Clean & Sustainable Home + Beauty Favorites

Oct 07, 2019 | By New Darlings

Natural and Clean Home and Beauty Favorites

We’ve been sharing some current favorites here and there on IG stories lately, but I figured I should compile them all in one post. Finding clean beauty products and eliminating single use products at home have been a big focus of ours these days, so we’ve made a few changes around here. We’ve been trying to be more intentional with the items we use in the kitchen and bathroom, along with clothing and skincare choices. Take a look below.

01 –  byhumandkind Deodorant
You probably won’t believe me when I say the big topic at a dinner party one night with our friends was natural deodorants, but it was! This deodorant seemed to be a favorite among a few of our friends so we had to try it out. So far we’re loving it. The ingredients are all natural and their packaging is eco friendly. We’ve been loving the eucalyptus scent.

02-  W3ll People Mascara
I’m always on the hunt for clean beauty items and W3ll People products have been a favorite. You might remember me mentioning them in my pregnancy-safe make up favorites post, HERE. Their mascara is a new addition to my beauty routine. It gives a bold lash without all the harmful additives.

04 – Beauty Counter Lipstick
I’ve gotten a few questions about the lipstick I’ve been wearing in stories lately. The color is “Brunch” by Beauty Counter. I love their clean approach to skincare and makeup items and I don’t feel bad smothering Ollie boy in kisses while wearing it. I feel like this color is all I’ve been wearing since Oliver has been born, kind of natural looking but a little bolder.

05 – Reusable Makeup Pads
I know some people are like, can’t you just use a wash cloth, and yes probably, but personally it doesn’t always work for me and I want something to take my makeup off fast at the end of the day so I can go to bed. These makeup removing pads act like a cotton pad but are reusable. You could just throw them in the washing machine and they’re as good as new.

06 – Grove Collaborative & Soma Water Pitcher
Loving this glass water pitcher with filter. Kind of like a Brita but better in my opinion — no plastic! Also, it looks really pretty on the dinner table. 😉

07 – Reusable Cleaning Cloth
Bye bye paper towels. In an effort to minimize single use items, especially paper towels, we ordered these European dishtowels for spills or wiping down the counters, etc. We always use dishtowels to dry our hands, but these have been great for everything else!

08 – Stasher Containers
Stasher containers are great to use in place of plastic bags and cling wrap. We use them for everything from storing leftovers and meal prep, to keeping Oliver’s bottle cold while we’re out and about during the day.

09 – Rothy’s
You might have seen the craze around instagram about Rothy’s shoes. They’re super comfy and are made from recycled water bottles. How smart! I snagged a pair of their loafers recently and feel like I’ll be wearing these a ton this fall. Also – they’re machine washable!

10 – Swell
We don’t go anywhere without our Swell waterbottles. I’ve gone through a few different brands, but I like that this one is metal and keeps my drink cold.

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  1. Deodorant has been one of the hardest switches for me. It’s so hard to find a good one for the Phoenix heat. I’m excited to try the one you recommended here!


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