Weekend Links: 20


It’s been, what feels like forever, since our last full normal week.  This one was actually a pretty good one.  We are fully back in routine-mode and not complaining about that.  We kicked off the week with a brunch date with our pal, Sarah (@arrowandapple) and discussed the major plot holes of Bad Moms (Ha!), our … Continue reading “Weekend Links: 20”


Life Lately


After a vigorous month of travel and several different countries, we are finally home and slowly get back to our routine. When we were younger and dating, we would always talk about all the cities we wanted to visit, what we were going to do when we got married, and what kind of lives we … Continue reading “Life Lately”


Weekend Links: 15


March ’17 might just be the craziest month in our 12+ years together.  It started with our dream trip to Paris for two weeks and is ending with a big remodel at our house…exterior paint, two bathrooms and kitchen fully redone.  We never thought good things could bring so much anxiousness and stress, but man, … Continue reading “Weekend Links: 15”