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Away we go!

New Darlings - Away Luggage - Packing for EuropeNew Darlings - Packing for Europe with AwayWell, we would never have guessed it but we’re becoming quite the cruisers. 😉 We’re off again with Princess cruises on a Mediterranean cruise through Europe. We are over the moon excited, as visiting Europe has been a dream of ours for as long as we could remember. (Dancing under the stars in Rome, was one of the things we wrote on the “Before I Die…” wall in San Diego a while back. It may sound corny, but it’s true.) We will be stopping in Spain, Great Britain, France, and Italy. We can’t wait! We leave Phoenix today and head to Philly where we will catch our connecting flight to Barcelona. When speaking about the trip and our port of call in Barcelona to friends and family, this song from the Vicky Cristina Barcelona soundtrack kept popping into our heads and playing over and over. Man, if only all the music from Woody Allen’s films could be playing as we stroll through the streets in Europe. We joked about creating a playlist to listen to while exploring each city.  It’s a rather romanticized way to imagine the trip, but we can’t help but feel like it would be the optimal way to experience these places for the first time together. 😉

New Darlings - Away Luggage - Packing for EuropeWith each new trip, comes a little more knowledge on how to pack smarter for time away from home. We packed early this time (we know we couldn’t believe it ourselves), and boy did it make things easier. Packing light is always something we’ve aspired to do, but somehow is harder than it sounds. We used to begin packing and before we knew it, we had multiple pairs of shoes, random accessories, and bulky items. We’ll be on an 8-day cruise and then stopping in New York to visit some friends and family before heading back to Phoenix, so wanted to make sure we kept our luggage to a minimum while still bringing all the essentials. Here’s a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up for packing lately…

New Darlings - Packing for Europe with AwayNew Darlings - Packing for Europe with AwayLUGGAGE
It’s been a while since we’ve updated our luggage and we are so happy we finally got our hands on these new carry-ons from Away. We’ve been lusting after them for a while, and now we are pretty excited to take them for a spin! (When you start swooning over things like luggage, a shiny washer and dryer, and hey — maybe even a new cutting board, that doesn’t mean you’re getting old, right? 😉 ) Anyway, packing smart should to start with the actual luggage. These are pretty light, which is a major plus when lifting them up in the plane’s overhead compartment and have several different compartments to keep everything from intimates to shoes, to even dirty laundry all separate and in their place. This makes our maybe-just-a-little-too-neat (borderline anal) personalities very happy.  They have four wheels and swivel in every direction, which is a major step up from our old carry-ons. It may sound like an obvious feature to look for when choosing a carry-on, but we’ve been distracted in the past with cute duffles, only to get through security feeling like our arms were gonna fall off. Lastly and maybe one of our favorite features, they have built-in chargers and USB ports. Can you say, “game changer”?


New Darlings - Packing for Europe with AwayPACK VERSATILE ITEMS
Packing versatile items has been so helpful when traveling. It may take a little longer to mentally organize outfits and what pieces can go with what, but in the end we feel like this saves so much space and time. Packing versatile bottoms like black or dark blue denim that can be casual for day and dressed up for dinner at night is always a must in our luggage. For pieces that are more specific like a dress or jumpsuit, change up your shoes and accessories to go from day to night. We found ourselves doing this several times on our last cruise, even though we packed multiple outfits. Done packing? Now think about what you can take out of your luggage. Unless you absolutely love the water, one bathing suit will work just fine. We used to pack multiple, but we would find ourselves going to the pool or beach once a day for a quick dip (sometimes every other day) when traveling. Cruises have formal dinner nights and different events going on daily. Packing one pair of heels for multiple dinners, and one suit with different shirt and tie options has been helpful on saving room. For the most part, it’s pretty casual and we’ll be walking around a ton, so lightweight cotton tops and comfy shoes are what we’ll be reaching for most days.

Click through below to see what we’re packing for our Mediterranean Cruise:


New Darlings - Packing for Europe with AwayORGANIZING YOUR SUITCASE: LAYERING + ROLLING
Start with laying your shoes and bulky items on the bottom of your suitcase, then begin rolling your clothes and layering them on top. We’ve heard of the rolling technique for years and it seems like kind of a given, but we didn’t start doing it until recently and now we don’t know what took us so long. Rolling cotton tops, pants, and skirts takes up so much less space than regular folding. Plus, you can get in all those little spots in your luggage that feel like wasted space. Tissue paper has also been helpful for more delicate materials and dressier items. Wrapping and rolling the garment in tissue paper helps it from getting wrinkled during travel. It may feel like an extra step, but anything that saves us time from ironing or a dry-cleaning room service bill is fine with us! When possible, bring sweaters, jackets and hats with you on the flight. You’ll save room, keep your hat from getting squashed in your luggage, and a cozy layering piece with you in case you get cold on while traveling.


What are some of your tips and tricks for traveling?

Follow along with us on instagram the next few days as we explore Europe! Can’t wait to check out the cruise ship and all the beautiful cities!

May 25, 2016 |

Father’s Day Gift Guide with Jack Spade

New Darlings - Father's Day - Gift Guide New Darlings - Father's Day - Gift GuideFather’s Day is coming up and we thought it would be fun (and hopefully helpful) to share some gift ideas. We both have a tough time shopping for our dads…it feels like they have everything they need and they are both kind of work-a-holics. So what can you get them that would feel like a little indulgence or special treat, while still being thoughtful along with a hand written note? Usually around any holiday there are a ton of gift guides floating around the internet and they all have a similar feel. Our dads couldn’t be any more different from one another…one likes sports the other likes cars. One is a little more handy around the house, and the other enjoys the outdoors. One goes to work with a suit and tie each day, and the other works with his hands. So with our very different dads in mind we rounded up a few our favorite items from Jack Spade, that will hopefully give you a few gift ideas for your dad too! They have a great selection of classic pieces, for every type of guy. We may or may not have focused on some travel essentials for them, that would be perfect for when they visit AZ…hint, hint. 😉 (Hello, dads trip!!)

Father’s Day gift ideas:
[Click through to see our favorites + on the photo to be brought to product page.]


May 23, 2016 |

Lucky Denim

New Darlings - Couples Style - Lucky Brand - Spring/SummerNew Darlings - Milkbraids - Spring/Summer style New Darlings - Menswear - Lucky BrandNew Darlings - Milkbraids - Vintage CameraNew Darlings - Lucky Brand Striped Shirt & JeansNew Darlings - Menswear - Lucky Brand ChambrayNew Darlings - Couples Style Lucky BrandNew Darlings - Sunglasses and Milkbraids - Spring/Summer StyleNew Darlings - Spring Summer StyleNew Darlings - Spring Summer Looks with Lucky Brand

We’ve always been inspired by the music we listen to.  From the way we dress, to the words we write… the musicians we admire, without a doubt, play a role in our overall sense of style.    Although we did attend SXSW in Austin earlier this year, we wish we were able to make it to some of the other music festivals.  The lineups for BottleRock and Sasquatch have us kicking ourselves a bit, but this only means: more car-ride dance parties and ukulele sing-alongs at home to get that music fix.  If you follow along with us on Snapchat, you’ve probably seen too much of the above. Haha!

We touched upon festival fashion a bit before heading to Austin a while back for SXSW, and our minimal take on it. Festival fashion is always known for being a bit over the top. We’ve talked to some people who have gone to Coachella and Sasquatch and spent a ton of money and time planning and putting together looks for the event. They look amazing and its definitely fun putting looks together, but sometimes you find yourself with pieces that aren’t really practical and versatile in the long run. You know…those pieces that end up in the back of your closet or tucked away in a drawer that you haven’t worn in over a year…yeah, we’re trying avoid purchases like that lately.  In the end, festivals are really all about the music, and staying comfortable and cool in the heat.

Lucky Brand has some great festival-inspired looks going on right now.  These late spring festivals coming up call for some sleeveless tops, rolled up jeans and sunnies.  If you’re fortunate enough to be attending these festivals or are just looking for some new spring and summer pieces,  you may want to head over and snatch up some of these looks!

Here are some of our favorites:
NewDarlings-LuckyBrand-Collage1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

This post was made in partnership with Lucky Brand. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support this blog.

May 20, 2016 |

San Francisco, CA

New Darlings - Travel - San Francisco, CA New Darlings - Travel - San Francisco, CALast month we spent a few days in San Francisco, exploring the city.  We’ve been wanting to share this post for a while now, but we took hundreds of photos on our trip, so it took longer than usual to get them all here. :) Our San Francisco trip flew by, but we had the best time celebrating our anniversary, hanging with friends, and walking waaaay too much all over the city.  We have been talking about taking a trip to San Francisco for years.  It’s one of those cities that when you tell people you haven’t visited yet, they look at you like you did something terribly wrong and then begin telling you the million reasons why you should have already been there.  We’re not sure why it took us this long, but we are so happy we finally made it happen.

New Darlings - San Francisco, CA - Travel - Painted LadiesNew Darlings - Travel - San Francisco, CA New Darlings - San Francisco, CA - Travel New Darlings - San Francisco, CA - Travel What a charming place!  For a city that really isn’t very big, they really found a way to pack all the good stuff in.  Even the touristy things were cool.  The cable cars, the Painted Ladies, the Golden Gate bridge…it felt like someone made this place up.  We stayed at the cutest Best Western boutique hotel in the North Beach area.  If you follow along with us on Instagram or Snapchat you might have seen some of our breakfasts in bed which we got way too used to doing while staying there.  We love to cook, but sometimes you just can’t beat a buttered croissant and a bowl of fruit that someone else lovingly prepared for you ;).  We spent many afternoons walking from the hotel into Little Italy for our pizza fix (and some of the best gnocchi we ever had, but more on that in a bit).  Lucky for us it wasn’t a far walk!  Huge thanks to the Best Western team for making our stay so enjoyable and to Nelson at the front desk for always saying “hey guys!” when we would either come or go.  We loved it!

New Darlings - San Francisco, CA - Travel READ MORE

May 19, 2016 |

Life Lately & How We Unwind…

New Darlings - His and Hers - Spring Summer StyleOh man!  It’s been crazy over here lately.  We haven’t really had a chance to talk about our move or why we moved or where we ended up.  To be honest, we hardly even had the time to talk about those things with each other.  It all happened so fast.  We’d been at our old place (can we call it that yet?) for just over ten months.  The space was great.  It was the perfect size for the two of us;  lots of light, beautiful white brick walls, and no carpet (which is hard to find in Phoenix).  The problem with the place wasn’t the appearance, it was the bones.  New places are popping up all over Phoenix lately.  It’s not easy to find a mid-century apartment complex that looked the way ours did.  Which is probably why we fell in love with it.  The reason we had to go was because the 1960’s are over 50 years old, and so was our place.  The roof needed to be replaced, the A/C unit was constantly leaking, and when it rained we just didn’t know what would go wrong.  We kept hanging on because we just loved it that much.  All of our things fit perfectly within the place.  We had just finally put the finishing touches on our office space, and then things started to turn quickly.  We were about to take our trip to San Francisco, and we had a lot of water leaking from our ceiling.  The maintenance team tried and tried to fix it, but it just wasn’t working out.  The musty smell in the air was starting to get to us and we impulsively walked across the street and signed a lease at the new apartment complex that opened up recently.  We definitely want to be home owners some day, but for now, while traveling is a big part of our day-to-day, we prefer to rent.  So anyway, here we are.  We moved in to our new place last week, and we are doing our best to get everything back to normal as quickly as we humanly can.

New Darlings - Futuro Coffee - Phoenix, AZNew Darlings - Futuro Coffee - Phoenix, AZNew Darlings - Ugg Loafers - Mens Spring/Summer StyleIn the midst of the move and keeping up with work projects, it can be difficult to find time to just relax and be together. Since making the transition into the world of freelance photography and marketing, we find ourselves working from home quite a bit. It’s been an amazing journey so far, working with companies on creating content for their websites and lookbooks, but not having a traditional 9-5, can sometimes be tough. When there is no place to clock in or clock out, how do you decide when it’s time to stop working? After talking with some friends who are in the same field of work, we realized we’re not alone with having trouble turning off that work switch. Lately, we find that the best way to unwind and turn off that work-mode state of mind is to throw on some comfy clothes and shoes, step out of our apartment, leave the laptop behind, turn off email alerts, and just be. It seems to be the only way we can separate ourselves from working.  It’s funny what stepping away from a project can do.  When we leave our little home office space, it puts everything back into perspective.

Here’s a little peek at our “off-duty”/hang out uniforms lately:

-UGG loafers for him and slip ons for her: they’re like walking on air!
wide-leg denim and a light-weight tank: loose fitting clothes for these warmer days, please!
-linen button down and denim
New Darlings -Women's Spring/Summer StyleNew Darlings - Futuro Phoenix, AZNew Darlings - Futuro Phoenix, AZNew Darlings - Women's Spring/Summer Style - Wide leg jeans - slip on sandals
We recently got a few emails about what we like to do in Arizona in our free time. There’s no denying the huge coffee scene here. Escaping to our new favorite spot, Futuro has become a weekly tradition lately. It’s kind of a one stop shop, joined with Palabra Collective…coffee, a gallery space, and it’s also where we get our hair done. 😉 Our friend Jorge Ignacio Torres, is the owner, curator, and hairstylist behind the space.  Every detail has been so thoughtfully constructed, making up a serene and unique hang out environment. The space has a gallery with various local art of all mediums that changes monthly, along with opening receptions with the featured artist. It’s been fun seeing friends of ours have their work featured there, along with attending the gatherings each month. Currently they’re showcasing photography by our friend Richard Douglas, featuring another good friend and all around amazing guy in the community, Titus Fauntleroy.
New Darlings - Futuro Phoenix, AZNew Darlings - Menswear - Spring/Summer StyleNew Darlings - Coffee and Clothes at Futuro - Phoenix, AZIf you’re in the Phoenix area definitely check out the space and grab a Tonico or Mocha — they’re our go-tos each time. It’s been a calm retreat for us during these hectic days lately, plus their huge sliding doors, and open windows make it impossible not to stay cheery each on these spring days! Also, some of you have asked where we get our haircut and what to ask for with bangs, well we also get our hair cut there! Ask for Priscilla — she’s our favorite. 😉
New Darlings - Spring Summer Style - Boho NecklaceNew Darlings - Futuro Phoenix, AZNew Darlings - Futuro Coffee Phoenix, AZ - Ugg sandals - Madewell wide leg jeans

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Recent Snaps

New Darlings - Top Knot - Red Lips - Chambray

Hope you guys have been well.  It’s been as crazy as ever over here!  Work, a move, planning a trip…the list goes on, but we have more on that coming to the blog tomorrow. Until then, here are some recent snaps we’ve taken lately. (All image details are linked below.)

New Darlings - Boho Midcentury office space - #UOhomeThe jungle just kept growing in this room…

New Darlings - Night table - Midcentury Boho decorNew Darlings - Topman - Nordstrom - Menswear

New Darlings - Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market New Darlings - Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market We had such a fun time at the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market a few weekends ago. Thanks again to the lovely ladies behind the event for inviting us to the pre-shopping event. :)

New Darlings - Overalls and Top KnotBeen living in overalls lately…

New Darlings - Plants in windowsill New Darlings - Moments at homeNew Darlings - Breakfast in bed - Black and white textilesTrying to indulge in slow mornings whenever we can…

New Darlings - At Home - Crosley Record Player - Midcentury furniture

So happy to have this Crosley in our bedroom now. We can’t stop spinning all of our favorite records. We put together a little online playlist over on Spotify, just in case you guys missed it.

New Darlings - Treats and Baths

New Darlings - Recent SnapsChecking out the new apartment. More on that tomorrow. 😉

May 16, 2016 |

Favorite Home Interior Books

New Darlings Home Decor

We’re constantly on the hunt for new home decor books. They’re some of our favorite books to flip through when needing some inspiration and to read with a cup of tea in hand, sleepy-eyed in the morning. Our love for interior design is something that just continues to grow over time. We’re always finding ourselves walking into restaurants or shops, admiring the architecture and/or design process, how clothing or items are merchandised, how windows and furniture is placed, and thinking of ways to recreate and reinvent those looks in our own home. It’s something we just instantly gravitate towards. Add in some interior “before and afters” to the mix and that’s a whole other level of excitement! Below we’ve rounded up some of our favorite home decor books that we find ourselves reaching for quite often…

[Click through to see some of our favorites]

Follow along with us on Pinterest for more home inspiration.

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May 10, 2016 |

Playlist No. 01

New Darlings - Romper and top knotromper c/o Camp Collection | Warby Parker “Durand” frames | Crosley record player and Instax camera c/o Urban Outfitters

It’s definitely feeling like spring in Phoenix.  Warm days and cooler nights have been so ideal, and we love having music to go along with the seasons.  If you follow along with us on Snapchat you’ve probably seen what records we are currently spinning, car ride dance moves, and lots of air guitar.  Below you can find some songs we are currently loving.  Some are older and some are fresh off the shelves, but (for one reason or another) they all make us feel like it’s definitely spring time.  Enjoy!

New Darlings - Playlist No. 01Playlist No. 01 | Find it on Spotify

  1. Love Like a Sunset: Part II – Phoenix
  2. In a Drawer – Band of Horses
  3. French Navy – Camera Obscura
  4. Lover of Mine – Beach House
  5. Chinese New Year – Sales
  6. Woodland – The Paper Kites
  7. Roma Fade – Andrew Bird
  8. 100 Million – Charlie Hilton
  9. On the Lips – Frankie Cosmos
  10. Christmas Night – The Cave Singers
  11. No No No – Beirut
  12. Ragged Wood – Fleet Foxes
  13. It’s Real – Real Estate
  14. Australia – The Shins
  15. Sunshine and Clouds – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Hope you guys enjoy these as much as we do. We’re going to be doing more playlists, so follow along with us on Spotify!

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May 7, 2016 |

Weekend Wear with Børn

New Darlings - Couples Spring Style - Born Dillard'sNew Darlings - Born Dillard's - Mens StyleNew Darlings - Born Sandals - Dillard's New Darlings - Born Sandals - Dillard's - Zara Rompernew Darlings - Born Dillard's _ Mens StyleNew Darlings - Born - Dillard's Mens StyleNew Darlings - Spring Couple Style - Born ShoesNew Darlings - Born Sandals - Dillard's - Zara RomperNew Darlings - Born Dillard's - Neutral outfit New Darlings - Born Mens loafers - Denim on denim

His: shoes c/o Born (available at Dillard’s) | Levi’s jeans | Urban Outfitters shirt | watch c/o Timex
Hers: sandals c/o Born (available at Dillard’s) | Zara dress | bag c/o Madewell

Happy weekend! What a crazy week it has been over here. We got back from our trip to San Francisco last weekend (we’re still dreaming about that city!), and have been getting settled back in, along with playing a bit of catch up as well. The week has been full of meetings, ices-cream dates with friends, and having some maintenance done at our apartment. The AC has been on the fritz and we’ve had some people in and out working on things. We love the old, mid-century architecture of our home, but living in a building from the 50’s definitely comes with its compromises. It’s been a long week over here to say the least and we are so excited for the weekend! Junk in the Trunk is going on Saturday and Sunday, which is always a treat. We were kindly invited to their early shopping night last night to take a look at all the amazing vendors, before the rush of the weekend. (If you follow along on snapchat, you might have seen a little peek of it.) It’s always a fun shopping event, flea-market style, and you end up bumping into a lot of great people in the community. We scored a great film camera from the 70’s last night, so thats a plus, right? 😉  Tonight we’re heading to a little dinner party hosted by our friend Sarah and her husband. We’re looking forward to enjoying a cool Phoenix evening outside with friends and good food. Somewhere mixed in there, we’ll do our usual weekend errands running all over town. Haha

Casual weekend outfits that can take you from the grocery store to a backyard dinner party, and are still comfortable is something we always look for when getting dressed on the weekends. We’ve never been ones to rock athletic wear when not in the gym. Some people can pull it off — we just can’t. We love looking through photos of street style looks with sneakers and a dressier top and jeans or even a dress, but it just never works for us. So, shoes that feel like sneakers but still look a little dressed up, no matter how casual the rest of your outfit is, are our favorite. We’ve been loving styles from Børn lately. Their heeled sandals are so comfortable with a chunkier heel and can easily be transitioned from day-to-night. The ones above have such a great neutral color palette, which makes them easy to mix and match with almost anything in your closet. (Yes to versatility!) They also have a great selection of men’s styles, which are just as comfy. They make the perfect Mother’s or Father’s Day gift, too!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend and a very Happy Mother’s Day with their loved ones!


This post is sponsored by Børn, available at Dillard’s.  As always all thoughts and opinions are our own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that help support this blog.

May 3, 2016 |

Goodnight Macaroon Spring Favorites

New Darlings - Goodnight Macaroon - Lace Eyelet DressNew Darlings - Goodnight Macaroon - Lace DetailsIt’s not often that I really fall in love with a new clothing company. Just like our favorite restaurants and coffee shops, I have my go-tos that never fail. I know what fits, what styles they carry, and when I’m looking for something specific, where I can find it. I recently came across Goodnight Macaroon, and have found myself browsing on their new arrivals section quite a bit lately. They carry classic, yet on-trend pieces at a pretty great price point.  They also have a fun section on their blog, showing how to recreate celebrity outfits with links to their pieces and some other brands as well. Things like that are always a plus for me.

New Darlings - Goodnight Macaroon - Lace Dress - Leather HandbagTemperatures are heating up over here and I’m already finding myself reaching for easy, light weight dresses. This little lace eyelet dress has become a new favorite and one that I see myself wearing over and over again. I love it’s simplicity and classic look. A while back, we mentioned incorporating more staple pieces into our closet that we can wear for years to come. What’s more classic than stripes, denim, and a simple sundress? The pieces below are all part of their 50% off flash sale happening today and tomorrow.

New Darlings - Goodnight Macaroon Spring FavoritesNewDarlings-GoodnightMacaroon-07NewDarlings - Goodnight Macaroon Dress - Lace detailsHere’s a look at some of my favorites for spring. Everything is pretty versatile and can be worn during the day with sandals, then dressed up for a date night with booties and some jewelry. The army green jacket and slouchy sweater are some of my favorite light weight layering pieces for the season.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

NewDarlings-GoodnightMacaroon-03 dress c/o Goodnight Macaroon | bag c/o LiveFashionable | boots and sunglasses c/o Madewell

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More Goodnight Macaroon favorites:

Thank you to Goodnight Macaroon for sponsoring this post. As always all thoughts & opinions are our own.

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