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Jun 02, 2017 | By New Darlings

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It’s been, what feels like forever, since our last full normal week.  This one was actually a pretty good one.  We are fully back in routine-mode and not complaining about that.  We kicked off the week with a brunch date with our pal, Sarah (@arrowandapple) and discussed the major plot holes of Bad Moms (Ha!), our short work week was met with lots of editing (thanks 2-week cruise!) and tonight we’re headed out for some tasty Chinese food with the Tremaine Ranch gang.  As you may have seen this week on the blog, we rolled out our master bathroom photos.  We’re so excited to see this home of ours coming together.  We still have some major designing to do in the living room, office, dining room, and guest house (demo starting soon!), but we’re really happy with the way things are going over here.  This weekend, we are looking forward to early morning breakfasts in the yard with the pup, hopefully catching dinner and a movie, and binging House of Cards.  We hope everyone has a great weekend!  Here’s a few links to browse while you enjoy the first weekend of June.

1 – Looking to hit the road (or sky) this month? Here’s a list of the best places to travel in June.

2 – We are thinking of adding this coffee table to our still-not-quite-ready living room.

3 – Loving these fun summer bags for him & her.

4 – As a low dairy family (mad love, pizza!), this article on cutting dairy out of your diet has gotten our attention.

5 – Every detail of this kitchen is just perfection.

6 – This might be our favorite eye cream ever.

7 – Did you catch our bathroom reveals? Find them here & here.

8 – Can’t stop listening to this new song.

9 – We’re thinking we might just spend the entire summer in his & her loafers.

10 – If you’re looking for a new blogger to follow, head over to Keiko Lynn and follow Keiko on Instagram.  We’ve been following along with Keiko (and Bobby) long before we even had a blog of our own. If you are looking for beauty tips or just want to see some beautiful smiles, check those two out!

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