Interior Inspiration: 500 Days of Summer Apartment

Oct 11, 2018 | By Christina

500 Days of Summer Interior Designphoto via

We watch a lot of movies over here and the other day Rob and I were talking about how such a big part of our love for movies are the interiors and set designs. We get so much interior inspiration from movies and tv shows, so we decided to share a few of our favorites, beginning with showing how to get the look of the apartment in 500 Days of Summer.

500 Days of Summer is one of our favorite movies and one with a very strong color palette throughout. Hints of blue are seen everywhere. Everything from Zooey Deschanel’s character’s wardrobe to her apartment has a feminine vintage flair that still feels modern and obtainable, with a little quirkiness on the side. After looking back at the movie, we realized how easy it could be to recreate her living room and even bedroom with pieces from some of our favorite online shops.

500 Days of Summer Interior Designphoto via

Here are the photos we used for inspiration, beginning with her living room. There’s that hint of blue through the scenic wallpaper that sets an eclectic yet traditional feel for the room. The wood frame sofa, nesting coffee tables, and ivory and wood lamp all have a clear midcentury feel that could easily be recreated by a trip to your local vintage shop. If you’re not lucky enough to score that antique treasure, stores like West Elm and Anthropologie make it easy to recreate this look.


This wood frame sofa from West Elm is a close match with these nesting tables from Amazon for only $36! The table lamp is a retro style that you probably saw at your grandmother’s house at some point, with that iconic curved silhouette. Here’s a good replica.


500 Days of Summer Apartmentphoto via

For the bedroom we used the above photo for inspiration. A classic black metal bed frame, with soft curtains and a some portrait artwork can pull this look together. Add some twinkle lights for good measure. 😉


Get the complete look below!Get the look of Summer's living room in 500 Days of Summer

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We had so much fun putting together this get the look post for 500 Days of Summer. Let us know if you guys like these types of interior posts, and what rooms you’d want to see recreated next!

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8 comments on “Interior Inspiration: 500 Days of Summer Apartment”

  1. We just watched “it’s complicated” and Meryl Streep’s house in that is our new inspo hahaha love what you did with the look from the movie though. Great choice!

  2. One of my favorite sets is the one for ” The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”. My husband doesn’t watch it with me because I’m constantly pausing to look at furniture and the fashion. Highly recommend!

  3. “The Incredibles 2”! Never thought I would get so much design inspo from a Pixar movie lol. Also, I always loved Summer’s apartment too! Definitely had me dreaming of redecorating.

  4. I never seen this movie in France and i like this interiors !! But your decoration remains one truth inspiration for me

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