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Oct 12, 2018 | By Robert

New Darlings Bangs HairstyleHey guys! It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. They used to be a Friday staple on here, but we’ve slacked on these quite a bit as of late. Let’s see if we can shake off the dust and get back to it. Shall we?

Coffee flatlay

As you may have seen on this post, we’ve been trying to slow down a bit from our travels, and hang around Phoenix while our house renovation nears its completion. It’s crazy to even be writing that. It feels like a different lifetime that we were actually living in our house with a steady routine. It’s been six months! While that may not sound like a long time, it definitely feels endless when you’re literally watching paint dry. We’ve been dreaming of autumn days in our house with the windows and French doors open, making tea and coffee while we listen to our favorite jazz records. It’s such a simple little routine, but we miss the heck out of it. Soon!

Tennis Band

Last week we were lucky enough to catch one of our favorite bands, Tennis come through Phoenix for a super intimate solo show. It was such a fun night and you may have caught some of it on our IG stories. It was our fourth time seeing them, and maybe our favorite from those two.

This weekend, we’re hoping to do some yard work and get our house nice and ready, so when we move back in, we can focus on the inside. We’re still a few weeks away, but our yard definitely needs some love. We hope wherever you are, that you’re getting some beautiful autumn weather and we hope you have a great weekend! Below are some links we’ve been loving lately. Enjoy!

1 – Did you catch our brass hardware round-up?

2 – This song on repeat forever, please!

3 – When one of your favorite bloggers and designers collab to create some beautiful pieces.

4 – This may be the perfect fall coat.

5 – Loved Kinfolk’s “clippings” segment, a sweet series of photos reminiscent of salvaged memories from the past.

6 – Loving all the new pumpkin foods at Trader Joes – they even have pumpkin dog treats! 

7 – We’re so excited to check out Chrissy Teigen’s new Target line.

8 – 40 table setting ideas for fall.

9 – How cool is this Bluetooth speaker table?

10 – We’ve always loved the look of concrete counter tops, love this round-up. Check out our concrete countertops in our guest house reveal. 

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