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New Beginnings in 2022: Moving to Tucson

Jan 13, 2022 | By New Darlings

Boho Western Fashion

We’re currently in Tucson, AZ this week. Being here reminded me why we fell in love with Arizona to begin with. Spending a few days here has really embodied what a new year is “supposed to look” like on paper: a new start, a clean slate, a jolt of energy and motivation. Although every new year doesn’t actually feel like that, and we most definitely shouldn’t hold ourselves to those standards every first week of January…hey I’m only now starting to feel that spark two weeks in and some years I don’t feel that initial “new beginning” feeling.

Anthropologie Embroidered Dress boho western style

It felt good to feel inspired again. The holidays kicked us in the butt. With both Oliver and myself getting sick before Christmas, holiday work deadlines and figuring out house details, I didn’t have too much pep in my step. Stepping foot on the build site, seeing things slowly start to take shape, and having a few still moments to really recenter ourselves was what we needed and again, that’s what always makes me fall in love with Arizona time after time.

Anthropologie Embroidered Dress boho western style

The landscape, the quiet, the fresh air. Everything in life, truly is a cycle isn’t it? I remember feeling like this when we first made the move to the southwest from NY. We traveled a ton, had a baby, and now find ourselves feeling drawn to that change and stillness all over again. Although we’ve been here for eight years now, it feels like we’re truly putting down roots and that’s something that makes my heart pitter patter a bit.🧡 I have so much to share and house updates from this little trip, so stay tuned. 

Outfit Details:
Christina: Anthropologie Embroidered Open Back Dress | Spur Hats Western Hat | Sezane Phoenix Boots (similar style here)
Rob: Double RL Jeans | Tecovas Boots | Spur Hats Western Hat | Filson Vest | Imogene and Willie Earl Plaid Flannel


2 comments on “New Beginnings in 2022: Moving to Tucson”

  1. Where in Tucson are you building? I lived there for four years during my undergrad. It’s a special place for sure. Enjoy!!!

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