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My Upcoming House Projects

Feb 20, 2024 | By New Darlings

Desert Mediterranean Inspired Home - Neutral Home Aesthetic

House Projects I want to Tackle This Year

March will mark one full year we’ve been living in this house and I can hardly believe it. Our time here truly has been flying by and we’ve been enjoying every minute of making this house a home. It’s really feeling like us here and I feel a sense of joy and calm anytime we are home. There are a few house projects I do want to tackle this year though. Here’s what I’m thinking…

Neutral Textural Art - Christina New Darlings - Built in Niches

Ceramic Mug Collection - Christina New Darlings - Built in Niches

Add Niches

You may be familiar with our circle mug shelf in the kitchen, where I love to display some of my favorite ceramics. I truly enjoy having things out on display. We left some walls bare for some artwork we are planning, but there are a few areas I would like to add a few more built-ins to, like the den and bathrooms. 

Natural Desert Home Interior Inspiration

Guest Room

We’ve hosted some family and friends since living here and it has been such a treat having a space for our loved ones to be comfortable when visiting Arizona. We prepped the guest room a bit, but I really would like to add a more dramatic bed frame in the space and add pendant lighting to draw the eye up and balance out the space. 

Exterior Stucco Mediterranean Inspired Home

Desert Mediterranean Inspired Home - Desert Landscaping - Outdoor Patio Furniture


Maybe the biggest project of all this year will be to tackle the exterior a bit more. We have plans of adding a greenhouse, landscaping to the front of the house, and build a pergola at the end of the pool for our fire pit area. We had renderings created with Yardzen and they really brought our vision to life. Seeing all the plans are giving us the motivation to really tackle some of these larger outdoor projects. 

I’ll share more about our exterior plans real soon in an individual blog post. 

For now, follow along on Instagram and TikTok for daily house updates and interior design inspo. 

**Thank you to Victoria Aguirre of Pampa for these photos.**

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