How Do Brand Sponsorships Work?


There is this misconception with blogging that all there is to it is traveling the world, and being gifted expensive things. Some people believe that, but just like everything in life those things need to be earned. We do not get handed anything just for having a blog. So how do brand partnerships work you may ask? What does sponsored content even mean? Let’s dive in!


Hello Monday!


Hers: Tee | Jeans | Shoes | Bag /¬†His: Shirt | Pants | Shoes Hello Monday, you snuck up on us real fast again. We spent all last Friday thinking it was Monday, so I guess you would show your face sooner or later. ūüėČ We feel like we’ve been a little MIA lately on … Continue reading “Hello Monday!”


Two Years.


Today is our second¬†wedding anniversary! It’s kind of crazy to look at the calendar and realize that today marks two years since we walked down the aisle and became husband and wife. ¬†It’s amazing just how fast two years can fly by and how exciting each of those 730 days have been. ¬†After dating for … Continue reading “Two Years.”


A Year Out West


A year has passed since we moved from New York to Phoenix. ¬†We never thought we’d embrace Arizona so quickly. ¬†Last¬†summer, on the fourth of July, we hopped on a plane at JFK airport, with our one-way tickets in hand and headed west. ¬†We had no idea what to expect and it was such an … Continue reading “A Year Out West”