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Apr 16, 2018 | By Christina

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Hello Monday, you snuck up on us real fast again. We spent all last Friday thinking it was Monday, so I guess you would show your face sooner or later. 😉 We feel like we’ve been a little MIA lately on here and Instagram, so we thought we should share some updates about what’s currently been going on around these parts. Nowadays with everyone constantly on IG, IG stories, vlogging, blogging, etc., it feels almost wrong to not keep everyone in the loop. We’ve been juggling a lot lately and by no means mean to be secretive, we can just sometimes get in our heads and forget we haven’t already spoken about it. So here’s a look at what’s been going on over here…

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This Wednesday we have some movers coming to completely move everything out of our house and into a POD container that will store our things for the next six(ish) months while we add an extension to our home and refinish all the floors. It’s been a project we’ve been going back and forth on for a while, but after diving into all the possibilities with our contractor and realizing this is really the home we want to grow into and with, we decided to go for it. We spent most of the weekend cleaning and packing, which is why we were pretty quiet on IG — not all that exciting, but it’s all leading up to some really fun stuff. We’ll be knocking down some walls, extending the dining room and adding French doors, extending our bedroom and building a walk in master closet, refinishing the floors and doing some updates to the kitchen. The kitchen was the last thing we decided to go forward with and plan to dive into it more, but we’re excited to finally make it custom and fully functional for us. Keep an eye out for some video progress of the whole thing.

While the renovation is going on we’ll be living in our guesthouse on and off, while mixing some travel in. In exactly one week, we’ll be packing our bags and heading to London and Paris again to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary….what?!? I cannot believe that day will be here so soon! I so vividly remember sitting on the beach in Cancun during our honeymoon talking about “five years from now” and how we would celebrate this milestone of marriage. We had originally planned to go back to our honeymoon spot, but after falling in love with London and Paris so much last year, we decided to go back and use our points for the flight. We cannot wait! We’re also trying to plan a beach getaway for the summer…we’re thinking somewhere calm that we can just sink our toes in the sand and get lost with a good book. Any recommendations?!

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Henry has been a huge topic in our household lately and being his dog parents is something we take super seriously. After rescuing Henry over a year and a half ago, we realized he had some anxiety issues. We have tried to tackle them on our own, with positive reenforcement, food driven commands, socializing him at the dog park and with friends, diet changes, so on and so forth. Unfortunately, his anxiety is just getting worse…it’s almost like he blacks out on his walks, going into a barking frenzy, spinning in circles, barking aggressively, and lunging on the leash. The problem is…he’d be fine if we were to go up to the other dog or person passing across the street. He calms down immediately, sniffing the other dog or person and all stress and alfa in him disappears…but let’s be real…who would feel comfortable doing that? I wouldn’t feel comfortable if a person with a dog like Henry was coming toward me. I wouldn’t know what to expect. After a lot of research and back and forth, we’ve decided to send Henry to a trainer who can get him on a good routine and get to the root of his anxiety. It will be a learning experience for us as pet parents too. We want him to be stress free and would love to bring him on more trips and be out and about with us as much as possible, so we’re looking forward to this learning experience together.

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With the time out of our house while the work is being done, we’re looking forward to getting into a better workout routine. Now I know you don’t have to be out of the house or have a renovation going on to do this, but we can be total homebodies most of the time and with working from home we tend to skip a good morning work out unfortunately. We used to be really consistent with going to pilates but that died down as some travel picked up towards the end of last year and we haven’t had something we really felt inclined to stick with. We’re looking forward to joining a gym over the next month and get our booties in motion. I cut out most dairy from my diet again and have been seeing a change in my skin. I’ve been pretty pumped about that with the combination of some new and old products. I’ll share more about that in a separate post this week too, if anyone is interested. 🙂

I think that’s about it for now…we’re looking forward to sharing more during the coming week! Keep your eyes peeled. Hope everyone has been well, and as always thank you so much for reading here and checking in. It means so much to us. 🙂



5 comments on “Hello Monday!”

  1. Thanks for the updates 🙂 Def. keep us updated on Henry … I’d like to know how the training goes for him. One of my dogs is a bit anxious as well so I wonder if that’ll help him too.

  2. Thanks for the updates! I was really looking forward to a post about the new decoration you had in your living room (sofa, rug, chairs…) and your dining room (table, dining chairs) but I guess that will have to wait. Are you going to keep the furniture? Love everything you do. ❤️

  3. My pup Quinn is having anxiety issues as well. He is also a rescue dog, coyote/husky mix, quite the dominant personality which often comes across as aggressive even though he is a totally sweet boy!!

    After taking him to a trainer and a holistic vet (who really looks into behavioural issues) they have both recommended we give Quinn CBD oil and potentially combine it with Chinese herbs.

    The CBD oil has been helping so far! He stopped barking at people on our walks, even if we engage in a conversation with strangers. Pretty amazing!! It doesn’t have any side effects, still the same active and excited pup, minus the mad barking…… maybe something to look into for Henry?

    Good luck 🙂 and don’t give up, it will get better 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Catherine. It’s nice to know someone else is going through/has gone through something similar with their own pup. It’s so hard because we just want him to feel calm and loved. Definitely going to look into this. Thank you. xo

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