Our 5 Year Anniversary Trip: Pt I London

Jun 07, 2018 | By Christina

Cute London Photo StopsCute London Photo Stops

I’m not quite sure how five years of marriage snuck up on us, but it did and it’s official — we’re not newlyweds anymore…as much as I used to love saying that. 😉 Last year our travel bug was in full force. We traveled to 21 different cities, but the two places that really stuck with us the most were London and Paris. When Rob suggested that’s where we should head for our anniversary, I was super excited.  The last time we were there it was only for two or three days, so I my mind began racing. But to be honest, for a minute or two was a little nervous to begin traveling again after finding comfort in being home together for a few consecutive months, and oh yeah – a new renovation starting, but I am so glad I let the over-thinking, over-planning part of my brain loose and just went with it. We spent a week in London and then took the train to Paris for another week (I’ll share those photos soon) and it was nothing short of magical. Growing up, I never really had London on my radar, but I would love to spend several months there next time.

There’s something about the lifestyle that just draws me in and I’m hooked. You can have the bustling restaurants and cute coffee shops, but you can also have the quiet parks and mom and pop shops. We didn’t hit it as hard as our usual travel schedules, which was perfect for celebrating our anniversary. We made a few reservations for dinner and spent the days wandering in and out of shops, enjoying high tea, and eating so many pastries, oh my gosh! Haha

Cute London Photo StopsCute London Photo StopsCute London Photo StopsCute London Photo StopsCute London Photo StopsCute London Photo StopsCute London Photo StopsCute London Photo StopsMy best friend, my partner, my support system. It’s kind of crazy thinking we have been “doing married life” together for the last five years. This day in age, it can be hard to tell what’s genuine, what’s real… there’s a ton of stimulation and constant engagement with social media and being plugged in. We have some friends who have gotten married this year and some who are engaged…we have all found ourselves in many conversations about marriage together: what has worked, what hasn’t, “tips”, etc… and in the end, we both continuously say: life is going to be hard and unpredictable no matter what, so find someone who you want to face the hard times with. We’ve been through a ton of ups and downs over the years…with moving, starting our own business, buying a house..the list goes on…but one thing I am extremely thankful for is that we have never lost the sense of fun in our relationship. I’m thankful we have been able to find the humor in things and adjust with one another as each of us has grown as individuals, as well as continuing to evolve as caring partners for each other. Life may not always be perfect or pretty, but making the time to communicate and put our marriage first has been the biggest blessing in our life together.

Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff…here’s a few more photos from pretty London… 🙂
We spent our anniversary day running around the city, stopping into a few shops, exchanged cards and had high tea at the ever popular Sketch, which did not disappoint. We were stuffed, but pleasantly so!

Cute London Photo Stops

Cute London Photo StopsCute London Photo StopsCute London Photo StopsCute London Photo StopsCute London Photo StopsCute London Photo Stops

Cute London Photo Stops

You can see more of our London trip through our anniversary video here.

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6 comments on “Our 5 Year Anniversary Trip: Pt I London”

  1. can i just say how refreshing it is to read about a marriage that doesn’t mention “how much work” it is?! i just celebrated 10 (!!!) years with my husband in december and it’s our pet peeve when couples really make it known how much “work” it is. i don’t know. i won’t get into it but it was definitely refreshing to not hear that, even if you think it’s work too. 😉

    also, is it weird to say that rob’s hair is so cute like this?

  2. I’ve been loving seeing your journey through instagram, especially in Paris (I look forward to this the post about Paris by the way!). I’m sure you’ve made new memories in Europe, it’s such a beautiful trip for a 5 years anniversary.

  3. you guys look lovely together!!! i love all your post but this one is pretty special and the pictures from London !!! i am speechless.. the best wishes for you and a lot of years more living in love 🙂


  4. I love your words and the joy that spills out of them!! It’s always such a delight to read your musings and see your wanderings. When you two travel, do you usually have someone take a photo of the both of you? Do you ever bring a tripod with you? I love that you’re able to get some photos of the both of you. It’s so special.

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