GIVEAWAY: Post Holiday Clean-up with BISSELL

Jan 02, 2018 | By New Darlings

Having time at home lately has been so gratifying. It’s made us want to organize every pantry, drawer, closet and keep everything more tidy than ever. Maybe its the new year, or just the neat freaks in us coming on strong lately, but we decided to pack away all the Christmas decorations a little earlier than usual this year. It usually makes us sad to see all the twinkling lights and garland taken down, but this season, something felt so cleansing about it all. No clutter, no fallen greenery and garland pieces on the floor, just everything where it’s meant to be. Okay, that does sound maybe just a tad bit sad, and we’re definitely the furthest thing from a couple of Scrooges around here, but something about it all made us feel a little antsy and to be perfectly honest, we got tired of dusting and vacuuming around everything, so away it went.

We powered through it the day after Christmas, carefully wrapped up all the delicate ornaments, rolled up the garland, and cleaned all the little faux pine needles from our Christmas tree and the shedding from our garland that adorned each archway.

It’s amazing how much of that collected in the corners and oh my, the dustballs! We weren’t kidding when we say the Pet Hair Eraser® Lift-Off® Upright Pet Vacuum has been our secret weapon lately. It’s been a game changer. (Check out our previous post about it here.)

Before we moved the furniture back to its original pre-holiday position we used the LED Lighted Crevice Tool attachment to clean all the windowsills, that are usually hard to reach. We have old wooden window frames and when we had them painted when we moved in, we went with a matte finish paint, which I love the look of, but all the dust sticks to it. Not sure if we would do that again. The LED Lighted Crevice Tool has such a strong suction and gets every little nook and cranny, it was therapeutic seeing them all super clean. The Lift-Off canister made moving around super easy too, so it was a win-win!

So everything is back in it’s place now and we feel like we can breath again. We’ve had some trouble with Henry by the windows, barking like crazy at the UPS delivery men and our post lady recently, which was partially why we moved the couch for a bit, but we’re working on it. At least we have the shedding on the velvet sofa under control. One thing at a time, right? 😉

We’re excited to host a contest with BISSELL to giveaway a Pet Hair Eraser Lift Off Vacuum to one lucky reader. All you have to do is comment below, sharing what your most challenging cleaning task is. For an extra entry, head to our IG and comment by tagging a friend who would love to win one too. The winner will be announced next Friday, 1/5/18. Good luck!


*This post is made in partnership with BISSELL. As always, all thoughts & opinions are our own. 








264 comments on “GIVEAWAY: Post Holiday Clean-up with BISSELL”

  1. The inside of my couches and chairs seem to be where the most elusive of crumbs and dust find shelter, which inevitably makes for a very strenuous task for me and my current vacuum.

  2. The inside of my couches and chairs seem to be where the most elusive of crumbs, dog hair and dust find shelter, which inevitably makes for a very strenuous task for my current vacuum and I.

  3. We have the same issue! Our cat Simba loves perching on our velvet couch so we find ourselves cleaning up after him several times throughout the week. Keeping his hair off our furniture is our biggest cleaning challenge.

  4. The dog hair and a new baby! Our rott mix was a rescue and she is part of our family but we’ve been through 3 vaccines in a year trying to fight the fur!!! And now with a 3 month old I’m going crazy with hair ??‍♀️

  5. Vacuuming up all the fallen pine needles under the Christmas tree! Our current vacuum seems to be on the fritz. Thanks for the great info. about BISSELL!

  6. Cleaning the grout between the bathroom tiles is definitely the worst! 3 hours, 2 bruised knees, and 1 toothbrush later, I consider the task done.

  7. Two cats and two dogs living in the high desert area of Arizona- lots of pet hair! Biggest challenge is vacuuming under furniture and appliances. Help!!

  8. Hi Robert and Christina! 🙂

    I am so excited about this giveaway as my boyfriend and I have a pug and light hardwood, which makes for an insane combination. We would absolutely love this lifesaver.

    My most challenging cleaning task is cleaning up fallen candle wax from never learning my lesson of putting the candle on a plate, as well as cleaning bath bomb gunk from the bathtub surface!

    Happy New Year & my fingers and toes are crossed!

    <3 Kate

  9. For myself personally, the most daunting task is vacuuming and mopping my apartment. My dog sheds like crazy, and my rabbit shedds seasonally. Their fur is so light it matches the carpets in the bedroom, is hidden on our decorative carpet in the living room, and our couch is a deep green fabric so it’s like a magnet for pet hair. Not only that but as a soon to be hairdresser, all of my black clothing has their fur clinging to it! It’s everywhere and I wish I could be rid of it the moment my animals shed. Alas, that’s not how things work. I was intrigued by this giveaway and I’ve been following your instagram for quite some time so I figured, what the heck I’ll give it a shot.

  10. With two furry pups (Enzo+Savannah) in our tiny Chicago apartment, we always find ourselves covered in dog hair. The biggest challenge is cleaning our velvet chair and fuzzy rugs. Vacuuming is a weekly task in our household!

  11. Being a pet owner, there are SEVERAL cleaning tasks that are a challenge every. single. day. TOP THREE INCLUDE: Cat hair getting trapped everywhere (bedding, carpets, tops and underneath furniture, crevices in the couches & chairs, clothes, ceiling fans, window sills and blinds/drapes, etc. … the list goes on). Litter from the litter box being tracked throughout the house (mega gross). Keeping my entryway free from dirt, leaves, twigs/sticks and mud that has been tracked inside … for whatever reason my kitty loves to put all of those things in his teeny little mouth, so I’m constantly bending over to pick up debris to prevent him from doing so. Bottom line: I NEED THIS VACUUM!! xx

  12. How ironic is this post? Earlier this morning, the clip on my vacuum dust container broke, so now every time I go to clean out my vacuum, all of the dust and dirt spills out onto the floor! It will definitely be a long, difficult road of cleaning ahead until I get a new vacuum (especially since I have four indoor pups) ? I would LOVE to win one of these! ❤️

    (Sorry if this comment shows up multiple times, it keeps saying I have a page error!)

  13. My most challenging cleaning task? Cleaning up after two kiddos who are constantly snacking and making messes! Talk about the crumbs ?

  14. Omg that sounds like a dream! My biggest challenge is my lab/beagle mix’s hair shedding everywhere! I sweep often but it would be much more helpful if I had a great vacuum to help especially for all the hard to reach areas since there’s no place his hair doesn’t get to!

  15. The most challenging parts for us are sweeping and mopping! There is always dust and dog hair everywhere it seems!!

  16. Most challenging cleaning task would be keeping crumbs off the floor with three little kids four and under and a dog!:/

  17. I unfortunately live in a carpeted apartment (I prefer hardwood) so that along with my long hair that sheds makes it impossible to feel clean ever. I also have a terribly old vacuum (im guessing at least 10 years old) that doesn’t help the situation…. would love a new one! 😀

  18. My biggest cleaning challenge is keeping up with my crazy toddlers messes and my shedding pup all while my vacuum is an ancient hand-me-down that does more harm than good most of the time. It randomly leaks out sand…problems of living next to the beach I suppose! I literally just told my husband my New Years resolution was to get a new vacuum! ?

  19. My most challenging cleaning task is a tie between dusting and cleaning up all of my cat Kiki’s hair, which seems to find its way into all sorts of surfaces and crevices throughout the house!

  20. We have a black & white, long-haired cat – keeping his hair from dominating my house is an HOURLY struggle ???

  21. So. Many. Cats. (well two.. but you wouldn’t know with all the fur!) Between my own head shedding, our two cats and a wool rug I have to vacuum daily!

  22. We have beautiful, white dining chairs. Sadly, they are also fur / lint magnets. I spent over an hour yesterday wrestling our out-dated vacuum cleaner’s extension wand trying to restore them to their beautiful, white glory. They had turned a light shade of black thanks to my new favorite sweater / scarf combo, guests’ winter outfits from a dinner party we hosted for New Year’s, and our beloved, white-chair-loving fur baby.

  23. DOG HAIR! We have two large dogs that shed all year long. I clean the floors daily but always find spots that got missed. Cleaning the couches are the most challenging with our vacuum as we don’t have a good adaptor tool to clean the couches with. Such a pain!

  24. I have two walls made of natural rocks. Vacuuming up the dust that collects on each stone is definitely the most challenging chore! There are hundreds of rocks on each wall! ?

  25. All the little paw prints bringing the outside into my home! Not to mention the tumbleweeds of pet hair in every corner!

  26. My mastiff loves rolling around on rugs which creates a huge challenge of trying to get all the dog hair out of the rugs.

  27. My house isn’t very big, and my clunky canister vacuum gets stuck on the corner of everything as I drag it along behind me. It doesn’t make for a pleasant cleaning experience!

  28. I have 3 dogs that I love a TON!! (A poodle/shitzu mix, an American Bulldog, and a Pitbull) 2 of the 3 shed like crazy!!! And as much as I vacuum, it just seems nearly impossible to ever get all the hair! Add on top of that, living in dusty Arizona adds more to vacuum!! I would love to have a vacuum specifically designed for vacuuming pet hair, it would be a life saver!!

  29. My most challenging cleaning task is the rugs! We have wood flooring so we never bought a vacuum when we got married 6 months ago, but I love rugs so they’re all over the house. Winning the BISSELL would be such a blessing since all the Christmas decor left a lot of glitter and pine needles in my rugs. ❤️??

  30. Sweeping dark stained concrete floors every day because they’re covered with white dog hair. I adopted an older dog who sheds like crazy, but she’s a sweetheart and hopefully I’ll win a new vac which will help!

  31. The most challenging cleaning task would be sweeping small dog hair. Just when I think I’m done I see more in the corner ?

  32. Okay, your home and decor is absolutely dreamy. I have the same Christmas stockings!

    The hardest part of cleaning our home is definitely all of the animal hair (two cats and and a pup) and pine needles our german shepherd tracks in on her paws. I feel like I vacuum and not even 5 minutes later, it all feels dirty again! Good thing my pets are pretty cute because they make cleaning a hassle. I feel like everything is always dusty!

  33. The hardest thing about cleaning up after pets, is doing it while they’re there. Trying to clean up dog hair from 3 dogs, while simultaneously dealing with their fear/interest in the vacuum is hard. They’re either running around from room to room scared, but at the same time following the vacuum to make sure nothing suspicious is happening. It would be nice to have a vacuum that is effiecent in getting up all the hair in a quick and timely manner so that its not an all day event. Thanks from me and my furbabes!!

  34. Keeping our floors clean! Our 9 month old just started crawling and can spot dropped food or a hairball from across the room. Nothing’s safe anymore!

  35. Keeping up with dust and pet hair is my biggest challenge! We have 2 dogs and 3 cats, we live in the high desert, and I have terrible allergies – but I love where we live and I love our pets, so my ongoing battle against dust and hair feels worth it. For looooooove! (Sorry if this is posting multiple times, it keeps saying “page not found”.)

  36. Hands down the most challenging task, which inevitably leaves me weeping in a corner in the fetal position, is cleaning pet hair off the baseboards. I’m convinced that my two senior hot dogs, Maximus and PastaBatman, spend hours just taking turns, rubbing themselves up against all the baseboards in the house while I’m at work. There can be no other explanation…Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Keeping fingers & paws crossed!

  37. Our biggest challenge; finding the right vacuum to deal with the dog fur! We vacuum daily so our boys (5 and 2.5) can play without looking like animals themselves! We have tried several “pet vacuums” and have yet to find the perfect one! Dirty floors are my biggest pet peeve!!! Help, please!

  38. Keeping up with vacuuming, actually! I live with two other girls in an apartment, and we all have crazy schedules (and share a broken vacuum). It’s the most time-consuming part of our cleaning routine now.

  39. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity! Our biggest cleaning challenge would be keeping our floors clean! Phineas the mini-goldendoodle is quite the outdoorsy dood, and I am not one to keep my fluffa from enjoying the outdoors in all weather types! With that said, I have yet to find a reliable vacuum that satisfies both our needs, by keeping our floors clean after a jaunt outdoors. I think it would be a win win for both Phineas and myself (with a little side eye from Phineas ha!). #tokeepingfloorsclean #tokeepingfluffaenjoyingtheoutdoors

  40. I struggle keeping our floors clean with kitties who like to play with their food! I wouldn’t hate having a new vacuum to help with the fur on the couch either ?

  41. I think my least favorite chore ever is cleaning the floors, whether it means mopping or vacuuming or sweeping. I live in an old dusty apartment and it feels never-ending to have to clean and dust – I totally know what you mean about the old windows too! Here’s hoping a new vacuum will make that hated chore feel a little less annoying 🙂

  42. oh! the dog hair! as a designer who wears a lot of ‘snotty designer black’ 🙂 with a white English retriever it is always with the dog hair. Just happen to love our Maizy more than I hate the vacuuming and dusting!

  43. The most challenging part of cleaning my house is definitely the pet hair. We just added an Australian Shepard mix to our 1,000 sq ft house and the hair is everywhere. Our vacuum cleaner that we had from the 90’s wasn’t able to keep up and recently died on us, so we’ve been vacuuming the house with a handheld version meant for cars!

  44. The most challenging cleaning task is definitely trying to keep up with all the dog hair, as well as my hair??‍♀️. Anyone else’s husband constantly finding long hairs tangled about in their beard? ?

  45. Most challenging cleaning task is definitely saying goodbye to our new little furry friends we make every week. Puppycat and Executive Chef, Hoagie (our 1st born kitty children) shed so much fur, we think they are actually giving birth to a dozen kitties every week. It gets harder saying bye, so we decided to stop naming them. But I do have to say, BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lift Off Vacuum would definitely make this heartbreaking task much easier.

  46. Ugh! Dog hair is by far my toughest cleaning job!! We have a sweet black lab that leaves a disaster everywhere he goes. Our current vacuum is an ancient Kirby that weighs 4000lbs ? I have to vacuum daily to keep up with the hair and a specialty vacuum would be an answer to prayers! That, or a bald dog!! ?

  47. I live in PDX with 4 dogs.
    With all our winter rain .. it is my cleaning challenge to keep the mud and dirt off the couch – bed – floors- and anywhere else 16 paws roam around my home.

  48. My biggest cleaning challenge is just having the willpower to start cleaning, lol! But in all honesty, just keeping on top of things is a challenge in itself, I tend to let things pile up until it gets overwhelming. My main issue areas and laundry and keeping the floors clean. (Sorry if this posted twice! It gave me an error message)

  49. The most challenging part of the cleaning, especially this year, was dog hair all around the house. I love my lab but he always looses so much hair it’s a struggle to keep on top of it no matter how many times you brush your beloved pet. It sticks to your clothes, sticks to the furniture and you’ve got to do it every other day 🙂

  50. Pet hair! We have two pups, a senior pug and a morkie, and a 7 month old that has just learned to crawl. Having a baby makes you look at your home from an entirely new – and incredibly detailed – perspective! I have to vacuum twice a week to keep the pet hair at bay. We currently have a “small space” vacuum, so you pretty much empty the cartridge every time!

  51. Our biggest chore is cleaning up all the cat hair from our baseboards AND my favorite velvet chair. If all the places to hangout he chooses that one?!

  52. I would love to win this! My biggest challenge is vacuuming. I currently have a Kirby but it’s SO heavy and bulky. I’ve been keeping my eye out for a replacement. Great giveaway, thank you!!

  53. We live in the Catskills with two cats, two dogs, their pet hair, and a partridge in a pear tree. The shredding is challenging, but what are you gonna do — not have pets? That would be impossible.

  54. With two wire-haired terriers, the most challenging thing is definitely keeping our bedspread free of doggie hair! Especially when our dogs are so good at cuddling! #dailystruggle

  55. Chasing a toddler and a dog around with a broom has me exhausted, lol! Would love and use this so much!

  56. The hardest cleaning task is definitely cleaning up all the pups hair on our rugs and sofa! We just moved from Texas to Colorado and we expect to have lots of friends and family visiting, it would be wonderful if we had a solution for all the hair our fur-child leaves everywhere! ?❤️

  57. Getting wirey dog hair out of the nooks and crevices in upholstery it always find its way into despite the dog never visiting there …

  58. My least favorite is dusting, in az it is everywhere, never ending. Oh and also vacuuming the stairs.

  59. If I’m being honest, I love cleaning. I love seeing the area I have created being used by my favorite people. I love seeing them being comfortable in my made environments. I moved out into my own apartment this year with my handsome boyfriend and I love to see our spaces evolve into us. So cleaning is still a joy. While working at my elementary school, I found a lost kitten. She’s perfect and has so much character! But with all of her perfection and character comes one of the most difficult tasks I’ve had to face. Her trailing litter. How in the world do we keep her little centeralized to the general area of her littler box? I can teach her to play dead and high five BUT how to keep her litter from spreading throughout the whole apartment? Oye!

  60. The most challenging cleaning is my living room due to having the sweetest long haired cat. Even though I love the fact that he is a cuddly furrball, it’s really difficult for me to keep my couch, furniture and floors free of cat hair ??? it’s a challenging task, and I’d definitely appreciate the help!!!

  61. My husband and I have the cutest long haired orange cat. We love him to death, however we don’t love his long hair all over our NAVY bedroom carpet. His hair gets everywhere! We have hardwoods in the rest of the house and I am constantly seeing little tumble weeds of hair go rolling by. That is definitely my most challenging cleaning task!

  62. With four humans, a dog, and 3 cats in the house sweeping and vacuuming are a daily occurrence. Lately an old vacuum and a dust pan just aren’t cutting it. Now with the christmas tree coming down pine needles are finding their way to every corner. Any help with cleaning up dust and fur goes a long way.

  63. My most challenging cleaning task (as a pet owner, at that!) is vacuuming underneath sofas and tables where all of the dog and cat hair tumbleweeds reside. It’s such a pain navigating around table legs and squeezing the vacuum nozzle underneath sofas to get all of the hair.

  64. My husband and I got married this year and bought a home! The house was built in the 1920’s and we’ve spent the year renovating, updating and learning all about owning and flipping a home. As we’ve begun to settle in and decorate, one of the most difficult things is keeping our sweet pup Boscoe’s fur off of the rugs, couch and hardwood floors. Seem’s as if every time the sunlight moves, I spot another pesky fur ball! A Bissell would be just the tool we need to help with our daily hair struggle. Happy New Year Robert & Christina!

  65. My dog and cat are constantly putting their hair all over the sofa, and carpets. I’ve asked them several times to keep their hair on their bodies but they insist on shedding it all over for me to clean daily, sometimes 2-3xs a day (my husband is allergic, but I can’t get rid of any them, so, I do a lot of cleaning).

  66. We love our little pup, but the dog hair is basically our constant companion! This would be a game-changer.

  67. For me it’s definitely removing my cat’s hair from the couch and the curtains. If only i had one on these vacuums!

  68. We have two border collies (black and white) and their hair gets everywhere! My husband vacuums all common areas at least 2-3 times a week! Also, A lint roller is always an arms reach away:)

  69. Hands down my biggest chore would be trying to clean up the cat hair that’s all throughout my apartment. My cat is a Maine Coon and his hair gets freakin everywhere, it’s a nightmare, especially because I have friends who are allergic and all the hair just makes everything worse.

  70. The hardest things to clean for me is the carpet on my stairs. They always seam like a place that gets covered with dog hair quickly.

  71. My boyfriend is allergic to my sweet cat Jolene, so my biggest cleaning challenge is trying to de-hair everything before he comes over! It rarely works. (And no, I won’t banish Jolene from the bed!)

  72. Starting the cleaning process is generally the most challenging, but once I get started it’s all pretty smooth.

  73. My biggest challenge with cleaning is probably finding a vacuum cleaner that isn’t clogging up with all the pet hair and debris. I’m constantly having to snip away the hair and fur (YUCK!) that accumulates on the bristles of my current one.

  74. Crisp white morning light reflecting off the snow in through the bedroom windows eases me out of slumber these mornings, until today when I chanced a longer gaze at the blinds. Dust. The plague of my early morning feel goods, clinging to every slat. My current vacuum lacks the suction for this chore, and even if it were to possess it, the struggle to get the hose anywhere near the blinds would nearly be the cause of my death.
    The glowing morning light of winter would once again bring magic to my soul with Bissell Lift Off as cleaning the pesky slats would become a breeze.
    Take me back to magic, New Darlings.

  75. the tumbleweeds of dog hair… we vacuum weekly and it’s still not enough. Plus with my faux-fur Christmas tree skirt, there was a lot of shedding happening in my house this holiday season.

  76. We just got a new puppy (golden retriever) that is SO cute and fluffy, and now, that fluff is our biggest cleaning problem. That, and dusting… Always.

  77. My biggest cleaning challenge is all of the dog hair!! I have a beagle/Australian cattle dog mix who molts for a few months 2 times a year and naturally sheds all year long. And I love him dearly. But not his hair. All over my apartment. We’re talking floors, sofa, bookshelves, everything. I have to vacuum at least once a day if I want to keep it controllable. It would AWESOME to win a vacuum made specifically for cleaning up after a pet!

  78. My vacuum tube broke just as i was cleaning up after removing my Christmas tree. The needles usually clog it anyways but i was forced to sweep my carpet this year ? ugh!!!

  79. Between the dust and our animal friends coming to stay with us while their humans are deployed keeping our home spick and span is not always easy.

  80. We have a french bulldog fur baby & his short wiry hair gets stuck to every upholstered piece of furniture & regular vacuums won’t lift it off.

  81. Oh My, with three cats I have the pleasure of cleaning up hairballs, shedding and the occasional “accident”. Not to mention the dusty Arizona climate! I can use any help the Universe can provide!!!

  82. Dog hair dog hair dog hair!!! As I’m sure all pet owners know, hair is an absolutely endless chore to clean up. Our house is nearly 100 years old and maintains its original oak floors through out, so dog hair tends to turn into to fluffy little clouds that find homes under furniture, on the stairs, and nestled up in about every corner possible. We’d love to find something that could handle moving from wood floors to rugs while also being flexible enough to tackle the stairs and maneuver into all the hard to reach places we always neglect. Crossing our fingers over here!!

    Xx Ariel

  83. The constant dust and the fact that our vacuums ALWAYS break (probably because of little helpers)! Also, hair everywhere (human and animal).

  84. When my husband and I first got married we got a brand new vacuum that broke on its first use! We now have a hand me down vacuum…. and try to get my two fur babies’ hair off the floors of our little 1950’s cottage is the biggest pain. We would be beyond blessed and thrilled to win this! It might save my sanity… ?

  85. My most challenging task is cleaning up after 2 mastiffs! The amount of slobber to scrub off of the walls and pet hair to vacuum up in 1 day is astounding.

  86. We just moved into a new house, and the most challenging part is trying to scrub down EVERY inch! Wiping down allllll the trim, inside every drawer, under all the cabinets! It’s hardest to reach all of the up highs, down lows, ins and outs!

  87. My biggest challenge right now is just having the right equipment. Even w/ proper care my current vacuum is quite finicky so the times when an impromptu clean up is in order its not always in the mood haha. Vacuuming/dusting is especially important to me since our little one Autumn loves her playtime on the floor. Definitely agree w/ you on the windowsills in an old house 😉

  88. We have two lovely mackerel striped tabbies, Frankie and Simsim, who shed their fur on everything we own. In addition to the rolls and rolls of pet roller tape that we buy to remove their fur from our couches and drapes, we rely heavily on a vacuum cleaner to pick up the dust and bits from the kitty litter they trek all over the house. Having just moved home to Ohio from New York City, we had to leave our trusty Dyson behind. A new vacuum specific to pet hair removal would be so appreciated especially after a very costly move!!

  89. Cleaning up after my dog is the biggest challenge for me–his fur is the equivalent of plush chinchilla, but nature said “Meh, let’s throw in the outstanding shedding qualities of an allergic Grizzly Bear.” We’re talking soft clumps and fine coatings of stubborn dog hair all over the place. I have destroyed two vacuums over the years due to the clogs is fur causes, but I’m pretty sure the last vacuum just screamed “Mercy!” before it died. So perhaps this Bissell is what will do the trick! I would certainly love to challenge it.

  90. My biggest challenge is trying to vacuum the entire house while my dog tries to save me from the villainous vacuum. ?

  91. I have a very fluffy Pomeranian name Meeko! She sheds constantly and it’s challenging to keep the sofa hair free. But I love her too much it’s all worth it. This bissell sounds like a dream!! ???

  92. One of the most challenging areas to keep clean is our bathroom floor! The white tile shows hair horribly! My husband and I both have thick heads of hair! Being newlyweds (ish) our hand me down vacuum doesn’t help the problem. We were just talking about looking into purchasing a new one! This one looks awesome since the hubs also wants some pups in the future. Also, keeping the dishes washed up is a major struggle with no dish washer and super shallow sinks! Awesome give away!

  93. 2 girls a dog and lots of teenage and tween friends over at the house = crumbs and dirty floors (and that’s with taking off their shoes at the door!)

  94. My biggest cleaning challenge is sweeping and vacuuming corgi hair from all over literally everything! Corgis have a double coat and I swear mine sheds enough to make 5 more corgis. ?

  95. Everyone is saying it…but DUSTBALLS. My mortal enemy. I’d love to get this vacuum and be able to triumphantly cry “Another one bites the dust!” And really mean it ?

  96. Our sweet little hound, Tilly Jane, has some of the most course and needle-like hair I’ve seen on a dog. Pair that with her favorite chair being a blue, woven, chair in the sun and that thing looks like it could walk after a while. It’s always a task to get that thing clean before entertaining.

  97. My biggest challenge is that my dog completely hates our vacuum. We have an older model that is very clunky & loud. He starts barking at the closet if you get anywhere near it! Between work and school it feels impossible to stay on top of everything, getting a vacuum to quickly clean up after our dog (and our hedgehog!) would be a dream ?

  98. The winner of the worst task has to go to doing laundry and putting it away. But winning a vacuum would be heavenly because with our dog (whom we love dearly but her hair…. not so much) and a newborn joining our little family soon, I can’t imagine I’ll be enjoying vacuuming any longer because our dear Lylah takes shedding to another level. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  99. We got a dog this past spring and the hair is out of control! Also messy counters. I need to have a clean surface to work on.

  100. Basically living my life 2 steps behind my adorable Siberian Husky with a vacuum. It could be my full time job. it only pays in slobbery kisses though 🙂

  101. My husband and I have a white german shepherd that shed a lot and you don’t see the hair in the floor! Because of this, the most challenging cleaning task is brooming/ cleaning the floor! First we have to broom the floor. Then we use the swifer wipes to finish the job beacuse the broom always leave some hair behind. This is why I would love to win the Bissell vacuum! To reduce time in cleasing the floor and play more with my GSD.

  102. The hardest part of cleaning my house is finding the right tool for all of that dog hair. It is a never ending challenge! I have a 16 year old husky who produces enough extra fur to make up a small chihuahua ?. Girl you have the best blog and I love your photography it’s always so on point ??

  103. Hi! I love your blog! The thing I find most frustrating to stay on top of, is the pet hair in the living room. It’s very visible on the hardwood, and lives in the rug. And even though we had to cover our carefully selected couch in blankets to protect it, the exposed parts are still lined with hair. I feel like we vacuum and swiffer every other day, and even brush the rug, but there is still hair. I love our boys, a boxer-Pit mix, Nolan, a long haired tuxedo cat, Wesley, and a main coon cat, Elliot, but their hair is out of control. Being a neat freak, this is very stressful. I would love to find a solution that is more low maintenance!

  104. My biggest challenge is trying to keep up with all the dog hair my fluffy husky sheds!! It’s never ending, but I keep him around for the snuggles 🙂

  105. My most challenging cleaning task is cat vomit. I have an elderly cat with a sensitive tummy and just when i think I’ve found the right food, he starts again. Usually he limits his vomiting to the floor, but lately he’s been doing it on the sofa and love seat. I keep towels and blankets on them, but sometimes he moves them. No fun on my relatively new furniture.

  106. A mommy of 3 fur babies sleeping on our bed, couches and rolling themselves on the carpet, cleaning up their fur is my most challenging cleaning task. I literally have to pass a lint roller “everyday” on my bed, clothes and couches….but that doesn’t stop me from loving them even more ???. A new vacuum can be of great help in our household!

  107. Dirt on our hard wood floors. Our current vacuum is supposed to do both rugs and hard floor, but it just pushes the dirt around when I try to vacuum on the hard wood. I would like a vacuum that can do both.

  108. We have four kitties that come in and out, so along with their fur, we seem to have a constant supply of dirt and dust bunnies!

  109. Ughhh where do I begin…Well I have a husky/wolf dog, 3 cats and a 16 month old so vacuuming is like a full time job for me. No matter how many times I vaccumm it seems to always be hairy. And my son always seems to have hair all over him( clothes, face, hands) which is pretty annoying. So having a good pet vaccumm would be so helpful.

  110. Most of my apartment is carpeted (sad face) with a rug that shows EVERYTHING (super sad face) so I’m constantly vacuuming! I have seeing flecks of dirt & my most challenging task is keeping them at bay!

  111. My most challenging cleaning task is keeping my black and white houndstooth rug clean from my dog and the giant I live with?? I literally get on my hands and knees and pick twigs and anything else out of the rug bc the vacuum I have is way too rough on it?

  112. Cleaning in between the sofa seats is definitely the most challenging task. The seats in our sofas don’t come off so cleaning them is always a struggle (specially when there are dry pine needles that hurt you like real needles when attempting to take them out).

  113. The truth is that I don’t have a challenging cleaning task to do because I really enjoy cleaning my house. It is very relaxing for me and it might sound weird, but I kind of have fun while doing it.

  114. Now that we’ve just moved into our first home, combating cat hair from our two Siberian cats is definitely the biggest chore. Especially since our house has more carpeting than our apartment did.

  115. For me it is for sure alllll the dirty and mud my dogs drag in on the carpet and hardwood. I don’t understand how it gets so dirty, then I realize “oh yeah I don’t have just one small pup, I have 3 large ones”. I love them to death even if they are dirt balls ❤️ P.S just bought those stockings at target when they were 70%… I am IN LOVE.

  116. Oh my…where to start, lol?! It’s a new year and I want to make a fresh air, healthy start for myself and family! My challenge is keeping all my pug’s glitter( fur) and kitty hair…now 2 kitties, since my hubby and I just rescued another sweet, little ball of fur, in check! Just when I think I vacuumed up thoroughly, I find more pug and kitty glitter in a corner, under the table, or perhaps my vacuum isn’t working thoroughly? Also, I cannot solely blame my fur babies…I have long hair and it seems I can find my hair EVERYWHERE! The hubby would probably argue that my hair is found, more often than the pets, LOL! I’d love to have the chance to leave my house without the involuntary d.i.y collected pet-hair jacket that seems to cling to my tops!?

  117. Perfect giveaway! I just moved into my first apartment on my own in Brooklyn and still desperately need a vacuum cleaner!

    I’d say my most challenging task is keeping up with de-furring the shedded cat fur in my rug. If I don’t get down on my hands and knees and rub at it constantly throughout the week to get it out, the fur basically mats into it! I also don’t have laundry in my building, but I’ve taken to sending it out ?

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  118. My most difficult cleaning task is getting rid of the cat hair from my mother-in-law’s cats. ? It gets everywhere, even in rooms where I don’t let them in.

  119. We have a dog, but it is far more difficult cleaning up my future son-in-law’s beard hair ??‍♀️

  120. Most challenging task is cleaning/vacuuming under the couches. Such a tight space and having a toddler running around doesn’t help either ?.

  121. I would say the hardest thing to clean up is my jack russells hair. He is a dope wire hair dog that looks like wishbone but he sheds like crazy!

  122. Our little yellow rescue dog whom we never had the heart to ban from the couch (or any of our furniture really….) her hair is everywhere!

  123. I have four younger siblings + my parents so one of us is ALWAYS vacuuming crumbs. The entire floor could have just been vacuumed and mopped, someone has a snack, and boom. Crumbs.

  124. my toughest cleaning challenge is living with my boyfriend and his friend! 2 boys is quite the challenge and we live in a tiny apartment in cambridge, so dust appears every other day. oh, did i mention we have a dog too? HELP!

  125. Not vacuum-related, but the bathroom, ugh.

    Also, I’m afraid this will get lost in all the comments, but THAT SWEATER <3 where is it from?

  126. Cat hair and dog is hair our biggest problem!! We have not only been doing cat rescue for over 17 years but my husband and I also own a dog sitting business. We have dogs in and out of our home all the time so the hair gets excessive! And with the colder temperatures up here in Ohio, we have a little apartment (so to speak) in the basement for our outdoor feral kitties. So needless to say our home is constantly being vacuumed because of all the hair. I sometimes vacuum twice a day!!! ? This vacuum would be an amazing addition to our home **wink**

  127. Dog hair! I can’t escape it no matter how hard I try. It’s on the couch, the floors, the bathroom, it attaches to the baseboards and clings to the curtains. Everywhere you turn! My boyfriend laughs at me – but I don’t think the house is clean unless every hair is gone!

  128. Pet hair is def the biggest challenge! No matter how often I brush my pup, there always seems to be more!

  129. Having two German Shepherds, the struggle to remove ALL the hair is real. It’s always embedded in the carpet, suctioned to the couch, and hair balls breed to form killer fur monsters in corners.

  130. A big task for me is cleaning my carpet. I have a very fluffy cat so there is a lot of fur everywhere. Also my cat eats raw meat, he comes with this on our carpet and leave bloody stains on it. ??

  131. My most challenging cleaning task is 100% vacuuming up my dog’s hair. He’s some kind of a shepherd mix (he was rescued, so I guess we’ll never know exactly what kind of mix) and is the prime definition of a shedding dog. I try to brush him regularly, but even still, the amount of hair he produces is… astounding. Sometimes I feel like it’s futile to even try to keep up with it, but I do my best. A new vacuum would be such a *huge* help, our current one is an old hand-me-down from my boyfriend’s mom.
    Happy New Year!

  132. My biggest struggle is the fact that we have light carpeted stairs and a chocolate lab. This would make cleaning the stairs much easier and not to mention our vacuum is 10+ years old!!! Would also love for our sofa and chairs!!

  133. 2 cute border collies = hair and dust everywhere all of the time! ? Vacuuming and dusting is an everyday chore.

  134. Bathroom cleaning is the most challenging for me, especially is you have a messy kitty who can’t seem to keep his litter in the right spot.

  135. Getting the space under the couch/bed. Our vacuum is old and doesn’t fit so we end up having to move the couch to clean under it, not ideal!

  136. Oh my goodness, cleaning up our corgi’s hair is by far the most challening cleaning task for us.  The vacuuming, sweeping, dusting is not stop at our casa and we are feeling defeated, but it is so worth it to have him in our lives! We actually bough the Gleener Fuzz Remover you spoke about a few months back, to help with getting his fur off of our couches. It’s the best tool we have for the upholstery so thank you for the tip! But this vacuum would be a game changer. Fingers crossed!

  137. The most challenging spots for me the clean are anywhere pet hair gets woven into fabric (accent chairs, dining room chairs, yoga pants, etc.) sometimes it’s such a drag to get every single hair that’s accumulated out of furniture and clothes!

  138. Dusting, and dog hair oh god dog hair! Having it get on furniture and in creases in the molding. My little mini vacum isn’t cutting it out!

  139. My fur baby is quite the shedder! Talk about hair everywhere, It seems like the house can never be clean! A vacuum designed for pet hair? Count me in!

  140. My Grannie used to call the dust under the bed and furniture “Dust Bunnies”. Where does all this dust come from? With hardwood floors / laminates I find that vacuuming isn’t enough, even with a floor attachment. I have been using in addition to the weekly vac, a good once over of floors with my handmade “wetjet” (75% water & 25% white vinegar) on a giant microfiber towel. Gives a streak- less shine that feels awesome on the bare feet.

  141. I would definitely say my boyfriend’s Birds who likes to leave their feathers and bird food everywhere and my 5 children (I know their not pets) but never seem to miss a beat at tracking dirt in the house. Plus dog hair.
    HNY you 2 ?

  142. Biggest challenge is going to my friend’s house and seeing how stressed out he gets over dog hair being everywhere! With 3 dogs it’s nonstop shedding, aka nonstop stress for him. It would be incredible to win this for him so that he has one less thing to worry about and can enjoy being at home without being engulfed by dog hair. Without this vacuum his life will be ruff.

  143. My partner and I adopted the most precious long-haired kitty, Cecil, just before Thanksgiving. Even though we’ve had him just under 2 months, his black fur has taken over the place! We wouldn’t trade him for the world, but staying on top of his seemingly never-ending shedding has been overwhelming when it comes to cleaning. Your timing with this giveaway couldn’t be more perfect, and we’d (Cecil included!) truly appreciate receiving this vacuum, should you choose us!

  144. Surely the most challenging task is to convince my brother-in-law to bathe in our dogs?, but I do not blame him, it’s really complicated …?

  145. My most challenging cleaning task is keeping up with my dog! He sheds so fast and I swear I’m vacuuming up after him every hour of everyday. But he’s worth it!

  146. Stairs ?. I can’t keep the fur off the stairs. It’s like a tornado of dog every time I walk up or down them!

    My (soon-to-be) husband and I are cellar dwellers— we live in the downstairs of his dads house with our two awesome German Shedders. We and the dogs go up and down the stairs constantly as we all share a kitchen and laundry room. The hair accumulates on the stairs like crazy! Our vacuum is too large to do the stairs and the attachment hose is too short. Aside from the stairs, our current vacuum for some reason spits dirt back out as it sucks it up ?. So while one dog is running from the vacuum, the other is barking at and biting it, and it’s spitting dirt back out at me anyway…sometimes vacuuming feels like a lost cause. We could really use a good one.

  147. By far my biggest challenge is getting the dogs’ hair out of the living room shag rug! It’s a constant struggle and the rug is still hairy right after a go-round with my current vacuum. Having the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift Off vacuum would be amazing!

  148. This past Halloween I adopted a sweet little puppy! She is mostly black with some white on her face and paws. She is only 30lbs but sheds so much that in the short time I’ve had her, I’m pretty sure we could have made another 10 puppies out of her fur. The hallway in my row house apartment gets cleaned and a few days later it looks like tumble weeds rolling around. I’ve never had a dog that sheds so much! My vacuum is so heavy that I’ve started sweeping rather than vacuuming because it is such a chore to lug my big one around. I’ve always been rather obsessed with cleaning… she’s making it a bit tricky to maintain the home I desire.

  149. My most annoying cleaning task is cleaning up my wonderful fiancé’s tiny little beard hairs after a trim ? I’m sure you understand!

  150. Ahhh… Dog hair, dog hair, dog hair! It’s by far the most annoying. I have a lab and a labradoodle. They both shed uncontrollably. It’s especially annoying because I have a baby that is learning to crawl and Everytime I sweep/mop/ vacuum it’s never good enough. My baby will have dog hair on her. It definitely affects my dog choice in the future. Lol

  151. The most challenging task when it comes to cleaning is getting rid of cat hair. Since my cat has access to every room, I have to vacuum every day. I also own a hand-held vacuum cleaner to vacuum those annoying little crumbles from his toilet. It’s a tiring job especially because it’s endless but I’d never ever chose comfort over my cat.

  152. Cleaning up all the excess fur around the house from our Husky/German Shepard mix, Bosles McBosletien (AKA Bosley). I swear shedding season is every other day for that crazy pup!

  153. I think my toughest cleaning is my OCD-mess. Not clincal just self proclaimed. I am so detail oriented that I just never feel it’s all done. Down to base boards! I think the thing i dislike the most to clean is the bathtub.

  154. For me the biggest challenge is sweeping! I have two cats who try to “help” and it usually doesn’t end up working the way I planned!

  155. The most challenging clean up for me is my studio. I ha e so much craft material from trying all sorts of things, I hate thinking about whether I will use it again and where I should store it!

  156. I live in a historic apartment and it tends to collect a lot of dust. Sweeping my floors is definitely a challenging task.

  157. Although I love my fur baby, dog hair is definitely my biggest cleaning challenge! I joke that it is an accessory in my home!

  158. My most difficult cleaning task would definitely be getting the haird off of our carpet! My mom and i live in an apartment together and we have broken 2-3 vacuum cleaners from all of our hair. I can only imagine the amazing work and help that this product would be for us! Love your blog SO much!

  159. My most difficult cleaning task is vacuuming all of the tight corners, small nooks, and high up places. Our long-haired German shepherd, Callie, makes sure her hair gets in every nook and cranny! I think she personally hides it everywhere, haha! Thanks for doing this lovely giveaway! I completely adore your little family and follow you on Insta! ?

  160. Dust is my nemesis. We travel for work, but instead of tail wagging pet, we’re greeted by a ceiling fan flinging dust bunnies.

  161. The pet hair! Oh heavens, the pet hair! We have two dogs and a rabbit, and we love them to pieces, but the shedding never ends. It. Never. Ends. One of our pups has a coarse coat that doesn’t just shed but embeds into everything. It’s super hard to clean out of furniture and rugs. It basically weaves itself into the fabric somehow. This vacuum could be a game changer for us.
    Annnnd our vacuum literally just broke a few days ago, so I kind of need this.

  162. Cleaning the TUFTS of our shepherd’s fur from every nook, cranny, and stubborn corner!! Also, I’m a bit of a messy baker so there’s always stray flour and sugar under-foot in the kitchen.

  163. Our most challenging cleaning task is def under the bed – we seem to clean under there every week, but there is STILL always a bunch of fuzz and dust bunnies! I don’t know how they multiply so quickly – although we do have a Pom, so I’m sure his little fluffball self has something to do with it. 😉

  164. i’m writing this for my sister. i came over to help her clean during her last chemo treatment, and her cleaning challenge has always been keeping up with the pet hair of her fluffy and furry friends. she has a big house, a bigger heart and 4 very big pets. they all live in a pretty old victorian, full of decorative, intricate, hard to reach nooks where pet hair just loves to collect and nestle into. carrying her heavy vacuum up to the second floor would’ve been daunting, but during the 6 hours she was in treatment, i had only managed to clean one floor of the house!

  165. According to my girlfriend, my biggest problem is getting my socks into the hamper, but I’d have to say we have a problem keeping crumbs and other things out of the rug. We have a small apartment so we have to eat in the living room over our throw rug. Our current vacuum has given up on trying to dig the crumbs out.

  166. My biggest problem is just the sheer amount of hair everywhere! We have two short haired mutts that just shed like no one’s business. We also have a cat and two ferrets. I feel like I vacuum and do laundry 24/7 because I can’t stand hair! Not to mention, we have two little (human) kiddos who like to make their own messes!

  167. my most challenging cleaning task is probably keeping my floors clean! i have a *banner* of dry bouquets on my living room wall that i made a while back, and the slightest movement shakes the loose buds off! i find myself sweeping the general area sometimes twice a day?

  168. Sweeping and mopping the floor is a challenge because hello, 5 little ones! By the time I get done sweeping and head back to the other side if the house, the floor is dirty again! And then there’s the little dirty footprints in the freshly mopped floor… lets just say my standards have lowered significantly since becoming a mom! 🙂

  169. Cleaning up after my long haired dog was always challenging, followed closely by our baby. Sadly we lost our dog in September but are due to rescue an even hairier and fluffy hound later this month, so the pet hair battle will resume!

  170. We are in our first home together and it’s a lot more space than we ever even imagined! there are so many tight corners and trying to get under furniture to keep the house clean is exhausting sometimes!

  171. I hope it’s not too late to enter! A vacuum cleaner was the ONE thing on my Christmas list. We got married last August and haven’t managed to save up enough for one of our own, maybe because we decided to splurge first on the puppy! We may have done it a little out of order but hey, we always say “no outfit is complete without a little pet hair!” Our apartment is suffering though, especially our couch. So fast forward to Christmas where we unwrap the nice new vacuum from my mom! Score! When we got back in town after the holidays, however, some criminal must have been watching as we were unloading our car. We left our new vacuum in our trunk and the next day it was gone. (along with my camera bag and all of my camera equipment! AND all of our sweet dog’s toys, bowls, treats and harness) I will never understand people or why they decide to take from others. Anyway, that’s my story and I guess we are back to square one on finding a way to get that apartment clean!

  172. We live in a historic home built in 1927 that produces an unimaginable amount of dust! Add in the amount of dirt and leaves our dogs bring in from outside and I’m pretty much sweeping daily. This vacuum would be a lifesaver!

  173. My most challenging cleaning task is keeping all the clutter under control. With four people occupying under 1000 sf, it can be difficult!

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