming months.

 Stay tuned!

August 19, 2016 |

Weekend Links: 05

New Darlings - Summer loveHis: J.Crew shirt (similar) | Topman jeans | bag c/o ONA
Hers: top c/o Madewell (similar) | Topshop jeans | glasses c/o EyeBuyDirectNew Darlings - Summer sunsetphotos above via our instagram

Happy Friday folks! This week flew by! We’re really not sure how it’s the weekend already, but we’re looking forward to a relaxing few days with some friends and catching a comedy show in town. A friend from high school is performing at a local improv club, so it will be fun to catch up and get a few laughs in to kick off the weekend! The pool has our names written all over it as well…perhaps we’ll finish the book we’ve been reading together, too. Here are a few links from around the web we bookmarked this week.

1 – Our friends at Studio DIY started a Youtube channel, and we couldn’t be more excited for them.

2 – This video of longboarders skating through Norwegian mountains is absolutely gorgeous.

3 – These 6 ways to have a better conversation could come in handy in our next trip down the elevator.

4 – It was fun seeing one of our own tutorials pop up on this summer hairstyles list.

5 – Putting a few of these productivity hacks to action this week.

6 – We’re loving this Modernica lamp giveaway on SF Girl By Bay.

7 – 10 Can’t-Miss Instagrammers Over 40

8 – This new Tallest Man on Earth song is on repeat over here.

9 – This 1890s cottage is making our hearts swoon.

10 – New favorite nude nail color.

August 17, 2016 |

125 Mile Adventure

New Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Fall StyleNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel Journal

Last week, we escaped the heat and headed up north to Flagstaff, AZ. The long drive is one of our favorites, and we were thrilled to team up with Tretorn to celebrate their 125th anniversary by going on an adventure 125 miles from home. We only stayed for the night, but the fresh air, cool breeze, and nothing but trees surrounding us was a great change of scenery for two days. As fall begins to creep up on us, we always find ourselves yearning for that traditional transition in seasons, that special smell in the air, the coziness, and giddiness of the sense of new that’s ahead…whatever it may be. Sometimes we dream about country life…what it would be like to live on a big plot of land, with nothing but trees surrounding us. There’s so many states we’d still love to visit, but we love these mini adventures together, no matter how close or far they may be from our own city. We stayed at the Little America hotel, which is just so charming and quaint.  It’s where we stayed the first time we visited Flagstaff, so it has a lot of great memories attached to it. We went to some of our favorite spots around town including Buffalo Park and of course, Pizzicletta for some of the best pizza we’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring. The next morning we grabbed coffee and breakfast at Macy’s (it’s somewhat of a tradition at this point), before exploring a bit for the day.

New Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Fall StyleNew Darlings - Tretorn125-12New Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel Journal New Darlings - Tretorn125-30


New Darlings - Tretorn125-21New Darlings - Tretorn Sneakers & Denim - MenswearH&M denim jacket (similar here and here) | tee c/o Bridge and Burn | Topman jeans | sneakers c/o Tretorn | watch c/o Movado
New Darlings - Flagstaff AZ - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff AZ - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, AZNew Darlings - Tretorn125-22New Darlings - Tretorn Sneakers - Urban Outfitters JeansMadewell tee and scarf | Urban Outfitters jeans (similar) | glasses c/o EyeBuyDirect | bag c/o Sezane | sneakers c/o Tretorn
New Darlings - Flagstaff AZ - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff AZ - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel Journal

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August 16, 2016 |

Dreamy Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor SpacesPhoto via

It might sound strange, but we never thought we would want a house.  Apartment living was always something we felt content with and thought we’d happy with for years to come.  Maybe we never felt settled, maybe we didn’t want the commitment, maybe the dream of traveling often was too appealing (well, it still is)…whatever it was, it wasn’t something that was part of “the plan” for us. As time goes on, and we feel more and more comfortable here in Arizona, it becomes more clear to us how much we really love it here and want to make it our permanent home. Coming from New York, the appeal was how extremely different our way of life would be in Arizona and how cheap real estate is, was an added bonus.  Both of those are still true, but its remarkable how less expensive real estate is in community homes and new builds vs. older homes.  It seems with newer homes you get a lot more for your money. Sounds weird, right? Don’t get us wrong, custom homes can obviously cost you a pretty penny, but we have been more drawn to the older 1930s-midcentury homes in Phoenix. The charm has completely sucked us in and apparently we’re not alone, because they’re selling like hotcakes! Over the last few months we’ve seen a few dozen homes. We’ve been actively looking, but nothing has really spoken to us. The one or two that did were sold just hours after us seeing them, giving us little time to discuss anything or let it all soak in. It’s so strange, because its one of the biggest investments of your life…you should be thinking everything through and not be impulsive, yet if you don’t strike while the iron is hot it can just slip away. We’re still on the hunt! One of the things that surprised us the most about these older homes is just how big the yards are. We’ve seen some that are completely decked out (fire pits, crazy tile, even a spot to park your airstream) to some that are literally dirt lots in the back (a blank slate for whatever your heart may yearn for).  It got us thinking about all the possibilities and dreaming of the perfect outdoor space. Here’s a few from Pinterest that we’re loving…

DreamyOutdoorSpaces-NewDarlings1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Follow along with us on Pinterest for more daily inspiration.

August 15, 2016 |

Playlist No. 02

New Darlings - Playlist No.02Topshop tank | Urban Outfitters jeans | glasses c/o EyeBuyDirect

Hope you guys had a great weekend!  We spent a lot of our time inside trying to avoid the scorching heat that awaits us just outside our front door.  Time at home for us definitely means lots of music playing all day.  Music is a big part of our lives and we love to integrate it into our snapchats and Instagram stories as well.  A lot of you guys have asked about the music we have been playing, and we loved making Playlist No. 01 back in May, so we figured we’d come back with Playlist No. 02.  Hope you guys enjoy!

NewDarlings-Playlist No. 02

Playlist No. 02 | Find it on Spotify

  1. Young – Frankie Cosmos
  2. Safety Bricks – Kevin Drew
  3. Tony Stark – The Symposium
  4. Parking Lots – Plums
  5. Messy Enough – The Radio Dept.
  6. Shut Up Kiss Me – Angel Olsen
  7. Towers – Bon Iver
  8. Modern Drift – Efterklang
  9. Sunlight – Yuno
  10. Brain to Recorder – Light Heat
  11. Hawaiian Boi – Triathalon
  12. Fancy Shoes – The Walters
  13. Gibraltar – Beirut
  14. Summer Holiday – Wild Nothing
  15. Stay Alive – José González

Hope you guys enjoy these as much as we do. We’re going to be doing more playlists, so follow along with us on Spotify!

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August 11, 2016 |

Do You Go Nude?

New Darlings - Bare Minerals Nude Lip ColorsAritzia dress (similar here and here) | Madewell bandana | bareMinerals lip color in “Notorious” | Ciaté nail polish in “Hutch”

The new GEN NUDE line by bareMinerals recently launched in 60 different shades, which is pretty exciting for natural looking makeup lovers like myself. bareMinerals sent a few over for me to try, so I thought it would be fun to share a review of them on the blog. I’m always trying out new products, looking for the best foundation or that everyday go-to lipstick shade, however I think it will be hard to pry me away from Dior’s mascara.  My sister and I are always sending each other screenshots of our favorite products or texting about whether or not we’ve tried the newest palette from a line.  Many of you have asked about what my favorite makeup products are for a natural look…well, some of these lip colors are included. Check them out below.

New Darlings - Bare Minerals Nude Lip ColorsNew Darlings - Bare Minerals Nude Lip ColorsNew Darlings - Bare Minerals Nude Lip Colors-3Liquid lip colors are quickly becoming my favorite. They go on like a lipgloss and dry like a lipstick. I find these to be longer lasting as well, which is great for when you’re on the go or have a special event to attend. I usually lean toward more pinky tones, so the “JuJu” shade was perfect. I also tried out the peachy tone, “Extra”, which was so pretty in the bottle, but ended up washing out my fair skin tone.  “Friendship” is great for a more daring night out look. It reminds me a bit of Kat Von D’s “Lolita”,  which I’m a fan of. I’m not a huge lipgloss gal (although I embarrassingly applied it like crazy in between classes in my high school days, hah!), but I did find myself putting a little gloss over some of the liquid lip colors for a a bit of shine on some days. I even put a little on when I’m at home sometimes and don’t have full makeup on, just to feel pulled together. (Am I the only one who does that? 😉 ) Thankfully they’re not sticky at all, which is usually the case with most glosses. I’m wearing the shade “Fancy” in the photo above.

New Darlings - Bare Minerals Nude Lip Colors-4New Darlings - Bare Minerals Nude Lip Colors-2The Radiant lipsticks are so creamy! They give medium coverage and are the perfect balance if you’re looking for more than a tint, but aren’t ready to dive into bold matte color. I’ve been wearing this formula the most out of the collection, in “Notorious”. It’s a great mauve shade that I feel like will flatter all skin tones and is pretty moisturizing. My lips have been so dry lately, so a lip color that is more like a super pigmented lip balm is right up my alley.

What do you guys think? What are your go-to lip colors?

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August 9, 2016 |

Palm Springs Getaway with Bota Box

New Darlings - Palm Springs Getaway - Dome in the DesertNew Darlings - Palm Springs Getaway - Dome in the DesertNew Darlings - Palm Springs Getaway New Darlings - Palm Springs GetawaySummer, for us, has always been about getaways, friends and recharging.  Since we were kids, as many families do, we would look forward to that special summer vacation.  Growing up on the East coast meant lots of trips to nearby cities, down the coast to Florida, and of course, Disney World. Our families were very similar in that way.  They worked hard, but always made time for that one big trip every year that really helped us as kids to understand reward, and what it means to step away from the comforts of home and try something new.

We’ve only been living in Phoenix for three years, but feel pretty grateful for a good group of friends here that we truly care about and love spending time with.  We like to think that we’ve continued those old traditions of getting away for the summer, even for just a few days, and recharge.  These people have become our family, home away from, and getting away with them for a few days was just what we needed recently.
New Darlings - Salvation Mountain - CaliforniaNew Darlings - Sand Dunes CaliforniaNew Darlings - Salvation Mountain CaliforniaNew Darlings - Palm Springs Getaway - Imperial Sand Dunes CANew Darlings - Bota Box - Palm Springs Getaway
A few weeks ago, we planned a fun trip to Palm Springs with our Arizona family, packed up the car and took the five-hour drive.  Of course, we stopped a few times along the way to explore some new spots, pick up a few snacks, and take a few photos for our collection.  The highlights were definitely the Imperial Sand Dunes and Salvation Mountain.  It was hot, no doubt about it, and the sands may have burnt our feet (just a little), but the six of us made the best of it and laughed the whole time.  We joked around the whole ride there, listened to a lot of Beatles, and sweat it out together.  Exploring Salvation Mountain was pretty amazing.  We had first heard of this place when we watched Into the Wild a few years back, and were so thrilled to finally see it in person.  “This is a love story that is staggering to everybody in the world.” Regardless of what one’s religious beliefs may be, there’s no denying the incredible artwork of Leonard Knight.  We could definitely all learn a thing or two from him. Every inch of that place was just so special and definitely worth a visit if you are near the area.
New Darlings - Dome in the Desert - Palm SpringsNew Darlings - Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Palm Springs Getaway with Bota Box
When we arrived to our Airbnb in Palm Springs, we were pretty stunned.  It wasn’t your ordinary house.  It was a dome!! But not just any dome. It was a dome on five acres of land, surrounded by towering windmills, and decorated with some pretty funky furniture.  We all freaked out about it for a few minutes in the best way possible, geeking out over the design choices and architecture in general, before we started snapping photos and videos of the property.  It was pretty amazing and we’re so glad we picked such a beautiful place to spend a few days at together.  It was so private and only 15 minutes to downtown Palm Springs, so we really got the best of both worlds.  New Darlings - Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Bota Box - Palm Springs Getaway
New Darlings - Bota BoxNew Darlings - Palm Springs Getaway
We packed the essentials for our trip…comfy clothes, bluetooth speakers to sync up with our Spotify playlists, chairs made by our friends at Tremaine Ranch, our guitars, and of course a little travel wine by our favorite, Bota Box.  We were excited to partner with Bota Box recently, as they have been our go-to for getaways and trips with friends all summer long. Plus who doesn’t want to treat their friends with some tasty treats, corny singalongs, and a little wine? We love that they’re portable and 100% recyclable, while not sacrificing quality.
New Darlings - Palm Springs - ACE HotelNew Darlings - Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Palm Springs - ACE Hotel
We spent equal parts of this trip hanging out and relaxing on the property and wandering around downtown.  We enjoyed happy hour at the ACE hotel and an amazing farewell dinner at the Parker.  Palm Springs in the summertime isn’t for everyone.  It’s hot, pretty empty, and some businesses don’t even open, but we love it.  It feels like we have the city to ourselves.  We were out and about quite a bit on this little getaway, as some of the group was experiencing Palm Springs for the first time, but it’s pretty safe to say that our favorite part of the trip where the evenings where we gathered outside, shared stories, and made up some ridiculous songs.
New Darlings - Sand Dunes CaliforniaNew Darlings - Bota Box - Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Palm Springs GetawayNewDarlings-BotaBox-31New Darlings - Palm Springs GetawayPalm SpringsNew Darlings - Palm Springs Getaway
Palm Springs never gets old…it’s the perfect little adventure while not going too far from our own backyard.  The mid-century homes, beautiful hotels, and vintage shops are always fun to check out and it reminds us of why we moved out west and fell in love with the desert.  We’re glad we are just a car ride away and can’t wait for our next trip.  Until next time, Palm Springs!



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This post was made in partnership with Bota Box. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

August 8, 2016 |

Beating the Summer Heat with Maxi Dresses

New Darlings - Summer Style - Maxi and Straw HatNew Darlings - Maxi Dress - Summer LookKnot Sisters dress c/o PBJ Boutique | Lack of Color hat (similar here and here) | tote c/o LiveFashionable | Frye sandals (similar)

Thank goodness for maxi dresses, especially during the summertime. I’ve always stayed away from the longer length and looser fit because of my shorter frame (I’m only 5’1″ — the 1″ means a lot guys! 😉 ), but they’ve really become such a summer staple for me.  The last leg of summer in Phoenix is always rough. Somehow we always forget what these temps are like and then August rolls around full of humidity hitting us smack-dab in the face. Flowy clothes are a saving grace…in comes the maxi. They’re great for running errands with flats and a tote, or dressing up later in the evening with some strappy sandals and big hat. Here are a few of my favorites below:


Patterned, solid, casual, fancy. Loose and airy options to stay cool no matter what the occasion
may be.

Dress up or dress down your maxi with flat sandals, comfy slip-ons, or strappy heels.

Straw handbags for summer walks, leather totes for afternoon errands, or a little clutch for a special date night.

Add a hat, shades, and a few bangles to complete the look.

August 5, 2016 |

Weekend Links: 04

New Darlings - 08.03.16His: shirt c/o Banana Republic | Levi’s jeans | bag c/o ONA
Hers: shirt c/o Della | Urban Outfitters jeans (similar) | J.Crew bag (similar) | Estee Lauder lipstick in “Pink Dragon”

We’ve been having some cloudy days around here lately, but we’re not complaining about it. It’s been kind of nice to get a little break from the heat with the rain, and cozy up around here.  July felt like our busiest month yet, so we’re really looking forward the first weekend of August being relaxed.  Phoenix Flea is Saturday and we have an appointment with our realtor this afternoon to look at a few more homes.  Although we’re not in a hurry to move (it feels like we’ve been doing a lot of that lately), we’re really ready to settle into a place we can make our own and have something more permanent. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.  Hope everyone has a great weekend! Here are a few links from around the web we enjoyed this week…

1 – The prettiest beach picnic set up.

2 – 18 little details that will make you love Stranger Things even more.

3 – Are you guys team Snapchat or Instagram stories?

4 – We’re loving this new track from one of our favorite bands, Tennis.

5 – This bungalow renovation has us dreaming of our future home.

6 – Loving how bright and cheery these cute art prints are.

7 – Getting excited for fall fashion with this video from Anthropologie’s catalog preview.  So dreamy!

8 – This guy used kites for photography way before drones were even a thought.

9 – Jeanine & Jack’s visit to Copenhagen has us dreaming of a colorful getaway.

10 – Our favorite his & hers camera bags.

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